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100 metres Butterfly, Women

Date16 – 17 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants49 from 39 countries

Inge de Bruijn had won a medal as part of the Dutch relay team at the 1991 World Championships but had failed to build on that success through the rest of the decade. In 1999 she re-emerged at the relatively old age of 26 as a world beater and won a brace of titles at the European Championships and the 50 metres freestyle at the World Short Course Championships.

By the middle of the 2000 de Bruijn was the outstanding female swimmer in the world and she proved this by breaking eight world records in an eight-week period between May and July. She was a class above her rivals in Sydney and broke the world record whilst cantering to the Olympic title. Her emergence as world class brought whispers about drug use but no proof on any misdemeanor was ever produced and she never failed any drug test.

The other two places on the podium were filled by swimmers who made successful comebacks to the sport. Martina Moravcová was returning after thyroid surgery whilst Dara Torres left the sport after the Barcelona Olympics only to return in 1999, having first appeared at the Olympics in 1984, and returning again in 2008

1Inge de BruijnNED57.60 (1 h7)57.14 (1 h2)56.61 (1)Gold
2Martina MoravcováSVK58.95 (2 h6)58.49 (2 h1)57.97 (2)Silver
3Dara TorresUSA58.76 (1 h6)58.35 (3 h2)58.20 (3)Bronze
4Petria ThomasAUS58.52 (2 h7)58.11 (2 h2)58.49 (4)
5Jenny ThompsonUSA57.66 (1 h5)58.18 (1 h1)58.73 (5)
6Junko OnishiJPN59.11 (2 h5)59.04 (4 h2)59.13 (6)
7Susie O'NeillAUS59.49 (3 h5)59.05 (5 h2)59.27 (7)
8Diana MocanuROU59.72 (5 h6)59.12 (3 h1)59.43 (8)
9Otylia JędrzejczakPOL58.66 (3 h7)59.14 (4 h1)
10Johanna SjöbergSWE59.59 (4 h6)59.15 (6 h2)
11Nataliya SutyaginaRUS59.50 (4 h7)59.30 (5 h1)
12Mandy LootsRSA59.94 (5 h7)59.63 (7 h2)
13Mette JacobsenDEN59.45 (3 h6)59.75 (6 h1)
14Cécile JeansonFRA59.96 (6 h6)59.80 (7 h1)
15Sophia SkouDEN59.79 (1 h4)59.89 (8 h2)
16Anna-Karin KammerlingSWE59.88 (5 h5)1:00.40 (8 h1)
17Franziska van AlmsickGER59.72 (4 h5)1
18Liu LiminCHN59.98 (7 h6)
19Vered BorochovskyISR1:00.34 (6 h7)
20Jen ButtonCAN1:00.83 (2 h4)
=21Jessica DeglauCAN1:00.97 (6 h5)
=21Maki MitaJPN1:00.97 (7 h7)
23Fabienne DufourBEL1:01.15 (=3 h4)
24Orsolya FerenczyHUN1:01.15 (=3 h4)
25Ruan YiCHN1:01.16 (8 h7)
26Joscelin YeoSGP1:01.28 (8 h6)
27Daniela SamulskiGER1:01.31 (7 h5)
28Renate du PlessisRSA1:01.32 (5 h4)
29María PeláezESP1:01.47 (6 h4)
30Margaretha PedderGBR1:01.53 (7 h4)
31Yekaterina VinogradovaRUS1:01.54 (8 h5)
32Maria PapadopoulouCYP1:01.64 (1 h3)
33Marja PäivinenFIN1:01.94 (8 h4)
34Zampia MelachroinouGRE1:02.06 (2 h3)
35Lee Bo-EunKOR1:02.22 (3 h3)
36Fabíola MolinaBRA1:02.77 (4 h3)
37Praphalsai MinpraphalTHA1:02.99 (5 h3)
38Mariya OhurtsovaUKR1:03.00 (6 h3)
39Eydís KonráðsdóttirISL1:03.27 (7 h3)
40Siobhan CropperTTO1:03.34 (8 h3)
41Hsieh Shu-TingTPE1:03.52 (1 h2)
42Flora KongHKG1:04.09 (2 h2)
43Ayşe DikerTUR1:04.65 (3 h2)
44María PereyraARG1:04.75 (4 h2)
45Lisa de la MotteSWZ1:06.70 (1 h1)
46Angela GaleaMLT1:07.88 (2 h1)
47Ellen HightZAM1:09.34 (5 h2)
48Mariya BugakovaUZB1:09.94 (6 h2)
49Tracy Ann RouteFSM1:13.53 (3 h1)
DNSKenza BennaceurALG– (DNS h2)

