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High Jump, Men

Date31 July – 2 August 1992
LocationEstadio Olímpico de Montjuïc, Barcelona
Participants43 from 27 countries

The best jumper of the 1980s had been Cuban Javier Sotomayor but he had been boycotted out of both the 1984 and 1988 Olympics. Sotomayor had set his first world record in 1988 with 2.43 (7-11½). On 29 July 1989, at the Central American and Caribbean Championships, he broke that with a second-attempt clearance of 2.44. It was a historic jump for Imperial-measure fans, as that was the first jump over 8 feet – actually it would be 8-0⅛. Soto bettered that in 1993 with 2.45, and thru 2008 he remains the only jumper to clear the eight-foot barrier. He was favored in 1992, with other jumpers to watch being Sweden’s Patrik Sjöberg, 1987 World Champion, 1991 World Champion Charles Austin, and the 1988 Olympic silver medalist, Hollis Conway. After 2.34 (7-8) five jumpers remained, Soto, Sjöberg, Conway, and Australia’s Tim Forsyth and Poland’s Artur Partyka, but Soto led as he had not missed at the height. and that decided the competition, as nobody succeeded at 2.37 (7-9¼). Sjöberg won the silver medal with fewer total misses.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1367Javier SotomayorCUB2.26 (=3)2.34 (1)Gold
21574Patrik SjöbergSWE2.26 (=3)2.34 (2)Silver
=344Tim ForsythAUS2.26 (14)2.34 (=3)Bronze
=31377Artur PartykaPOL2.26 (13)2.34 (=3)Bronze
=31679Hollis ConwayUSA2.26 (=10)2.34 (=3)Bronze
6850Ralf SonnGER2.26 (7)2.31 (6)
788Troy KempBAH2.26 (=10)2.31 (7)
=8341Marino DrakeCUB2.29 (1)2.28 (=8)
=8943Dragutin TopićIOA2.26 (=3)2.28 (=8)
=81665Charles AustinUSA2.26 (=3)2.28 (=8)
11401Gustavo BeckerESP2.26 (=8)2.28 (11)
12760Steve SmithGBR2.29 (2)2.24 (12)
131460Sorin MateiROU2.26 (=8)2.24 (13)
14174Georgi DakovBUL2.26 (12)2.24 (14)
15 r1/21317Steinar HoenNOR2.23 (15)
=16 r1/291Ian ThompsonBAH2.23 (=16)
=16 r1/2751Brendan ReillyGBR2.23 (=16)
18 r1/21749Darrin PlabUSA2.23 (18)
=19 r1/2883Lambros PapakostasGRE2.20 (=19)
=19 r1/21154Lee Jin-TaekKOR2.20 (=19)
=19 r1/21321Håkon SärnblomNOR2.20 (=19)
=22 r1/268Lochsley ThomsonAUS2.20 (=22)
=22 r1/2543Igor PaklinEUN2.20 (=22)
24 r1/2558Yury SergiyenkoEUN2.20 (24)
25 r1/2785Hendrik BeyerGER2.20 (25)
26 r1/2291Xu YangCHN2.20 (26)
=27 r1/2441Arturo OrtizESP2.15 (=27)
=27 r1/2830Dietmar MögenburgGER2.15 (=27)
=29 r1/2713Dalton GrantGBR2.15 (=29)
=29 r1/2944Stevan ZorićIOA2.15 (=29)
=31 r1/233David AndersonAUS2.15 (=31)
=31 r1/2252Alex ZaliauskasCAN2.15 (=31)
=33 r1/211Yacine MousliALG2.10 (=33)
=33 r1/2881Kosmas MikhalopoulosGRE2.10 (=33)
=33 r1/2946Hossein ShahyanIRI2.10 (=33)
=33 r1/21262Khemraj NaïkoMRI2.10 (=33)
=33 r1/21437Abdullah Mohamed Al-SheibQAT2.10 (=33)
=33 r1/21506Danny BeauchampSEY2.10 (=33)
=39 r1/21037Karl ScatliffeIVB2.10 (=39)
=39 r1/21146Jo Hyeon-UkKOR2.10 (=39)
41 r1/2674Hilaire Onwanlélé-OzimoGAB2.05 (41)
42 r1/21073Fakhredin Fouad Al-Dien GorJOR2.05 (42)
AC r1/2116Nick SaundersBER– (NH)

