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100 metres Backstroke, Women

Date17 – 18 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants46 from 39 countries

With world champion Lea Loveless missing out on a place on the US team, the eyes of the world focused on the 21-year-old Japanese swimmer Mai Nakamura as a possible Olympic champion. Nakamura had placed second behind Loveless at the 1998 worlds and arrived at Sydney as Pan-Pacific champion.

Another strong medal contender was Nina Zhivanevskaya who had won a hat-trick of European titles just a few months before the Olympics. Originally from Russia, she had been an Olympic medal winner as part of the Unified team but had married a Spaniard and gained Spanish citizenship in 1999.

Both women made the Olympic podium in Sydney but the top step was reserved for the 16-year-old Diana Mocanu of Romania. That Mocanu should do well at the Olympics was not a complete surprise but a victory was deemed to be unlikely. Nakamura took the first part of the race at breakneck speed and was well under world record splits at halfway. The Japanese swimmer still led with 25 metres to go but she began to pay for her fast start and, as she faded, Mocanu came through to record the first victory by a Romania swimmer in an Olympic final.

1Diana MocanuROU1:01.18 (2 h6)1:00.70 (1 h1)1:00.21 (1)Gold
2Mai NakamuraJPN1:00.88 (1 h6)1:01.07 (1 h2)1:00.55 (2)Silver
3Nina ZhivanevskayaESP1:01.97 (3 h4)1:01.41 (3 h2)1:00.89 (3)Bronze
4Roxana MaracineanuFRA1:01.66 (1 h4)1:01.61 (4 h2)1:01.10 (4)
5Noriko InadaJPN1:02.19 (4 h6)1:01.25 (2 h2)1:01.14 (5)
6B. J. BedfordUSA1:01.70 (2 h4)1:01.61 (2 h1)1:01.47 (6)
7Dyana CalubAUS1:02.46 (4 h4)1:01.86 (4 h1)1:01.61 (7)
8Louise ØrnstedtDEN1:01.98 (3 h6)1:01.69 (3 h1)1:02.02 (8)
9Antje BuschschulteGER1:02.23 (2 h5)1:01.91 (5 h2)
10Kelly StefanyshynCAN1:02.78 (4 h5)1:02.35 (5 h1)
11Katy SextonGBR1:02.67 (3 h5)1:02.35 (6 h2)
12Kirsty CoventryZIM1:03.05 (1 h3)1:02.54 (6 h1)
13Michelle LischinskyCAN1:02.89 (5 h6)1:02.55 (7 h1)
14Zhan ShuCHN1:02.19 (1 h5)1:02.92 (8 h1)
15Sandra VölkerGER1:02.88 (5 h5)1:03.01 (7 h2)
16Lu DonghuaCHN1:02.91 (5 h4)1:03.31 (8 h2)
17Charlene WittstockRSA1:03.18 (6 h4)
18Courtney ShealyUSA1:03.19 (6 h6)
=19Giaan RooneyAUS1:03.20 (6 h5)
=19Sim Min-JiKOR1:03.20 (2 h3)
21Sarah PriceGBR1:03.22 (7 h4)
22Ilona HlaváčkováCZE1:03.28 (7 h6)
23Anu KoivistoFIN1:03.44 (7 h5)
24Fabíola MolinaBRA1:03.68 (8 h6)
25Aleksandra MiciulPOL1:04.51 (8 h5)
26Monique RobinsNZL1:04.52 (3 h3)
=27Sofie WolfsBEL1:04.66 (=4 h3)
=27Nadiya BeshevliUKR1:04.66 (=4 h3)
29Irina RayevskayaRUS1:04.76 (6 h3)
30Ana María GonzálezCUB1:04.95 (7 h3)
31Camilla JohanssonSWE1:04.99 (1 h2)
32Katerina BliamouGRE1:05.09 (8 h3)
33Sherry TsaiHKG1:05.28 (2 h2)
34Brenda StarinkNED1:05.93 (8 h4)
35Chonlathorn VorathamrongTHA1:05.98 (3 h2)
36Annamária KissHUN1:06.12 (4 h2)
37Marie-Lizza DanilaPHI1:06.48 (1 h1)
=38Elsa Manora NasutionINA1:06.57 (=5 h2)
=38Serrana FernándezURU1:06.57 (=5 h2)
40Kuan Chia-HsienTPE1:07.18 (7 h2)
41Marica StražmešterSCG1:07.21 (2 h1)
42Şadan Derya ErkeTUR1:07.26 (3 h1)
43Kolbrún Ýr KristjánsdóttirISL1:07.28 (4 h1)
44Anzhelika SolovyovaKGZ1:07.63 (5 h1)
45Andrea PronoPAR1:08.11 (6 h1)
46Monika BakaleCGO1:16.36 (7 h1)
DNSTessa SolomonAHO– (DNS h2)

