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Giant Slalom, Women

Date13 February 1984
LocationJahorina (RTL Piste 1)
Participants54 from 20 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsGates: 51
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 1665 m
Vertical Drop: 337 m

The favorite was Switzerland’s Erika Hess, overall World Cup champion in 1982 (and would repeat in 1984), and slalom World Cup winner in 1981, 1982, and 1983. In 1984 she would also win the combined GS/super-G World Cup title, but her first run in Sarajevo did her in. Finishing only 11th, she came back on the second run with the third best time but it only moved her up to seventh overall. The first run was led by American Christin Cooper, who was a top international skier, having won silver medals in slalom and GS at the 1982 World Championships, but she was not the best American, that title going to Tamara McKinney, the 1983 overall World Cup winner. McKinney also struggled on the first run, placing eighth, coming back to win the second run, but falling just short of the medals in fourth place. The runner-up on the first run was another American, this one a much bigger surprise, as Debbie Armstrong had only one podium finish in her first year on the World Cup circuit, a third in a super-G a few weeks before the Olympics. On the second run, the happy-go-lucky Armstrong was determined to enjoy herself and simply have fun in what for her was an unknown situation. She placed fourth on the second run, but when Cooper almost missed the fifth gate, costing her time which eventually placed her seventh on the second run, the gold medal was Armstrong’s.

Cooper and Armstrong later repaid the citizens of Sarajevo who had treated them so well. Cooper co-founded Humanitarian Olympians for Peace, which aided the later to be war-torn Bosnian capital with lifts of tons of winter clothing and sports equipment. Armstrong helped found Global ReLeaf Sarajevo, which helps to re-forest the devastated regions around Sarajevo.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTimeRun #1Run #2
115Debbie ArmstrongUSA2:20.981:08.97 (2)1:12.01 (4)Gold
29Christin CooperUSA2:21.381:08.87 (1)1:12.51 (7)Silver
32Perrine PelenFRA2:21.401:09.64 (4)1:11.76 (2)Bronze
47Tamara McKinneyUSA2:21.831:10.11 (8)1:11.72 (1)
521Marina KiehlFRG2:22.031:09.70 (5)1:12.33 (5)
68Blanca Fernández OchoaESP2:22.141:09.52 (3)1:12.62 (9)
713Erika HessSUI2:22.511:10.54 (11)1:11.97 (3)
86Olga CharvátováTCH2:22.571:09.94 (6)1:12.63 (10)
911Liisa SavijarviCAN2:22.731:10.31 (9)1:12.42 (6)
105Anne-Flore ReyFRA2:22.951:10.09 (7)1:12.86 (13)
1112Carole MerleFRA2:23.271:10.73 (13)1:12.54 (8)
121Michela FiginiSUI2:23.341:10.58 (12)1:12.76 (11)
134Maria EppleFRG2:23.651:10.40 (10)1:13.25 (14)
1424Anni KronbichlerAUT2:24.171:11.40 (19)1:12.77 (12)
1519Monika HessSUI2:24.581:10.90 (14)1:13.68 (=19)
1636Andreja LeskovšekYUG2:24.611:11.20 (16)1:13.41 (17)
1726Diana HaightCAN2:24.661:11.27 (18)1:13.39 (16)
183Cindy NelsonUSA2:24.881:11.44 (20)1:13.44 (18)
1916Petra WenzelLIE2:24.941:11.26 (17)1:13.68 (=19)
2039Veronika ŠarecYUG2:25.011:11.71 (23)1:13.30 (15)
2110Irene EppleFRG2:25.521:11.64 (22)1:13.88 (22)
2229Nuša TomeYUG2:26.211:12.18 (=32)1:14.03 (23)
2334Mateja SvetYUG2:26.221:11.88 (24)1:14.34 (26)
2422Michaela GergFRG2:26.281:12.18 (=32)1:14.10 (24)
2520Daniela ZiniITA2:26.331:12.07 (28)1:14.26 (25)
2635Alexandra MařasováTCH2:26.371:12.59 (37)1:13.78 (21)
2728Roswitha SteinerAUT2:26.561:12.09 (=29)1:14.47 (28)
2840Ivana ValešováTCH2:26.711:12.17 (31)1:14.54 (29)
2941Nadezhda AndreyevaURS2:26.851:12.46 (35)1:14.39 (27)
3043Dorota TlałkaPOL2:26.901:11.91 (25)1:14.99 (30)
3142Ewa GrabowskaPOL2:27.551:12.45 (34)1:15.10 (31)1
3231Paola MagoniITA2:27.871:12.56 (36)1:15.31 (32)
3323Laurie GrahamCAN2:28.421:12.89 (38)1:15.53 (33)2
3432Sylvia EderAUT2:29.031:13.00 (39)1:16.03 (34)
3551Liliana IchimROU2:32.081:14.17 (41)1:17.91 (35)
3650Teresa BustamanteARG2:34.191:15.33 (44)1:18.86 (36)
3749Michèle Brigitte DombardBEL2:34.791:15.85 (45)1:18.94 (37)
3848Nanna LeifsdóttirISL2:34.841:14.82 (43)1:20.02 (38)
3952Magdalena BirknerARG2:39.701:17.64 (46)1:22.06 (39)
4053Gabriela AngautARG2:43.161:19.63 (47)1:23.53 (40)
4154Geraldina BobbioARG2:47.511:21.90 (48)1:25.61 (41)
4256Jin XuefeiCHN2:50.351:22.45 (49)1:27.90 (42)
4358Lina AristodimouCYP3:03.451:29.22 (50)1:34.23 (43)
DNF45Kate RattrayNZL1:14.67 (42)– (DNF)
DNF37Jana Gantnerová-ŠoltýsováTCH1:13.92 (40)– (DNF)
DNF27Fulvia SteveninITA1:12.09 (=29)– (DNF)
DNF38Dolores Fernández OchoaESP1:12.05 (27)– (DNF)
DNF14Fabienne SerratFRA1:11.52 (21)– (DNF)
DNF25Ursula KonzettLIE1:10.93 (15)– (DNF)
DNF17Lisi KirchlerAUT– (DNF)
DNF18Maria WalliserSUI– (DNF)
DQ33Andrea BédardCAN1:12.03 (26)– (DQ)
DQ44Jolanda KindleLIE[1:13.31] (DQ)
DQ55Wang GuizhenCHN– (DQ)
DNS47Marilla GussAUS– (DNS)
DNS46Ondine McGlashanAUS– (DNS)
DNS57Delia ParateROU– (DNS)
DNS30Ann MelanderSWE– (DNS)