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Floor Exercise, Men

Date6 – 14 August 2016
LocationArena Olímpica do Rio, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants72 from 34 countries

Kenzo Shirai of Japan, the 2013 and 2015 World Champion and silver medallist in 2014, was favourite for gold medal despite his team-mate and recently crowned all-round champion Kohei Uchimura being also amongst the finalists. The floor was the only individual event Uchimura qualified for and, as the silver medallist in the floor exercise in London 2012, he was also considered one of the favourites. The Briton Max Whitlock, however, gave an outstanding performance in the all-round event and, as the silver medallist at the 2015 World Championship, he was in with as good a chance as any of the eight men contesting the floor final. Also in contention were the US pair of Sam Mikulak and Jake Dalton, who qualified as the two highest scorers.

First to go was Uchimura but he scored only 15.241 after a couple of errors. He was soon overtaken by Brazil’s Diego Hypólito and he in turn was overtaken by the next man up, Whitlock, who registered 15.633. His fellow Briton Kristian Thomas failed to get amongst the medals but another Brazilian, Arthur Mariano moved into third place with 15.433. The first of the two Americans, Dalton, fell well below his qualifying score and with two gymnasts to go Whitlock was guaranteed at least a bronze medal. Kenzo Shirai was hoping to become the first Japanese gymnast since Sawao Kato in 1968 to win the floor exercise but two bad errors on a routine with the highest difficulty of 7.600 saw him score 15.366 and finish fourth. The only man standing between Whitlock and Britain’s first ever gymnastics gold medal was Sam Mikulak, but his routine resulted in him finishing last with 14.333 and Britain got that elusive gold. For Brazil, their silver and bronze medals added to their country’s solitary medal – a gold won in London 2012 by Arthur Zanetti. For Hypólito, collecting a medal was special as he fell in both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

1138Max WhitlockGBR15.500 (=4)15.633 (1)Gold
2110Diego HypólitoBRA15.500 (=4)15.533 (2)Silver
3111Arthur Nory MarianoBRA15.200 (9)15.433 (3)Bronze
4152Kenzo ShiraiJPN15.333 (6)15.366 (4)
5154Kohei UchimuraJPN15.533 (3)15.241 (5)
6193Jake DaltonUSA15.600 (2)15.133 (6)
7137Kristian ThomasGBR15.233 (7)15.058 (7)
8195Sam MikulakUSA15.800 (1)14.333 (8)