Round One (16 September 2000)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (11:18)

14Lisa de la MotteSWZ1:06.700.87
23Angela GaleaMLT1:07.880.90
35Tracy Ann RouteFSM1:13.530.81

Heat Two (11:21)

14Hsieh Shu-TingTPE1:03.520.81
23Flora KongHKG1:04.090.82
32Ayşe DikerTUR1:04.650.79
45María PereyraARG1:04.750.85
57Ellen HightZAM1:09.340.82
66Mariya BugakovaUZB1:09.941.00

Heat Three (11:24)

13Maria PapadopoulouCYP1:01.640.80
25Zampia MelachroinouGRE1:02.060.86
32Lee Bo-EunKOR1:02.220.86
48Fabíola MolinaBRA1:02.770.79
54Praphalsai MinpraphalTHA1:02.990.81
66Mariya OhurtsovaUKR1:03.000.86
71Eydís KonráðsdóttirISL1:03.270.82
87Siobhan CropperTTO1:03.340.84

Heat Four (11:27)

13Sophia SkouDEN59.790.97Q
24Jen ButtonCAN1:00.830.74
=37Fabienne DufourBEL1:01.150.89
=38Orsolya FerenczyHUN1:01.150.84
56Renate du PlessisRSA1:01.320.79
65María PeláezESP1:01.470.77
72Margaretha PedderGBR1:01.530.75
81Marja PäivinenFIN1:01.940.84

Heat Five (11:30)

14Jenny ThompsonUSA57.660.83QOR
23Junko OnishiJPN59.110.84Q
35Susie O'NeillAUS59.490.80Q
47Franziska van AlmsickGER59.720.88Q
56Anna-Karin KammerlingSWE59.880.81Q
68Jessica DeglauCAN1:00.970.81
72Daniela SamulskiGER1:01.310.83
81Yekaterina VinogradovaRUS1:01.540.87

Heat Six (11:34)

14Dara TorresUSA58.760.76Q
25Martina MoravcováSVK58.950.84Q
36Mette JacobsenDEN59.450.87Q
43Johanna SjöbergSWE59.590.90Q
57Diana MocanuROU59.720.82Q
61Cécile JeansonFRA59.960.74q
72Liu LiminCHN59.980.78
88Joscelin YeoSGP1:01.280.72

Heat Seven (11:38)

14Inge de BruijnNED57.600.75QOR
25Petria ThomasAUS58.520.73Q
33Otylia JędrzejczakPOL58.660.88Q
48Nataliya SutyaginaRUS59.500.88Q
57Mandy LootsRSA59.940.76Q
62Vered BorochovskyISR1:00.340.94
76Maki MitaJPN1:00.970.76
81Ruan YiCHN1:01.160.80

Semi-Finals (17 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:23)

14Jenny ThompsonUSA58.180.80Q
23Martina MoravcováSVK58.490.81Q
37Diana MocanuROU59.120.81Q
45Otylia JędrzejczakPOL59.140.83
52Nataliya SutyaginaRUS59.300.92
66Mette JacobsenDEN59.750.84
78Cécile JeansonFRA59.800.73
81Anna-Karin KammerlingSWE1:00.400.83

Heat Two (19:28)

14Inge de BruijnNED57.140.75QOR
25Petria ThomasAUS58.110.74Q
33Dara TorresUSA58.350.74Q
46Junko OnishiJPN59.040.87Q
52Susie O'NeillAUS59.050.79Q
67Johanna SjöbergSWE59.150.86
78Mandy LootsRSA59.630.78
81Sophia SkouDEN59.890.90
DNS1Kenza BennaceurALG

Final (17 September 2000 — 19:27)

14Inge de BruijnNED56.610.77OR
22Martina MoravcováSVK57.970.80
36Dara TorresUSA58.200.78
45Petria ThomasAUS58.490.72
53Jenny ThompsonUSA58.730.80
67Junko OnishiJPN59.130.82
71Susie O'NeillAUS59.270.79
88Diana MocanuROU59.430.81