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1,000 metres Time Trial, Men

Date20 September 1988 — 19:10
LocationBel-lo-deu-rom, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants30 from 30 countries
Olympic Record 1:02.955 WR / Lothar Thoms GDR / 22 July 1980

The favorite was an Australian, Martin Vinnicombe. Vinnicombe had placed third at the 1985 World Championships, second in 1986, and was the 1987 World Champion. There were 30 starters and the early lead was taken by Denmark’s Kenneth Røpke, the fourth starter who was timed in 1:05.168. This was not surpassed until the 16th starter, Soviet rider Aleksandr Kirichenko, went off. Kirichenko rode very strongly and would record the best times on both of the first two laps. But his rear tire began to deflate on the last lap. Rather than request a re-start, his coach, Boris Vasilyev, 1960 tandem bronze medalist, elected to let Kirichenko’s time of 1:04.499 stand, reasoning that he would be too tired to better that. Vinnicombe was the last starter, and when he recorded 1:04.764 to place second, Kirichenko had his gold medal and Vasilyev was vindicated.

1Aleksandr KirichenkoURS1:04.499Gold
2Martin VinnicombeAUS1:04.784Silver
3Robert LechnerFRG1:05.114Bronze
4Kenneth RøpkeDEN1:05.168
5Bernardo GonzálezESP1:05.281
6Maic MalchowGDR1:05.393
7Tony GrahamNZL1:05.744
8Frédéric MagnéFRA1:06.142
9Rocco TravellaSUI1:06.209
10Clóvis AndersonBRA1:06.282
11Curt HarnettCAN1:06.291
12Gene SamuelTTO1:06.560
13Marcelo AlexandreARG1:06.925
14Bobby LivingstonUSA1:06.926
15Eom Yeong-SeopKOR1:07.000
16Hiroshi ToyookaJPN1:07.240
17Mika HämäläinenFIN1:07.384
18Thierry DétantNED1:07.555
19Nelson Mario PonsECU1:08.351
20Gary MandyZIM1:08.474
21Peter HermannLIE1:08.999
22Lee Fu-HsiangTPE1:09.024
23Max LeivaGUA1:09.214
24Roderick ChaseBAR1:09.994
25Rosman AlwiMAS1:10.446
26Bernardo RimarimPHI1:11.647
27Jalil EftekhariIRI1:11.683
28Michele SmithCAY1:11.820
29Bailón BecerraBOL1:13.513
30Neil LloydANT1:18.324