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Points Race, Men

Date28 – 31 July 1992
LocationVelódromo de Horta, Barcelona
Participants38 from 38 countries
FormatFinal at 50 km.; heats at 30 km.

As in 1984-1988, the points race was raced over 30 km. in the heats and 50 km. in the final. Unlike those years, when only two riders finished the final on the same lap, the 21 finalists all finished on the same lap. The very fast pace prevented any breakaways that would allow a rider to gain a lap. Three riders – Giovanni Lombardi (ITA), Léon van Bon (NED), and Cédric Mathy (BEL) – came to the final lap sprint with a chance to win. Van Bon led with 41 points, followed by Lombardi with 38 and Mathy with 31. The final sprint gave 10 points to the winner, 6 to the runner-up and 4 and 2 to third- and fourth-place. Mathy had the best of the sprint, but Lombardi broke out of a late box to second, while van Bon dropped to fourth as Lombardi burst by. Van Bon and the Dutch fans celebrated, thinking he had won the race, but the final points were 44 for Lombardi, the gold medalist, and 43 for silver medalist van Bon.

1Giovanni LombardiITAGold
2Léon van BonNEDSilver
3Cédric MathyBELBronze
4Glenn McLeayNZL
5Lubor TesařTCH
6Éric MagninFRA
7Guido FulstGER
8Andi AeschbachSUI
9Franz StocherAUT
10Erminio SuárezARG
11Hiroshi DaimonJPN
12Wojciech PawłakPOL
13Conrado CabreraCUB
14Manuel YoushimatzMEX
15Dan FrostDEN
16José VelásquezCOL
17Patrick MattLIE
18Simon LillistoneGBR
19Gene SamuelTTO
20Li WenkaiCHN
21Murugayan KumaresanMAS
AC r2/2Stephen McGledeAUSDNF
AC r2/2Miklós SomogyiHUNDNF
AC r2/2Vasyl YakovlevEUNDNF
13 h1 r1/2J'me CarneyUSA
13 h2 r1/2Park Min-SuKOR
14 h1 r1/2Fernando LouroBRA
14 h2 r1/2Arnolds ŪdrisLAT
15 h1 r1/2Weng Yu-YiTPE
15 h2 r1/2Miguel DroguettCHI
16 h2 r1/2Gabriel AynatESP
17 h2 r1/2Georgios PortelanosGRE
18 h2 r1/2John MaloisCAN
AC h1 r1/2Neil LloydANTDNF
AC h1 r1/2Aubrey RichmondGUYDNF
AC h1 r1/2Scott RichardsonRSADNF
AC h1 r1/2Dušan PopeskovIOADNF
AC h2 r1/2Majid NaseriIRIDNF

Round One (28 July 1992)

First 12 finishers in each heat advanced to the final. Both heats at 30 km.

Heat One (20:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCLap MarginPoints
1Simon LillistoneGBR---9Q
2Franz StocherAUTat 1 lap31Q
3Éric MagninFRAat 1 lap30Q
4Manuel YoushimatzMEXat 1 lap28Q
5Vasyl YakovlevEUNat 1 lap23Q
6José VelásquezCOLat 1 lap22Q
7Andi AeschbachSUIat 1 lap18Q
8Dan FrostDENat 1 lap17Q
9Gene SamuelTTOat 1 lap17Q
10Murugayan KumaresanMASat 1 lap11Q
11Li WenkaiCHNat 1 lap8Q
12Wojciech PawłakPOLat 1 lap7Q
13J'me CarneyUSAat 1 lap6
14Fernando LouroBRAat 1 lap5
15Weng Yu-YiTPEat 2 laps10
DNFNeil LloydANT
DNFAubrey RichmondGUY
DNFScott RichardsonRSA
DNFDušan PopeskovIOA

Heat Two (22:05)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCLap MarginPoints
1Stephen McGledeAUS---16Q
2Glenn McLeayNZLsame lap15Q
3Patrick MattLIEsame lap3Q
4Lubor TesařTCHat 1 lap32Q
5Giovanni LombardiITAat 1 lap28Q
6Guido FulstGERat 1 lap21Q
7Léon van BonNEDat 1 lap21Q
8Conrado CabreraCUBat 1 lap18Q
9Miklós SomogyiHUNat 1 lap13Q
10Cédric MathyBELat 1 lap13Q
11Hiroshi DaimonJPNat 1 lap12Q
12Erminio SuárezARGat 1 lap11Q
13Park Min-SuKORat 1 lap10
14Arnolds ŪdrisLATat 1 lap10
15Miguel DroguettCHIat 1 lap7
16Gabriel AynatESPat 1 lap7
17Georgios PortelanosGREat 1 lap3
18John MaloisCANat 1 lap1
DNFMajid NaseriIRI

Final Round (31 July 1992 — 21:00)

150 laps (50 km). Thirty sprints, one every 5 laps (1.67 km) with points awarded - 5-3-2-1 - to the top four finishers in each sprint. Points on last sprint and halfway sprint doubled.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCLap MarginPoints
1Giovanni LombardiITA---44
2Léon van BonNEDsame lap43
3Cédric MathyBELsame lap41
4Glenn McLeayNZLsame lap30
5Lubor TesařTCHsame lap30
6Éric MagninFRAsame lap24
7Guido FulstGERsame lap24
8Andi AeschbachSUIsame lap23
9Franz StocherAUTsame lap18
10Erminio SuárezARGsame lap16
11Hiroshi DaimonJPNsame lap14
12Wojciech PawłakPOLsame lap12
13Conrado CabreraCUBsame lap12
14Manuel YoushimatzMEXsame lap11
15Dan FrostDENsame lap7
16José VelásquezCOLsame lap6
17Patrick MattLIEsame lap5
18Simon LillistoneGBRsame lap5
19Gene SamuelTTOsame lap4
20Li WenkaiCHNsame lap1
21Murugayan KumaresanMASsame lap0
DNFStephen McGledeAUS
DNFMiklós SomogyiHUN
DNFVasyl YakovlevEUN