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Individual, Men

Date6 – 10 September 1920
LocationMerksem / Hoogboom Country Club, Kapellen / Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen
Participants25 from 8 countries
FormatTwo cross-country phases, one of 50 km. and one of 20 km. following by jumping.

The three-day event was contested as two days of cross-country and one day of jumping. No dressage was held in the three-day. The first day was a 50 kilometre ride, of which 5 kilometres were cross-country with 20 obstacles. The second day was a 20 kilometre cross-country ride, to be covered in one hours time, followed by a 4,000 metre steeplechase. The final day was devoted to jumping. Since 1924, the three-day event has always consisted of a day each of cross-country, dressage, and jumping. This section was held in a pouring rain, and the course was thought by many to be 3 km too long. The 1920 format, however, was also used at the 1919 Inter-Allied Games in Paris. That competition had been won by the French rider, Major Joseph de Soras, who, for some reason, was not entered at Antwerp. The 6th-place finisher at Antwerp, Harry Chamberlin (USA), had finished second at the Inter-Allied Games after leading through the first two days.

1Helmer, Count MörnerSWEGeria1,775.00Gold
2Åge LundströmSWEYrsa1,738.75Silver
3Ettore CaffarattiITACaniche1,733.75Bronze
4Roger Moeremans d'EmaüsBELSweet Girl1,652.50
5Garibaldi SpighiITAOtello1,647.50
6Harry ChamberlinUSANigra1,568.75
7William WestUSABlack Boy1,558.75
8Georg von BraunSWEDiana1,543.75
9Knut GyslerNOREmden1,537.50
10Oswald LintsBELMartha1,515.00
11Eugen JohansenNORNökken1,428.75
12Jules BonvaletBELWeppelghem1,393.00
13Édouard Saint-PoulofFRAJosette1,387.50
14Giulio CacciandraITAFacetto1,353.75
15Camille de SartigesFRAJehova1,352.50
16John BarryUSARaven1,350.00
=17Oskar VilkamaFINMeno1,282.501
=17Jacques MisonneBELGaucho1,282.50
19Carlo Asinari Di San MarzanoITASavari1,245.00
20Idzard, Baron Sirtema van GrovestinsNEDGood Shot1,035.00
DNFJoseph de VrégilleFRAGrand Manitou
DNFBjørn BjørnsethNORLydia
DNFGustaf DyrschSWESalamis
DNFSloan DoakUSADeceive
DNFEmmanuel VidartFRAMaxime