Round One (17 September 2000)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (10:02)

16Marie-Lizza DanilaPHI1:06.48
24Marica StražmešterSCG1:07.21
33Şadan Derya ErkeTUR1:07.26
45Kolbrún Ýr KristjánsdóttirISL1:07.28
52Anzhelika SolovyovaKGZ1:07.63
67Andrea PronoPAR1:08.11
71Monika BakaleCGO1:16.36

Heat Two (10:05)

14Camilla JohanssonSWE1:04.99
22Sherry TsaiHKG1:05.28
33Chonlathorn VorathamrongTHA1:05.98
46Annamária KissHUN1:06.12
=51Serrana FernándezURU1:06.57
=58Elsa Manora NasutionINA1:06.57
77Kuan Chia-HsienTPE1:07.18
DNS5Tessa SolomonAHO

Heat Three (10:08)

16Kirsty CoventryZIM1:03.05Q
23Sim Min-JiKOR1:03.20
35Monique RobinsNZL1:04.52
=41Nadiya BeshevliUKR1:04.66
=47Sofie WolfsBEL1:04.66
62Irina RayevskayaRUS1:04.76
74Ana María GonzálezCUB1:04.95
88Katerina BliamouGRE1:05.09

Heat Four (10:11)

12Roxana MaracineanuFRA1:01.66Q
23B. J. BedfordUSA1:01.70Q
34Nina ZhivanevskayaESP1:01.97Q
45Dyana CalubAUS1:02.46Q
51Lu DonghuaCHN1:02.91Q
67Charlene WittstockRSA1:03.18
76Sarah PriceGBR1:03.22
88Brenda StarinkNED1:05.93

Heat Five (10:14)

16Zhan ShuCHN1:02.19Q
24Antje BuschschulteGER1:02.23Q
33Katy SextonGBR1:02.67Q
42Kelly StefanyshynCAN1:02.78Q
55Sandra VölkerGER1:02.88Q
67Giaan RooneyAUS1:03.20
71Anu KoivistoFIN1:03.44
88Aleksandra MiciulPOL1:04.51

Heat Six (10:18)

14Mai NakamuraJPN1:00.88Q
23Diana MocanuROU1:01.18Q
36Louise ØrnstedtDEN1:01.98Q
45Noriko InadaJPN1:02.19Q
51Michelle LischinskyCAN1:02.89Q
62Courtney ShealyUSA1:03.19
77Ilona HlaváčkováCZE1:03.28
88Fabíola MolinaBRA1:03.68

Semi-Finals (18 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:02)

14Diana MocanuROU1:00.70Q
25B. J. BedfordUSA1:01.61Q
33Louise ØrnstedtDEN1:01.69Q
42Dyana CalubAUS1:01.86Q
57Kelly StefanyshynCAN1:02.35
68Kirsty CoventryZIM1:02.54
71Michelle LischinskyCAN1:02.55
86Zhan ShuCHN1:02.92

Heat Two (19:07)

14Mai NakamuraJPN1:01.07Q
26Noriko InadaJPN1:01.25Q
33Nina ZhivanevskayaESP1:01.41Q
45Roxana MaracineanuFRA1:01.61Q
52Antje BuschschulteGER1:01.91
67Katy SextonGBR1:02.35
71Sandra VölkerGER1:03.01
88Lu DonghuaCHN1:03.31

Final (18 September 2000 — 19:04)

14Diana MocanuROU1:00.21OR
25Mai NakamuraJPN1:00.55
36Nina ZhivanevskayaESP1:00.89
47Roxana MaracineanuFRA1:01.10
53Noriko InadaJPN1:01.14
62B. J. BedfordUSA1:01.47
78Dyana CalubAUS1:01.61
81Louise ØrnstedtDEN1:02.02