9 r1/2153Yusuke TanakaJPN15.233 (8)
10 r1/2123Manrique LarduetCUB15.200 (10)
11 r1/2128Ray ZapataESP15.083 (11)
12 r1/2182Benjamin GischardSUI15.066 (12)
13 r1/2139Nile WilsonGBR15.066 (13)
14 r1/2115Tomás GonzálezCHI15.066 (14)
15 r1/2184Eddy YusofSUI15.033 (15)
16 r1/2151Ryohei KatoJPN15.033 (16)
17 r1/2116Deng ShudiCHN15.033 (17)
18 r1/2114Scott MorganCAN14.966 (18)
19 r1/2129Oskar KirmesFIN14.933 (19)
20 r1/2112Sérgio SasakiBRA14.900 (20)
21 r1/2120Zhang ChenglongCHN14.900 (21)
22 r1/2191Oleh VerniaievUKR14.833 (22)
23 r1/2140Andreas BretschneiderGER14.800 (23)
24 r1/2196Alex NaddourUSA14.700 (24)
25 r1/2175Denis AblyazinRUS14.700 (25)
26 r1/2178Nikolay KuksenkovRUS14.666 (26)
27 r1/2176David BelyavskyRUS14.600 (27)
28 r1/2192Chris BrooksUSA14.533 (28)
29 r1/2167Jeffrey WammesNED14.533 (29)
30 r1/2143Marcel NguyenGER14.500 (30)
31 r1/2181Pablo BräggerSUI14.500 (31)
32 r1/2157Lee Sang-UkKOR14.333 (32)
33 r1/2148Kieran BehanIRL14.333 (33)
34 r1/2174Ryan PattersonRSA14.300 (34)
35 r1/2156Kim Han-SolKOR14.266 (35)
36 r1/2135Brinn BevanGBR14.233 (36)
37 r1/2108Andrei LikhavitskiBLR14.200 (37)
38 r1/2189Maksym SemiankivUKR14.200 (38)
39 r1/2121Jossimar CalvoCOL14.175 (39)
40 r1/2169Stian SkjerahaugNOR14.166 (40)
41 r1/2105Petro PaxnyukAZE14.133 (41)
42 r1/2179Nikita NagornyRUS14.066 (42)
43 r1/2142Fabian HambüchenGER14.041 (43)
44 r1/2131Axel AugisFRA14.033 (44)
45 r1/2127Néstor AbadESP14.033 (45)
46 r1/2164Bart DeurlooNED14.000 (46)
47 r1/2134Cyril TommasoneFRA13.966 (47)
48 r1/2159Sin Dong-HyeonKOR13.966 (48)
49 r1/2183Oliver HegiSUI13.966 (49)
50 r1/2106Oleq StepkoAZE13.900 (50)
51 r1/2161Robert TvorogalLTU13.866 (51)
52 r1/2165Frank RijkenNED13.866 (52)
53 r1/2173Andrei MunteanROU13.733 (53)
54 r1/2187Vladyslav HrykoUKR13.666 (54)
55 r1/2188Ihor RadivilovUKR13.666 (55)
56 r1/2117Lin ChaopanCHN13.666 (56)
57 r1/2125Marios GeorgiouCYP13.566 (57)
58 r1/2149Aleksandr ShatilovISR13.500 (58)
59 r1/2109Francisco Barretto JúniorBRA13.433 (59)
60 r1/2158Park Min-SuKOR13.400 (60)
61 r1/2170Misha KoudinovNZL13.200 (61)
62 r1/2186Ferhat ArıcanTUR13.133 (62)
63 r1/2132Julien GobauxFRA13.066 (63)
64 r1/2124Randy LerúCUB13.000 (64)
65 r1/2118Liu YangCHN12.933 (65)
66 r1/2163Kévin CrovettoMON12.858 (66)
67 r1/2172Marian DrăgulescuROU12.800 (67)
68 r1/2101Mohamed BourguiegALG12.533 (68)
69 r1/2150Ludovico EdalliITA12.433 (69)
70 r1/2126David JessenCZE12.233 (70)
71 r1/2197Anton FokinUZB11.800 (71)
72 r1/2144Andreas TobaGER1.633 (72)

