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200 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date18 – 19 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants49 from 41 countries

With three gold medals already in his pocket, Michael Phelps had enough reason to expect success in the 200 metres medley without the added boost of being both World Champion and world record holder in one of the stronger events in his programme. Unsurprisingly nobody could live with the pace of “The Baltimore Bullet” and, as Phelps powered away into the distance to record a comfortable victory, interest shifted toward the question of whom else would stand on the victory podium. In a blanket finish that saw three men separated by just 0.06 seconds, it was Phelps’ teammate Ryan Lochte who sneaked into the silver medal with George Bovell taking a historic first ever swimming medal for Trinidad (or indeed the entire English-speaking Caribbean) when he edged out László Cseh, Jr. for third place.

This began a run of record four straight Olympic victories for Phelps in an event in which he also won five world titles.

1Michael PhelpsUSA2:00.01 (1 h7)1:58.52 (1 h1)1:57.14 (1)Gold
2Ryan LochteUSA2:01.41 (5 h6)1:59.58 (2 h1)1:58.78 (2)Silver
3George BovellTTO2:00.65 (1 h5)2:00.31 (3 h2)1:58.80 (3)Bronze
4László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:59.50 (1 h6)1:59.65 (1 h2)1:58.84 (4)
5Thiago PereiraBRA2:01.12 (3 h7)2:00.07 (2 h2)2:00.11 (5)
6Takahiro MoriJPN2:01.33 (4 h7)2:00.57 (4 h2)2:00.60 (6)
7Vytautas JanušaitisLTU2:01.32 (4 h6)2:00.57 (3 h1)2:01.28 (7)
8Jiro MikiJPN2:00.93 (2 h7)2:01.09 (4 h1)2:02.16 (8)
9Oussama MellouliTUN2:01.94 (2 h5)2:01.11 (5 h2)
10Alessio BoggiattoITA2:01.30 (2 h6)2:01.27 (5 h1)
11Massi RosolinoITA2:01.56 (6 h6)2:01.29 (6 h2)
12Ioannis KokkodisGRE2:02.11 (1 h4)2:01.57 (6 h1)
13Tamás KerékjártóHUN2:01.75 (6 h7)2:01.89 (7 h1)
14Dean KentNZL2:01.31 (3 h6)2:01.94 (7 h2)
15Adrian TurnerGBR2:01.73 (7 h6)2:02.06 (8 h2)
16Robin FrancisGBR2:01.57 (5 h7)2:03.85 (8 h1)
17Adam LucasAUS2:02.12 (7 h7)
18Mihail AleksandrovBUL2:02.39 (2 h4)
19Zhao TaoCHN2:02.41 (8 h6)
20Jani SievinenFIN2:02.79 (3 h5)
21Christian KellerGER2:02.93 (4 h5)
22Serhiy SerhieievUKR2:03.26 (3 h4)
23Bradley AllyBAR2:03.29 (4 h4)
24Wu PengCHN2:03.60 (5 h5)
25Guntars DeičmansLAT2:03.68 (5 h4)
26Diogo YabeBRA2:03.86 (6 h5)
27Justin NorrisAUS2:03.87 (7 h5)
28Brian JohnsCAN2:03.95 (8 h5)
29Aleksey ZatsepinRUS2:04.11 (8 h7)
30Jeremy KnowlesBAH2:04.22 (6 h4)
31Jacob CarstensenDEN2:04.80 (1 h3)
32Kim Bang-HyeonKOR2:05.06 (2 h3)
33Miguel MolinaPHI2:05.28 (3 h3)
34Krešimir ČačCRO2:05.33 (4 h3)
35Raouf BenabidALG2:06.34 (1 h2)
36Hocine HacianeAND2:06.48 (2 h2)
37Darian TownsendRSA2:07.04 (7 h4)
38Aleksandar MiladinovskiMKD2:07.39 (3 h2)
39Andrei ZaharovMDA2:07.40 (5 h3)
40Albert SutantoINA2:07.55 (6 h3)
41Drew MacKayCAY2:07.65 (4 h2)
42Oleg PukhnatyUZB2:08.24 (5 h2)
43Gary TanSGP2:08.44 (7 h3)
44Wu Nien-PinTPE2:08.72 (6 h2)
=45Jorge OliverPUR2:08.84 (1 h1)
=45Uğur Orel OralTUR2:08.84 (7 h2)
47Malick FallSEN2:12.13 (8 h3)
48Giorgos DimitriadisCYP2:12.27 (2 h1)
DQYevgeny RyzhkovKAZ– (DQ h1)

