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Featherweight (≤57 kilograms), Women

Date21 August 2008
LocationBeijing Keji Daxue Tiyuguan, Beijing
Participants15 from 15 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament. All fighters losing to the finalists in each pool advance to repêchage tournament for the bronze medal.

The 2007 World Champion was Korean Lee Sung-Hye but the Korean team was so strong that she was not selected for Beijing, bypassed in favor of Im Su-Jeong, who had been 2007 Universiade Champion. The 2005 World Champion was in Beijing, American Diana Lopez, she of the United States’ Lopez taekwondo siblings. Her brothers, Steven and Mark, both would also win medals in Beijing.

After a difficult first round, Im easily made it to the final. But she would not meet Lopez, who lost a quarter-final bout against Turkey’s Azize Tanrıkulu, the sister of Bahri Tanrıkulu, 2004 Olympic men’s welterweight silver medalist. Tanrıkulu won her semi as well to meet Im in the final. The final match was tied 0-0 with 20 seconds remaining when Im scored with a back kick to win the gold medal. She would also win a gold medal at the 2009 World Championships as a lightweight. Lopez did get through the repêchage to earn a bronze medal.

1Im Su-JeongKORGold
2Azize TanrıkuluTURSilver
=3Diana LopezUSABronze
=3Martina ZubčićCROBronze
=5Veronica CalabreseITA
=5Su Li-WenTPE
=7Robin CheongNZL
=7Elaine TeoMAS
=9Bineta DiédhiouSEN
=9Débora NunesBRA
=11Mariam BahCIV
=11Bat-El GattererISR
=11Nguyễn Thị Hoài ThuVIE
=11Doris PatiñoCOL
=11Chonnapas PremwaewTHA
DNSLailatou Amadou LeleNIG

Round One

Date21 August 2008 — 11:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #121 Aug 11:00Robin CheongNZLFinal scoreMariam BahCIV
Match #221 Aug 11:15Im Su-JeongKORFinal scoreSu Li-WenTPE
Match #321 Aug 11:30Veronica CalabreseITAFinal scoreDoris PatiñoCOL
Match #421 Aug 11:45Bineta DiédhiouSENFinal scoreNguyễn Thị Hoài ThuVIE
Match #521 Aug 12:00Diana LopezUSAFinal scoreChonnapas PremwaewTHA
Match #621 Aug 12:15Azize TanrıkuluTURFinal scoreElaine TeoMAS
Match #721 Aug 12:30Martina ZubčićCROFinal scoreBat-El GattererISR
Match #821 Aug 12:45Débora NunesBRAWalkoverLailatou Amadou LeleNIG


Date21 August 2008 — 16:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #121 Aug 16:00Im Su-JeongKORFinal scoreRobin CheongNZL
Match #221 Aug 16:15Veronica CalabreseITAFinal scoreBineta DiédhiouSEN
Match #321 Aug 16:30Azize TanrıkuluTURFinal scoreDiana LopezUSA
Match #421 Aug 16:45Martina ZubčićCROFinal scoreDébora NunesBRA


Date21 August 2008 — 17:30
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final round.
Match #121 Aug 17:30Im Su-JeongKORFinal scoreVeronica CalabreseITA
Match #221 Aug 17:45Azize TanrıkuluTURFinal scoreMartina ZubčićCRO

Repêchage Round One

Date21 August 2008 — 18:30
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the bronze medal match.
Match #121 AugVeronica CalabreseITA
Match #221 Aug 18:30Diana LopezUSAFinal scoreElaine TeoMAS
Match #321 Aug 18:45Su Li-WenTPEFinal scoreRobin CheongNZL
Match #421 AugMartina ZubčićCRO

Final Round

Date21 August 2008 — 20:15
Match 1/221 Aug 20:15Im Su-JeongKORFinal scoreAzize TanrıkuluTUR
Match 3/521 Aug 19:30Diana LopezUSAFinal scoreVeronica CalabreseITA
Match 3/521 Aug 19:45Martina ZubčićCROFinal scoreSu Li-WenTPE