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100 metres Backstroke, Women

Date15 – 16 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants42 from 35 countries

After dominating the event in 2001 and 2002, when she became the first woman to break the minute for the distance, Natalie Coughlin’s career hit a bump in the road in 2003 when illness wrecked her defence of the world title.

Luckily for Coughlin she was back on form in 2004 and, if not quite back to the level she showed two years earlier, was expected to win the Olympic title in the 100 metres backstroke. The American made her usual quick start and turned for home under her own world record pace. Coughlin began to made slightly down the home stretch and came under pressure from Zimbabwe’s Kirsty Coventry out in lane one. Though Coventry closed down quickly on the tiring Coughlin she was unable to catch her but still had the consolation of winning her country’s first Olympic medal in an individual event. Laure Manaudou the 400 metre freestyle champion, placed third with 2003 World Champion Antje Buschschulte trailing in sixth.

1Natalie CoughlinUSA1:01.45 (1 h6)1:00.17 (1 h2)1:00.37 (1)Gold
2Kirsty CoventryZIM1:01.60 (1 h3)1:01.21 (2 h1)1:00.50 (2)Silver
3Laure ManaudouFRA1:01.27 (1 h4)1:00.88 (2 h2)1:00.88 (3)Bronze
4Reiko NakamuraJPN1:01.39 (2 h4)1:01.24 (3 h1)1:01.05 (4)
5Nina ZhivanevskayaESP1:01.75 (2 h6)1:01.19 (5 h2)1:01.12 (5)
6Antje BuschschulteGER1:01.68 (1 h5)1:00.94 (1 h1)1:01.39 (6)
7Louise ØrnstedtDEN1:02.17 (4 h5)1:01.12 (3 h2)1:01.51 (7)
8Haley CopeUSA1:01.99 (3 h5)1:01.13 (4 h2)1:01.76 (8)
9Giaan RooneyAUS1:01.96 (2 h5)1:01.41 (4 h1)
10Stanislava KomarovaRUS1:01.84 (4 h4)1:01.63 (5 h1)
11Noriko InadaJPN1:01.67 (3 h4)1:01.74 (6 h2)
12Ilona HlaváčkováCZE1:01.95 (5 h4)1:01.81 (7 h2)
13Katy SextonGBR1:02.01 (3 h6)1:01.96 (6 h1)
14Zhan ShuCHN1:02.39 (6 h4)1:02.10 (7 h1)
15Gao ChangCHN1:02.19 (5 h6)1:02.17 (8 h2)
16Sarah PriceGBR1:02.17 (4 h6)1:02.48 (8 h1)
=17Sanja JovanovićCRO1:02.47 (2 h3)
=17Erin GammelCAN1:02.47 (7 h4)
19Iryna AmshennikovaUKR1:02.57 (5 h5)
20Marieke GuehrerAUS1:02.76 (6 h5)
21Nikolett SzepesiHUN1:02.78 (6 h6)
22Hannah McLeanNZL1:03.09 (7 h5)
23Janine PietschGER1:03.13 (7 h6)
24Sim Min-JiKOR1:03.14 (8 h4)
25Sviatlana KhokhlavaBLR1:03.25 (3 h3)
26Alessandra CappaITA1:03.50 (8 h6)
27Gisela MoralesGUA1:03.72 (4 h3)
28Anya GostomelskyISR1:04.06 (5 h3)
29Alexandra PutraFRA1:04.13 (8 h5)
30Sherry TsaiHKG1:04.25 (6 h3)
31Kiera AitkenBER1:04.37 (1 h2)
32Chonlathorn VorathamrongTHA1:05.15 (2 h2)
33Eirini KarastergiouGRE1:05.30 (7 h3)
34Şadan Derya ErkeTUR1:05.38 (3 h2)
35Serrana FernándezURU1:05.51 (4 h2)
36Hanna-Maria SeppäläFIN1:05.55 (8 h3)
37Fu Hsiao-HanTPE1:06.62 (5 h2)
38Anastasiya PrilepaKAZ1:07.55 (6 h2)
39Iyingiyikabo ObiaNGR1:09.65 (1 h1)
40Ana GalindoHON1:11.80 (2 h1)
41Olga GnedovskayaUZB1:15.33 (7 h2)
42Yelena RoykovaTKM1:15.48 (3 h1)

