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Light-Heavyweight (≤82½ kilograms), Men

Date17 October 1968 — 10:00-16:00
LocationTeatro de los Insurgentes, Ciudad de México
Participants26 from 22 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in military press, snatch, and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

The Soviets brought two lifters for this class, led by Volodymyr Bieliaiev, the world record holder and 1966 World Champion, and Boris Selitsky, a Russian only selected to the Soviet team after winning the 1967 national title, but he had already won the 1968 European Championships by the time of the Mexico City Olympics. Bieliaiev led after the press with 152.5 kg, but when both Soviets snatched 147.5 kg, they were well ahead. When Selitsky came through in the clean & jerk with 187.5 kg, both tied with 485.0 kg, equalling Bieliaiev’s world record. Based on bodyweight Selitsky won the gold medal and Bieliaiev the silver, with the bronze going to Poland’s Norbert Ozimek, the 1965 World Champion. The two Soviets never again competed at the Olympics, but Ozimek returned in 1972 and improved to the silver medal.

1Boris SelitskyURS485.0=WRGold
2Vladimir BelyayevURS485.0=WRSilver
3Norbert OzimekPOL472.5Bronze
4Győző VeresHUN472.5
5Karl ArnoldGDR467.5
6Hans ZdražilaTCH462.5
7Jouni KailajärviFIN445.0
8Lee Jong-SeopKOR440.0
9Víctor Ángel PagánPUR435.0
10Pierre St. JeanCAN435.0
11Rainer DörrzapfFRG435.0
12Gino CorradiniITA427.5
13Juan CurbeloCUB425.0
14Mike PearmanGBR425.0
15Aldo RoyCAN420.0
16John BoltonNZL420.0
17Fortunato RijnaAHO420.0
18Peter ArthurGBR415.0
19Rudolph JamesGUY412.5
20José Manuel FigueroaPUR410.0
21Rodolfo CastilloCRC357.5
22José PérezDOM350.0
DNFNeville PeryAUS
DNFCedric DemetrisJAM
DNFIrsan HusenINA