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Road Race, Individual, Women

Date10 – 10 August 2008 — 14:00
LocationGonglu Zixingche Saichang, Juyongguan
Participants66 from 33 countries
Format126 km. mass start race.

The women’s road race was held over 126.4 km. and was the first women’s cycling event of the Beijing Olympics. Although many riders had trained for hot, humid conditions, the race was held in terrible weather, as rain began to fall shortly after the start, and much of the race was held in a downpour with strong winds. Several crashes occurred on the slick course, and several of these were blamed on poor marking of the course which confused the riders. On the final lap, a five-rider break went off the front, led by Italy’s Tatiana Guderzo, with only one favorite in the group – Nicole Cooke of Great Britain. Guderzo had placed second at the 2004 World Championships road race, but Cooke was considered much stronger, having been on the podium at the Worlds in both 2005 and 2006. Coming to the finish up the Badaling section of the Great Wall climb, Cooke and Guderzo were joined by Sweden’s Emma Johansson, as they dropped Christiane Soeder (AUT) and Linda Serup (DEN). Over the top of the climb, Cooke took the lead and held on to win by a bike length. One rider who was not present was Italy’s Maria Bastianelli, the 2007 World Champion, who had tested positive for flenfluramine in July and was not eligible.

1Nicole CookeGBR3-32:24Gold
2Emma JohanssonSWE3-32:24same timeSilver
3Tania GuderzoITA3-32:24same timeBronze
4Christiane SoederAUT3-32:28at 0:04
5Linda VillumsenDEN3-32:33at 0:09
6Marianne VosNED3-32:45at 0:21
7Priska DoppmannSUI3-32:45at 0:21
8Paulina BrzeźnaPOL3-32:45at 0:21
9Edita PučinskaitėLTU3-32:45at 0:21
10Zulfiya ZabirovaKAZ3-32:45at 0:21
11Jolanta PolikevičiūtėLTU3-32:45at 0:21
12Yuliya MartisovaRUS3-32:45at 0:21
13Christel Ferrier BruneauFRA3-32:45at 0:21
14Maryline SalvetatFRA3-32:45at 0:21
15Noemi CanteleITA3-32:45at 0:21
16Gao MinCHN3-32:52at 0:28
17Leigh HobsonCAN3-32:52at 0:28
18Nicole Brändli-SedounSUI3-32:52at 0:28
19Anna SanchísESP3-32:52at 0:28
20Trixi WorrackGER3-32:52at 0:28
21Susanne LjungskogSWE3-32:52at 0:28
22Yevheniya VysotskaUKR3-32:55at 0:31
23Emma PooleyGBR3-32:55at 0:31
24Jeannie LongoFRA3-32:57at 0:33
25Kristin ArmstrongUSA3-33:07at 0:43
26Anita ValenNOR3-33:17at 0:53
27Modesta VžesniauskaitėLTU3-33:17at 0:53
28Joanne KiesanowskiNZL3-33:17at 0:53
29Oenone WoodAUS3-33:17at 0:53
30Grete TreierEST3-33:17at 0:53
31Miho OkiJPN3-33:17at 0:53
32Tetiana StiazhkinaUKR3-33:17at 0:53
33Amber NebenUSA3-33:17at 0:53
34Marissa van der MerweRSA3-33:17at 0:53
35Sharon LawsGBR3-33:17at 0:53
36Mirjam Melchers-van PoppelNED3-33:17at 0:53
37Erinne WillockCAN3-33:23at 0:59
38Sara CarriganAUS3-33:25at 1:01
39Hanka KupfernagelGER3-33:25at 1:01
40Nataliya BoyarskayaRUS3-33:45at 1:21
41Judith ArndtGER3-33:51at 1:27
42Oksana KashchyshynaUKR3-34:13at 1:49
43Aleksandra BurchenkovaRUS3-36:32at 4:08
44Lieselot DecroixBEL3-36:35at 4:11
45Alessandra GrassiMEX3-36:35at 4:11
46Monika SchachlAUT3-36:37at 4:13
47Chantal BeltmanNED3-37:02at 4:38
48Meng LangCHN3-37:42at 5:18
49Sigrid CorneoSLO3-39:29at 7:05
50Alex WrubleskiCAN3-39:36at 7:12
51Clemilda FernandesBRA3-41:01at 8:37
52Christine ThorburnUSA3-41:08at 8:44
53Cath CheatleyNZL3-41:08at 8:44
54Danielys GarcíaVEN3-43:25at 11:01
55Marta VilajosanaESP3-43:25at 11:01
56Sara MustonenSWE3-43:25at 11:01
57Angie GonzálezVEN3-43:25at 11:01
58Gu Seong-EunKOR3-45:59at 13:35
59Cherise TaylorRSA3-48:33at 16:09
60Yumari GonzálezCUB3-51:39at 19:15
61Chanpeng NontasinTHA3-51:51at 19:27
62Aurélie HalbwachsMRI3-52:11at 19:47
DNFSon Hui-JeongKOR
DNFVera CarraraITA
DNFKate BatesAUS
DNFJennifer HohlSUI