Round One (15 August 2004)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (10:00)

14Iyingiyikabo ObiaNGR1:09.650.58
25Ana GalindoHON1:11.800.71
33Yelena RoykovaTKM1:15.480.74

Heat Two (10:03)

15Kiera AitkenBER1:04.370.69
21Chonlathorn VorathamrongTHA1:05.150.65
34Şadan Derya ErkeTUR1:05.380.66
43Serrana FernándezURU1:05.510.56
52Fu Hsiao-HanTPE1:06.620.67
67Anastasiya PrilepaKAZ1:07.550.71
76Olga GnedovskayaUZB1:15.330.71

Heat Three (10:06)

15Kirsty CoventryZIM1:01.600.71Q
24Sanja JovanovićCRO1:02.470.73
33Sviatlana KhokhlavaBLR1:03.250.71
42Gisela MoralesGUA1:03.720.75
56Anya GostomelskyISR1:04.060.66
68Sherry TsaiHKG1:04.250.59
71Eirini KarastergiouGRE1:05.300.64
87Hanna-Maria SeppäläFIN1:05.550.70

Heat Four (10:09)

14Laure ManaudouFRA1:01.270.73Q
25Reiko NakamuraJPN1:01.390.64Q
36Noriko InadaJPN1:01.670.63Q
43Stanislava KomarovaRUS1:01.840.82Q
57Ilona HlaváčkováCZE1:01.950.66Q
62Zhan ShuCHN1:02.390.68Q
71Erin GammelCAN1:02.470.62
88Sim Min-JiKOR1:03.140.56

Heat Five (10:12)

14Antje BuschschulteGER1:01.680.68Q
27Giaan RooneyAUS1:01.960.67Q
33Haley CopeUSA1:01.990.69Q
45Louise ØrnstedtDEN1:02.170.74Q
56Iryna AmshennikovaUKR1:02.570.64
68Marieke GuehrerAUS1:02.760.62
72Hannah McLeanNZL1:03.090.68
81Alexandra PutraFRA1:04.130.69

Heat Six (10:15)

14Natalie CoughlinUSA1:01.450.69Q
25Nina ZhivanevskayaESP1:01.750.61Q
33Katy SextonGBR1:02.010.71Q
47Sarah PriceGBR1:02.170.58Q
52Gao ChangCHN1:02.190.84Q
68Nikolett SzepesiHUN1:02.780.64
76Janine PietschGER1:03.130.77
81Alessandra CappaITA1:03.500.62

Swim-Off (10:18)

1Sanja JovanovićCRO1:02.32
2Erin GammelCAN1:03.05

Semi-Finals (15 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:30)

13Antje BuschschulteGER1:00.940.64Q
25Kirsty CoventryZIM1:01.210.70Q
34Reiko NakamuraJPN1:01.240.63Q
42Giaan RooneyAUS1:01.410.67
56Stanislava KomarovaRUS1:01.630.79
67Katy SextonGBR1:01.960.73
78Zhan ShuCHN1:02.100.68
81Sarah PriceGBR1:02.480.69

Heat Two (19:38)

15Natalie CoughlinUSA1:00.170.62QOR
24Laure ManaudouFRA1:00.880.70Q
31Louise ØrnstedtDEN1:01.120.72Q
47Haley CopeUSA1:01.130.67Q
56Nina ZhivanevskayaESP1:01.190.69Q
63Noriko InadaJPN1:01.740.66
72Ilona HlaváčkováCZE1:01.810.62
88Gao ChangCHN1:02.170.79

Final (16 August 2004 — 19:52)

14Natalie CoughlinUSA1:00.370.60OR
21Kirsty CoventryZIM1:00.500.70
35Laure ManaudouFRA1:00.880.73
48Reiko NakamuraJPN1:01.050.64
57Nina ZhivanevskayaESP1:01.120.66
63Antje BuschschulteGER1:01.390.67
76Louise ØrnstedtDEN1:01.510.70
82Haley CopeUSA1:01.760.67