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Bantamweight, Freestyle (≤57 kilograms), Men

Date27 – 31 July 1976
LocationAréna Maurice-Richard, Montréal, Québec / Centre Pierre-Charbonneau, Parc olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants21 from 21 countries
FormatScoring by negative points, with negative points given for any result short of a fall. Accumulation of 6 negative points eliminated the wrestler, but a wrestler could not be eliminated after a victory. When three or fewer wrestlers remained, they advanced to a final round, with preliminary results carried forward.

The last two World Champions were Masao Arai of Japan (1975) and Vladimir Yumin of the Soviet Union (1974). Yumin also came in as European Champion in 1975-76. Both made it to the final rounds, along with East German Hans-Dieter Brüchert, Iran’s Ramezan Kheder, and Bulgaria’s Mikho Dukov. The round three match, in which Yumin defeated Brüchert on points, proved to be decisive and gave the gold medal to Yumin, with Brüchert taking silver, and Arai bronze. For all three medalists, this was their only Olympic appearance. Dukov, who placed fourth, would later win a silver medal in 1980 at Moskva as a featherweight. Yumin won World titles as a featherweight in 1977-79 but failed to make the Soviet team for Moskva.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCREBad Points
1Vladimir YuminURSGold
2Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDRSilver
3Masao AraiJPNBronze
4Miho DukovBUL
5Ramezan KhederIRI
6Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL
7Georgios KhatziioannidisGRE
8Zbigniew ŻedzickiPOL
ACJorge RamosCUBEliminated r4/67.0
ACLi Ho-PyongPRKEliminated r4/68.0
ACRisto DarlevYUGEliminated r4/68.0
ACLászló KlingaHUNWithdrew r4/65.0
ACGigel AnghelROUEliminated r3/67.0
ACJeong Yun-OkKOREliminated r3/68.0
ACMoisés LópezMEXEliminated r3/68.0
ACJoe CorsoUSAEliminated r3/68.0
ACMike BarryCANEliminated r2/67.0
ACGordon SmithAUSEliminated r2/68.0
ACAmrik Singh GillGBREliminated r2/68.0
ACBarry OldridgeNZLEliminated r2/68.0
ACDitta AllahPAKEliminated r2/68.0

Round One (27 July 1976 — 12:23)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR0.0
=1Ramezan KhederIRI0.0
=1Moisés LópezMEX0.0
=1Gigel AnghelROU0.0
=1Vladimir YuminURS0.0
=1Joe CorsoUSA0.0
=1Risto DarlevYUG0.0
=1Zbigniew ŻedzickiPOL0.0
=9Georgios KhatziioannidisGRE1.0
=9László KlingaHUN1.0
=9Masao AraiJPN1.0
=12Miho DukovBUL3.0
=12Jorge RamosCUB3.0
=12Jeong Yun-OkKOR3.0
=15Gordon SmithAUS4.0
=15Mike BarryCAN4.0
=15Amrik Singh GillGBR4.0
=15Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL4.0
=15Barry OldridgeNZL4.0
=15Ditta AllahPAK4.0
=15Li Ho-PyongPRK4.0

Match #1 Joe CorsoUSA
decision (20-8)
Ditta AllahPAK
Match #2 Masao AraiJPN
decision (13-9)
Miho DukovBUL
Match #3 Gigel AnghelROU
fall (4:10)
Gordon SmithAUS
Match #4 Ramezan KhederIRI
decision (23-5)
Mike BarryCAN
Match #5 Georgios KhatziioannidisGRE
decision (28-26)
Jeong Yun-OkKOR
Match #6 Risto DarlevYUG
decision (24-x)
Barry OldridgeNZL
Match #7 Moisés LópezMEX
fall (5:01)
Amrik Singh GillGBR
Match #8 László KlingaHUN
decision (13-6)
Jorge RamosCUB
Match #9 Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR
decision (38-7)
Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL
Match #10 Vladimir YuminURS
decision (20-5)
Li Ho-PyongPRK
Match #11 Zbigniew ŻedzickiPOL bye

Round Two (28 July 1976 — 11:25)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR0.0
=1Risto DarlevYUG0.0
=1Zbigniew ŻedzickiPOL0.0
=4Georgios KhatziioannidisGRE1.0
=4Ramezan KhederIRI1.0
=4Masao AraiJPN1.0
=7Miho DukovBUL3.0
=7Jorge RamosCUB3.0
=7Gigel AnghelROU3.0
=10Jeong Yun-OkKOR4.0
=10Moisés LópezMEX4.0
=10Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL4.0
=10Vladimir YuminURS4.0
=10Joe CorsoUSA4.0
=10Li Ho-PyongPRK4.0
16László KlingaHUN5.0
17Mike BarryCAN7.0eliminated
=18Gordon SmithAUS8.0eliminated
=18Amrik Singh GillGBR8.0eliminated
=18Barry OldridgeNZL8.0eliminated
=18Ditta AllahPAK8.0eliminated