Qualification (6 August 2016 — 11:00)

Top eight (maximum two per nation) qualified for the final.

Difficulty Judge 1Dong Jian GuoCHN
Difficulty Judge 2Yoichi GotoJPN
Execution Judge 1Yuen Ka-KeungHKG
Execution Judge 2Anton ÞórólfssonISL
Execution Judge 3Jorge SandovalVEN
Execution Judge 4Erik BrandtoftDEN
Execution Judge 5Chen Ming-YaoTPE
Execution Reference Judge 1Zdravko KurtevBUL
Execution Reference Judge 2Andrey MarkelovUZB
Time JudgeLuis Carlos OkudaBRA
Line Judge 1Edgard VernettiBRA
Line Judge 2Eliseu Burtet NetoBRA
PosGymnastNOCPointsD ScoreE ScorePenalty
1Sam MikulakUSA15.8006.8009.000Q
2Jake DaltonUSA15.6006.7008.900Q
3Kohei UchimuraJPN15.5336.9008.633Q
=4Diego HypólitoBRA15.5006.8008.700Q
=4Max WhitlockGBR15.5006.8008.700Q
6Kenzo ShiraiJPN15.3337.6007.833-0.100Q
7Kristian ThomasGBR15.2336.2009.033Q
8Yusuke TanakaJPN15.2336.3008.933
9Arthur Nory MarianoBRA15.2006.4008.800Q
10Manrique LarduetCUB15.2006.5008.700
11Ray ZapataESP15.0836.7008.383
12Benjamin GischardSUI15.0666.4008.666
13Nile WilsonGBR15.0666.5008.566
14Tomás GonzálezCHI15.0666.8008.266
15Eddy YusofSUI15.0336.3008.733
16Ryohei KatoJPN15.0336.7008.333
17Deng ShudiCHN15.0336.9008.133
18Scott MorganCAN14.9666.4008.566
19Oskar KirmesFIN14.9336.0008.933
20Sérgio SasakiBRA14.9006.3008.600
21Zhang ChenglongCHN14.9006.6008.400-0.100
22Oleh VerniaievUKR14.8336.9007.933
23Andreas BretschneiderGER14.8006.0008.800
24Alex NaddourUSA14.7006.4008.400-0.100
25Denis AblyazinRUS14.7007.1007.900-0.300
26Nikolay KuksenkovRUS14.6666.1008.566
27David BelyavskyRUS14.6006.5008.200-0.100
28Chris BrooksUSA14.5336.0008.533
29Jeffrey WammesNED14.5336.3008.333-0.100
30Marcel NguyenGER14.5006.0008.600-0.100
31Pablo BräggerSUI14.5006.5008.000
32Lee Sang-UkKOR14.3335.8008.533
33Kieran BehanIRL14.3336.3008.033
34Ryan PattersonRSA14.3006.0008.400-0.100
35Kim Han-SolKOR14.2666.3008.266-0.300
36Brinn BevanGBR14.2336.2008.033
37Andrei LikhavitskiBLR14.2005.5008.700
38Maksym SemiankivUKR14.2005.9008.400-0.100
39Jossimar CalvoCOL14.1756.3007.875
40Stian SkjerahaugNOR14.1665.8008.366
41Petro PaxnyukAZE14.1336.2007.933
42Nikita NagornyRUS14.0666.8007.266
43Fabian HambüchenGER14.0415.6008.441
44Axel AugisFRA14.0335.8008.233
45Néstor AbadESP14.0336.1008.033-0.100
46Bart DeurlooNED14.0006.5008.100-0.600
47Cyril TommasoneFRA13.9665.4008.766-0.200
48Sin Dong-HyeonKOR13.9665.7008.366-0.100
49Oliver HegiSUI13.9665.8008.166
50Oleq StepkoAZE13.9005.9008.000
51Robert TvorogalLTU13.8665.6008.266
52Frank RijkenNED13.8666.1007.866-0.100
53Andrei MunteanROU13.7336.5007.333-0.100
54Vladyslav HrykoUKR13.6665.8007.866
55Ihor RadivilovUKR13.6666.1007.766-0.200
56Lin ChaopanCHN13.6666.6007.066
57Marios GeorgiouCYP13.5665.8007.866-0.100
58Aleksandr ShatilovISR13.5006.0007.500
59Francisco Barretto JúniorBRA13.4335.7008.033-0.300
60Park Min-SuKOR13.4005.7007.900-0.200
61Misha KoudinovNZL13.2005.8007.800-0.400
62Ferhat ArıcanTUR13.1336.0007.233-0.100
63Julien GobauxFRA13.0665.6007.566-0.100
64Randy LerúCUB13.0006.8006.900-0.700
65Liu YangCHN12.9336.0006.933
66Kévin CrovettoMON12.8584.5008.358
67Marian DrăgulescuROU12.8006.7006.100
68Mohamed BourguiegALG12.5335.3007.533-0.300
69Ludovico EdalliITA12.4335.9006.533
70David JessenCZE12.2335.8006.533-0.100
71Anton FokinUZB11.8004.7007.100
72Andreas TobaGER1.6331.3008.633-8.300

Final (14 August 2016 — 14:00)

Difficulty Judge 1Dong Jian GuoCHN
Difficulty Judge 2Yoichi GotoJPN
Execution Judge 1Vilém KociánCZE
Execution Judge 2Paul SzyjkoAUS
Execution Judge 3Mehmet İnceTUR
Execution Judge 4Ľuboš RupčíkSVK
Execution Judge 5Jan Hendrik Janse van VuurenRSA
Execution Reference Judge 1Josef TothAUT
Execution Reference Judge 2Enes Hodžić LedererSLO
Time JudgeLuis Carlos OkudaBRA
Line Judge 1Edgard VernettiBRA
Line Judge 2Eliseu Burtet NetoBRA
PosGymnastNOCPointsD ScoreE ScorePenalty
1Max WhitlockGBR15.6336.8008.833
2Diego HypólitoBRA15.5336.8008.733
3Arthur Nory MarianoBRA15.4336.7008.733
4Kenzo ShiraiJPN15.3667.6007.766
5Kohei UchimuraJPN15.2416.9008.641-0.300
6Jake DaltonUSA15.1336.7008.433
7Kristian ThomasGBR15.0586.2008.858
8Sam MikulakUSA14.3336.6007.833-0.100