Round One (18 August 2004)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (11:10)

14Jorge OliverPUR2:08.840.75
23Giorgos DimitriadisCYP2:12.270.79
DQ5Yevgeny RyzhkovKAZ[0.82]1

Heat Two (11:14)

14Raouf BenabidALG2:06.340.72
26Hocine HacianeAND2:06.480.78
33Aleksandar MiladinovskiMKD2:07.390.77
41Drew MacKayCAY2:07.650.59
52Oleg PukhnatyUZB2:08.240.82
67Wu Nien-PinTPE2:08.720.61
75Uğur Orel OralTUR2:08.840.76

Heat Three (11:18)

16Jacob CarstensenDEN2:04.800.76
23Kim Bang-HyeonKOR2:05.060.84
32Miguel MolinaPHI2:05.280.67
44Krešimir ČačCRO2:05.330.86
55Andrei ZaharovMDA2:07.400.85
61Albert SutantoINA2:07.550.74
77Gary TanSGP2:08.440.77
88Malick FallSEN2:12.130.84

Heat Four (11:22)

14Ioannis KokkodisGRE2:02.110.89Q
23Mihail AleksandrovBUL2:02.390.74
35Serhiy SerhieievUKR2:03.260.74
48Bradley AllyBAR2:03.290.72
57Guntars DeičmansLAT2:03.680.85
66Jeremy KnowlesBAH2:04.220.79
71Darian TownsendRSA2:07.040.75

Heat Five (11:26)

14George BovellTTO2:00.650.82Q
22Oussama MellouliTUN2:01.940.75Q
35Jani SievinenFIN2:02.790.78
47Christian KellerGER2:02.930.80
58Wu PengCHN2:03.600.79
61Diogo YabeBRA2:03.860.76
73Justin NorrisAUS2:03.870.81
86Brian JohnsCAN2:03.950.82

Heat Six (11:30)

13László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:59.500.86Q
26Alessio BoggiattoITA2:01.300.81Q
38Dean KentNZL2:01.310.75Q
47Vytautas JanušaitisLTU2:01.320.84Q
54Ryan LochteUSA2:01.410.70Q
65Massi RosolinoITA2:01.560.86Q
72Adrian TurnerGBR2:01.730.84Q
81Zhao TaoCHN2:02.410.86

Heat Seven (11:34)

14Michael PhelpsUSA2:00.010.74Q
23Jiro MikiJPN2:00.930.69Q
35Thiago PereiraBRA2:01.120.71Q
46Takahiro MoriJPN2:01.330.74Q
52Robin FrancisGBR2:01.570.87Q
67Tamás KerékjártóHUN2:01.750.68Q
71Adam LucasAUS2:02.120.74
88Aleksey ZatsepinRUS2:04.110.79

Semi-Finals (18 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (20:38)

14Michael PhelpsUSA1:58.520.73QOR
22Ryan LochteUSA1:59.580.72Q
36Vytautas JanušaitisLTU2:00.570.83Q
45Jiro MikiJPN2:01.090.65Q
53Alessio BoggiattoITA2:01.270.77
68Ioannis KokkodisGRE2:01.570.86
71Tamás KerékjártóHUN2:01.890.67
87Robin FrancisGBR2:03.850.84

Heat Two (20:44)

14László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:59.650.83Q
23Thiago PereiraBRA2:00.070.69Q
35George BovellTTO2:00.310.83Q
42Takahiro MoriJPN2:00.570.73Q
58Oussama MellouliTUN2:01.110.73
67Massi RosolinoITA2:01.290.86
76Dean KentNZL2:01.940.74
81Adrian TurnerGBR2:02.060.82

Final (19 August 2004 — 20:18)

14Michael PhelpsUSA1:57.140.75OR
25Ryan LochteUSA1:58.780.66
32George BovellTTO1:58.800.80
43László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:58.840.83
56Thiago PereiraBRA2:00.110.68
61Takahiro MoriJPN2:00.600.73
77Vytautas JanušaitisLTU2:01.280.81
88Jiro MikiJPN2:02.160.65