Match #1 Zbigniew ŻedzickiPOL
fall (1:02)
Joe CorsoUSA
Match #2 Masao AraiJPN
fall (1:28)
Ditta AllahPAK
Match #3 Miho DukovBUL
fall (1:33)
Gordon SmithAUS
Match #4 Ramezan KhederIRI
decision (18-15)
Gigel AnghelROU
Match #5 Jeong Yun-OkKOR
decision (11-9)
Mike BarryCAN
Match #6 Georgios KhatziioannidisGRE
fall (2:29)
Barry OldridgeNZL
Match #7 Risto DarlevYUG
fall (1:01)
Moisés LópezMEX
Match #8 Jorge RamosCUB
decision (19-6)
Amrik Singh GillGBR
Match #9 Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR László KlingaHUN
Match #10 Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL
fall (4:49)
Vladimir YuminURS
Match #11 Li Ho-PyongPRK bye

Round Three (29 July 1976 — 12:01-21:32)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Georgios KhatziioannidisGRE1.0
=1Ramezan KhederIRI1.0
=1Masao AraiJPN1.0
=4Miho DukovBUL3.0
=4Jorge RamosCUB3.0
=4Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR3.0
=4Zbigniew ŻedzickiPOL3.0
=8Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL4.0
=8Risto DarlevYUG4.0
=10Vladimir YuminURS5.0
=10Li Ho-PyongPRK5.0
11Gigel AnghelROU7.0eliminated
=13Jeong Yun-OkKOR8.0eliminated
=13Moisés LópezMEX8.0eliminated
=13Joe CorsoUSA8.0eliminated
16László KlingaHUN9.0eliminated

Match #1 Li Ho-PyongPRK
decision (13-10)
Zbigniew ŻedzickiPOL
Match #2 Masao AraiJPN
fall (8:54)
Joe CorsoUSA
Match #3 Miho DukovBUL
decision (32-1)
Gigel AnghelROU
Match #4 Ramezan KhederIRI
decision (24-9)
Jeong Yun-OkKOR
Match #5 Georgios KhatziioannidisGRE
fall (6:47)
Risto DarlevYUG
Match #6 Jorge RamosCUB
DQ (7:17)
Moisés LópezMEX
Match #7 Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL
fall (2:41)
László KlingaHUN
Match #8 Vladimir YuminURS
decision (10-5)
Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR

Round Four (30 July 1976 — 15:43)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Ramezan KhederIRI1.0
2Masao AraiJPN2.0
3Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR3.0
4Miho DukovBUL3.5
5Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL4.0
=6Georgios KhatziioannidisGRE5.0
=6Vladimir YuminURS5.0
8Zbigniew ŻedzickiPOL6.5eliminated
9Jorge RamosCUB7.0eliminated
=10Risto DarlevYUG8.0eliminated
=10Li Ho-PyongPRK8.0eliminated

Match #1 Miho DukovBUL
decision (18-7)
Zbigniew ŻedzickiPOL
Match #2 Masao AraiJPN
decision (14-7)
Li Ho-PyongPRK
Match #3 Ramezan KhederIRI
decision (26-8)
Georgios KhatziioannidisGRE
Match #4 Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR
fall (7:35)
Risto DarlevYUG
Match #5 Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL
fall (4:15)
Jorge RamosCUB
Match #6 Vladimir YuminURS bye

Round Five (31 July 1976 — 11:44)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR3.5
2Ramezan KhederIRI4.0
2Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL4.0
4Miho DukovBUL4.5
5Masao AraiJPN5.0
6Vladimir YuminURS6.0
7Georgios KhatziioannidisGRE8.5eliminated

Match #1 Vladimir YuminURS
decision (11-5)
Masao AraiJPN
Match #2 Miho DukovBUL
decision (12-8)
Ramezan KhederIRI
Match #3 Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR
decision (22-11)
Georgios KhatziioannidisGRE
Match #4 Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL bye

Final Round (31 July 1976 — 20:15)

Match #1 Masao AraiJPN
decision (22-3)
Megdiin KhoilogdorjMGL
Match #2 Vladimir YuminURS
decision (9-4)
Miho DukovBUL
Match #3 Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR
fall (8:42)
Ramezan KhederIRI
Match #4 Hans-Dieter BrüchertGDR
decision (10-7)
Masao AraiJPN