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4 × 10 kilometres Relay, Men

Date 4 February 1956 — 9:00
LocationStadio della Neve, Cortina d'Ampezzo
Participants56 from 14 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 96 m
Maximum Climb: 86 m
Total Climbing: 275 m

The Soviets had the strongest team and were heavily favored, even if they had lost to Finland in the World Championship relay in 1954. The start began in brutally cold conditions – 18° C. (-1° F.). Fyodor Terentyev, seemingly fully recovered after the 50 km race only two days before, skiied one of the most impressive first legs in Olympic history, and had more than a 1½ minute lead over Finland’s August Kiuru at the first exchange. Norway’s Håkon Brusveen was in third place, 13 seconds behind Finland. Austria was in a surprising fourth place, but their team dropped down to a final 11th place during the three remaining legs. Italy’s Pompeo Fattor gave hopes to the home crowd, coming in fifth, three seconds ahead of Sweden’s Lennart “Lill-Järven” Larsson. On the second leg, Pavel Kolchin widened the gap to their closest rival Finland to a decisive 2:46, and even if the Soviet skiers on the third and fourth leg, Nikolay Anikin and especially Vladimir Kuzin, had some trouble, the Soviet team won with a 1:01 margin over Finland, with Sweden another 1:10 behind, taking the bronze medal.

For Norway, favored for a medal, the second leg turned out to be a catastrophe. Per Olsen, a 23-year-old skier from the northernmost county in Norway and not used to the bright alpine sunshine, was snow-blinded and posted only the eighth best time for the leg, over 3½ minutes behind the Soviet runner, dropping Norway to fifth place, 5:24 behind the Soviets. Norway’s double Olympic champion Hallgeir Brenden overtook Italy’s Federico De Florian on the final leg and brought Norway in to a distant and disappointing fourth place, almost five minutes behind the winning Soviets. The Soviet relay medal was the first at the Olympics not won by a team from Finland, Sweden, or Norway.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
16Soviet UnionURS2-15:30Gold
6-1Fyodor Terentyev33:2533:25 (1)
6-2Pavel Kolchin33:051-06:30 (1)
6-3Nikolay Anikin34:231-40:53 (1)
6-4Vladimir Kuzin34:372-15:30 (1)
2-1August Kiuru34:5634:56 (2)
2-2Jorma Kortelainen34:201-09:16 (2)
2-3Arvo Viitanen33:341-42:50 (2)
2-4Veikko Hakulinen33:412-16:31 (2)
14-1Lennart Larsson35:4635:46 (6)
14-2Gunnar Samuelsson34:221-10:08 (3)
14-3Per-Erik Larsson33:501-43:58 (3)
14-4Sixten Jernberg33:442-17:42 (3)
4-1Håkon Brusveen35:1335:13 (3)
4-2Per Olsen36:411-11:54 (5)
4-3Martin Stokken34:471-46:41 (5)
4-4Hallgeir Brenden34:352-21:16 (4)
1-1Pompeo Fattor35:4335:43 (5)
1-2Ottavio Compagnoni34:551-10:38 (4)
1-3Innocenzo Chatrian35:591-46:37 (4)
1-4Federico Deflorian36:512-23:28 (5)
9-1Victor Arbez36:5136:51 (9)
9-2René Mandrillon36:141-13:05 (6)
9-3Benoît Carrara35:181-48:23 (6)
9-4Jean Mermet35:432-24:06 (6)
8-1Werner Zwingli36:2436:24 (8)
8-2Victor Kronig36:501-13:14 (8)
8-3Fritz Kocher35:171-48:31 (7)
8-4Marcel Huguenin35:592-24:30 (7)
3-1Emil Okuliár37:0237:02 (10)
3-2Vlastimil Melich36:111-13:13 (7)
3-3Josef Prokeš36:131-49:26 (8)
3-4Ilja Matouš35:282-24:54 (8)
12-1Józef Rubiś37:0337:03 (11)
12-2Józef Gąsienica Sobczak36:401-13:43 (10)
12-3Tadeusz Kwapień35:491-49:32 (9)
12-4Andrzej Mateja36:232-25:55 (9)
1011Unified Team of GermanyGER2-26:37
11-1Kuno Werner36:1936:19 (7)
11-2Siegfried Weiß37:211-13:40 (9)
11-3Rudi Kopp36:351-50:15 (10)
11-4Hermann Möchel36:222-26:37 (10)
13-1Sepp Schneeberger35:2635:26 (4)
13-2Oskar Schulz38:371-14:03 (11)
13-3Hermann Mayr39:091-53:12 (12)
13-4Karl Rafreider37:382-30:50 (11)
1210United StatesUSA2-32:04
10-1Ted Farwell, Jr.37:4237:42 (12)
10-2Mack Miller37:221-15:04 (12)
10-3Larry Damon37:271-52:31 (11)
10-4Marvin Crawford39:332-32:04 (12)
5-1Zdravko Hlebanja38:1038:10 (13)
5-2Cveto Pavčič39:031-17:13 (13)
5-3Matevž Kordež38:271-55:40 (13)
5-4Janez Pavčič38:052-33:45 (13)
147Great BritainGBR2-38:44
7-1Andrew Morgan38:4438:44 (14)
7-2Jimmie Spencer40:401-19:24 (14)
7-3Aubrey Fielder39:251-58:49 (14)
7-4Maurice Gover39:552-38:44 (14)