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Light-Heavyweight (≤81 kilograms), Men

Date14 – 29 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Gymnastirio Pygmakhias Peristeriou, Peristeri
Participants28 from 28 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Still only 20-years-old, Andre Ward had a fearsome reputation in his native United States and was the proud possessor of a six year unbeaten run. Whilst this was undoubtedly impressive, critics pointed out that Ward’s appearance at the Pan-American Olympic qualifier was his first major international tournament and that he lacked the experience of his older rivals. The clear favourite for the Olympic title was Yevgeny Makarenko, a Russian who had won all the major championships between the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games and was himself on a long unbeaten run. Ward and Makarenko met in the quarter-finals and, to the surprise of many, it was the American youngster to show impressive maturity to stick to a “hit and run” game plan that confused the more aggressive Russian fighter and carried him to a 23-16 victory. Ward then won a pair of hard fought victories over two other Eastern European opponents to become the United States’ only boxing champion of the 2004 Olympics. To the start of the 2016 Olympics he was the only American male Olympic boxing gold medallist of the 21st century. He soon followed the established tradition of American champions by turning professional and by 2013 had established himself as the premier super-middleweight in the world.

1Andre WardUSAGold
2Mahamed AryphadzhyeuBLRSilver
=3Utkirbek KhaydarovUZBBronze
=3Ahmed IsmailEGYBronze
=5Yevgeny MakarenkoRUS
=5İhsan Yıldırım TarhanTUR
=5Ilias PavlidisGRE
=5Lei YupingCHN
=9Yoan Pablo HernándezCUB
=9Clemente RussoITA
=9Abdel Hani KenziALG
=9Beybut ShumenovKAZ
=9Trevor StewardsonCAN
=9Əli Shamil İsmayılovAZE
=9Andriy FedchukUKR
=9Edgar Ramón MuñozVEN
=17Song Hak-SeongKOR
=17Isaac EkpoNGR
=17Soulan PowncebyNZL
=17Aleksy KuziemskiPOL
=17Flávio FurtadoCPV
=17Shokhrat KurbanovTKM
=17Taylor MabikaGAB
=17Washington da SilvaBRA
=17Pierre Célestin YanaCMR
=17Jitender KumarIND
=17Ramiro ReducindoMEX
=17Marijo Šivolija-JelicaCRO

Round One

Date14 August 2004
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #1Yoan Pablo HernándezCUB
Match #2Yevgeny MakarenkoRUS
Match #3Andre WardUSA
Match #4Clemente RussoITA
Match #514 Aug 15:00Abdel Hani KenziALGDecisionSong Hak-SeongKOR
Match #614 Aug 15:15Utkirbek KhaydarovUZBDecisionIsaac EkpoNGR
Match #714 Aug 15:42İhsan Yıldırım TarhanTURReferee stops contest (outscored)Soulan PowncebyNZL
Match #814 Aug 15:45Beybut ShumenovKAZDecisionAleksy KuziemskiPOL
Match #914 Aug 16:11Trevor StewardsonCANDecisionFlávio FurtadoCPV
Match #1014 Aug 16:28Ahmed IsmailEGYDecisionShokhrat KurbanovTKM
Match #1114 Aug 21:00Ilias PavlidisGREDecisionTaylor MabikaGAB
Match #1214 Aug 21:15Əli Shamil İsmayılovAZEDecisionWashington da SilvaBRA
Match #1314 Aug 21:30Lei YupingCHNDecisionPierre Célestin YanaCMR
Match #1414 Aug 21:45Andriy FedchukUKRReferee stops contest (injured)Jitender KumarIND
Match #1514 Aug 22:16Mahamed AryphadzhyeuBLRDecisionRamiro ReducindoMEX
Match #1614 Aug 22:33Edgar Ramón MuñozVENDecisionMarijo Šivolija-JelicaCRO

Round Two

Date19 August 2004
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #119 Aug 14:39Yevgeny MakarenkoRUSDecisionYoan Pablo HernándezCUB
Match #219 Aug 14:55Andre WardUSADecisionClemente RussoITA
Match #319 Aug 15:11Utkirbek KhaydarovUZBDecisionAbdel Hani KenziALG
Match #419 Aug 15:29İhsan Yıldırım TarhanTURDecisionBeybut ShumenovKAZ
Match #519 Aug 15:46Ahmed IsmailEGYDecisionTrevor StewardsonCAN
Match #619 Aug 16:04Ilias PavlidisGREDecisionƏli Shamil İsmayılovAZE
Match #719 Aug 16:23Lei YupingCHNDecisionAndriy FedchukUKR
Match #819 Aug 16:40Mahamed AryphadzhyeuBLRDecisionEdgar Ramón MuñozVEN


Date24 August 2004
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #124 Aug 21:46Andre WardUSADecisionYevgeny MakarenkoRUS
Match #224 Aug 22:04Utkirbek KhaydarovUZBDecisionİhsan Yıldırım TarhanTUR
Match #324 Aug 22:21Ahmed IsmailEGYReferee stops contest (injured)Ilias PavlidisGRE
Match #424 Aug 22:37Mahamed AryphadzhyeuBLRDecisionLei YupingCHN


Date27 August 2004
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #127 Aug 21:46Andre WardUSADecisionUtkirbek KhaydarovUZB
Match #227 Aug 22:04Mahamed AryphadzhyeuBLRDecisionAhmed IsmailEGY

Final Round

Date29 August 2004
Match 1/229 Aug 15:56Andre WardUSADecisionMahamed AryphadzhyeuBLR