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Middleweight (≤75 kilograms), Men

Date19 – 31 July 1976
LocationAréna Maurice-Richard, Montréal, Québec
Participants19 from 19 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

The American Michael Spinks had a short course to get to the final of this class. He had a bye in the first round, had a walkover in round two due to a withdrawal caused by the African boycott, won a unanimous decision in the quarter-finals over Poland’s Ryszard Pasiewicz, and was then to meet Romania’s Alec Năstac, silver medalist at the 1974 World Championships, in the semis. But Năstac had sustained a cut eye in his quarter, and was deemed unfit to fight, so Spinks moved on to the final against the Soviet Rufat Riskiyev, the 1974 World Champion, having had only one fight. Riskiyev had defeated Spinks at a match in Tashkent early in 1976, but in the final, Spinks landed a telling body blow in round three, and the referee had to stop the contest, giving Spinks the gold medal.

Spinks, whose brother, Leon, won the light-heavyweight gold medal in Montréal, turned professional. In 1981 he won the WBA light-heavyweight world title by defeating Eddie Mustafa Muhammad. Michael Spinks would hold a version of the light-heavyweight title through 1985 when he moved up to the heavies and defeated Larry Holmes to win the IBF heavyweight crown, the first light-heavyweight champion to move on to become heavyweight world champ. Spinks fought through 1988, winning his first 31 fights, but he retired after losing a heavyweight title fight that year to Mike Tyson.

1Michael SpinksUSAGold
2Rufat RiskiyevURSSilver
=3Alec NăstacROUBronze
=3Luis Felipe MartínezCUBBronze
=5Ryszard PasiewiczPOL
=5Dragan VujkovićYUG
=5Fernando MartinsBRA
=5Siraj DinPAK
=9Jean-Pierre MalavasiFRA
=9Dave OdwellGBR
=9Phil McElwaineAUS
=9Bernd WittenburgGDR
=9Ilian DimitrovBUL
=14Carlos BetancourtPUR
=14Bryan GibsonCAN
=14Nicolás ArredondoMEX
=14Mohamed SaoudMAR
=14Fulgencio ObelmejiasVEN
=14Jorma TaipaleFIN
DNSJean-Marie EmebeCMR
DNSMaatouk El-SadekLBA
DNSMusa GaribaGHA
DNSLottie MwaleZAM
DNSZakaria AmalembaKEN

Round One (19 July 1976)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Ryszard PasiewiczPOL Bye
Match #2 Jean-Pierre MalavasiFRA Bye
Match #3 Michael SpinksUSA Bye
Match #4 Jean-Marie EmebeCMR Bye
Match #5 Fernando MartinsBRA Bye
Match #6 Maatouk El-SadekLBA Bye
Match #7 Phil McElwaineAUS Bye
Match #8 Alec NăstacROU Bye
Match #9 Dragan VujkovićYUG Carlos BetancourtPUR Decision (5 - 0)
Match #10 Dave OdwellGBR Mohamed SaoudMAR Decision (5 - 0)
Match #11 Bernd WittenburgGDR Bryan GibsonCAN Knock Out (Round 3, 2:10)
Match #12 Luis Felipe MartínezCUB Fulgencio ObelmejiasVEN Decision (5 - 0)
Match #13 Siraj DinPAK Nicolás ArredondoMEX Referee Stops Contest (Round 3, 0:05)
Match #14 Lottie MwaleZAM Zakaria AmalembaKEN No contest
Match #15 1 Ilian DimitrovBUL Musa GaribaGHA 2Walkover
Match #16 Rufat RiskiyevURS Jorma TaipaleFIN Knock Out (Round 2, 0:20)

Round Two (26 July 1976)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Ryszard PasiewiczPOL Jean-Pierre MalavasiFRA Knock Out (Round 2, 3:00)
Match #2 3 Michael SpinksUSA Jean-Marie EmebeCMR 4Walkover
Match #3 5 Fernando MartinsBRA Maatouk El-SadekLBA 6Walkover
Match #4 Alec NăstacROU Phil McElwaineAUS Decision (3 - 2)
Match #5 Dragan VujkovićYUG Dave OdwellGBR Decision (5 - 0)
Match #6 Luis Felipe MartínezCUB Bernd WittenburgGDR Decision (3 - 2)
Match #7 Siraj DinPAK Bye
Match #8 Rufat RiskiyevURS Ilian DimitrovBUL Decision (4 - 1)

Quarter-Finals (28 July 1976)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Michael SpinksUSA Ryszard PasiewiczPOL Decision (5 - 0)
Match #2 Alec NăstacROU Fernando MartinsBRA Decision (3 - 2)
Match #3 Luis Felipe MartínezCUB Dragan VujkovićYUG Decision (5 - 0)
Match #4 Rufat RiskiyevURS Siraj DinPAK Knock Out (Round 2, 2:02)

Semi-Finals (29 July 1976)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 7 Michael SpinksUSA Alec NăstacROU 8Walkover
Match #2 Rufat RiskiyevURS Luis Felipe MartínezCUB Decision (3 - 2)

Final Round (31 July 1976)

Match 1/2 Michael SpinksUSA Rufat RiskiyevURS Referee Stops Contest (Round 3, 1:54)