Qualifying Round (31 July 1992 — 18:10)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 2.29 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
1Marino DrakeCUB2.2914Q
2Steve SmithGBR2.2924Q
=3Javier SotomayorCUB2.2600q
=3Patrik SjöbergSWE2.2600q
=3Charles AustinUSA2.2600q
=3Dragutin TopićIOA2.2600q
7Ralf SonnGER2.2601q
=8Gustavo BeckerESP2.2602q
=8Sorin MateiROU2.2602q
=10Troy KempBAH2.2611q
=10Hollis ConwayUSA2.2611q
12Georgi DakovBUL2.2613q
13Artur PartykaPOL2.2622q
14Tim ForsythAUS2.2623q
15Steinar HoenNOR2.2311
=16Ian ThompsonBAH2.2323
=16Brendan ReillyGBR2.2323
18Darrin PlabUSA2.2325
=19Lambros PapakostasGRE2.2000
=19Lee Jin-TaekKOR2.2000
=19Håkon SärnblomNOR2.2000
=22Lochsley ThomsonAUS2.2011
=22Igor PaklinEUN2.2011
24Yury SergiyenkoEUN2.2012
25Hendrik BeyerGER2.2022
26Xu YangCHN2.2023
=27Arturo OrtizESP2.1500
=27Dietmar MögenburgGER2.1500
=29Dalton GrantGBR2.1511
=29Stevan ZorićIOA2.1511
=31David AndersonAUS2.1522
=31Alex ZaliauskasCAN2.1522
=33Yacine MousliALG2.1000
=33Kosmas MikhalopoulosGRE2.1000
=33Hossein ShahyanIRI2.1000
=33Khemraj NaïkoMRI2.1000
=33Abdullah Mohamed Al-SheibQAT2.1000
=33Danny BeauchampSEY2.1000
=39Karl ScatliffeIVB2.1011
=39Jo Hyeon-UkKOR2.1011
41Hilaire Onwanlélé-OzimoGAB2.0500
42Fakhredin Fouad Al-Dien GorJOR2.0511
NHNick SaundersBER

Qualifying Round, Group A (31 July 1992)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.00 m2.05 m2.10 m2.15 m2.20 m2.23 m2.26 m2.29 m
1Javier SotomayorCUB2.2600----o-o
2Sorin MateiROU2.2602---xooxoo
3Hollis ConwayUSA2.2611---oooxo
4Georgi DakovBUL2.2613---oxoxoxo
5Artur PartykaPOL2.2622--o-o-xxo
6Tim ForsythAUS2.2623---oxooxxo
7Steinar HoenNOR2.2311---ooxoxxx
8Ian ThompsonBAH2.2323---xooxxoxxx
9Darrin PlabUSA2.2325---xxoxoxxoxxx
10Lee Jin-TaekKOR2.2000---oo-xxx
11Yury SergiyenkoEUN2.2012--oxoxoxxx
12Hendrik BeyerGER2.2022---oxxoxxx
13Xu YangCHN2.2023-oxooxxoxxx
=14Arturo OrtizESP2.1500---o-xxx
=14Dietmar MögenburgGER2.1500---oxxx
=16Dalton GrantGBR2.1511---xoxxx
=16Stevan ZorićIOA2.1511---xoxxx
=18Kosmas MikhalopoulosGRE2.1000--o-xxx
=18Hossein ShahyanIRI2.1000--oxxx
=18Khemraj NaïkoMRI2.1000--oxxx
21Karl ScatliffeIVB2.1011ooxoxxx
22Hilaire Onwanlélé-OzimoGAB2.0500ooxxx

Qualifying Round, Group B (31 July 1992)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.00 m2.05 m2.10 m2.15 m2.20 m2.23 m2.26 m2.29 m
1Marino DrakeCUB2.2914---o-xxoxoxo
2Steve SmithGBR2.2924---o-oxxoxxo
=3Patrik SjöbergSWE2.2600-----oox-
=3Charles AustinUSA2.2600----o-ox-
=3Dragutin TopićIOA2.2600----o-o-
6Ralf SonnGER2.2601---oxooo-
7Gustavo BeckerESP2.2602---xoxo-o-
8Troy KempBAH2.2611----o-xox-
9Brendan ReillyGBR2.2323--ooxoxxoxxx
=10Lambros PapakostasGRE2.2000----o-xxx
=10Håkon SärnblomNOR2.2000--ooo-xxx
=12Lochsley ThomsonAUS2.2011--o-xo-xxx
=12Igor PaklinEUN2.2011----xo-xxx
=14David AndersonAUS2.1522--oxxoxxx
=14Alex ZaliauskasCAN2.1522--oxxoxxx
=16Yacine MousliALG2.1000--oxxx
=16Abdullah Mohamed Al-SheibQAT2.1000-ooxxx
=16Danny BeauchampSEY2.1000oooxxx
19Jo Hyeon-UkKOR2.1011--xoxxx
20Fakhredin Fouad Al-Dien GorJOR2.0511oxo
NHNick SaundersBER

Final Round (2 August 1992 — 18:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.15 m2.20 m2.24 m2.28 m2.31 m2.34 m2.37 m2.39 m
1Javier SotomayorCUB2.3401--xo-ooxx-x--
2Patrik SjöbergSWE2.3411--o-oxoxxx
=3Tim ForsythAUS2.3412-oo-xoxoxxx
=3Artur PartykaPOL2.3412o-xo-oxoxxx
=3Hollis ConwayUSA2.3412-o-xo-xoxxx
6Ralf SonnGER2.3100-ooooxx-x--
7Troy KempBAH2.3101-o-xooxxx
=8Marino DrakeCUB2.2800-o-oxxx
=8Charles AustinUSA2.2800-o-o-x--xx-
=8Dragutin TopićIOA2.2800-o-oxx-x--
11Gustavo BeckerESP2.2801-oxooxxx
12Steve SmithGBR2.2400o-o-xx-x--
13Sorin MateiROU2.2411--xo-xxx
14Georgi DakovBUL2.2422ooxxoxxx