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Small-Bore Rifle, Prone, 50 metres, Men

Date 3 August 2012
LocationRoyal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich, London
Participants50 from 34 countries
Olympic Record (109.0 maximum)105.6 / Siarhei Martynau BLR / 20 August 2004
Olympic Record (300 maximum)300 / Willy Røgeberg NOR / 8 August 1936
Olympic Record (400 maximum)400 WR / Boris Andreyev URS / 29 July 1952
400 WR / Iosif Sîrbu ROU / 29 July 1952
Olympic Record (600 maximum)600 WR / Christian Klees GER / 25 July 1996
Olympic Record (709.0 maximum)704.8 / Christian Klees GER / 25 July 1996

Belarussian Sergey Martynov was ranked #1 in the world coming into London and he showed why. Martynov led the qualifying with a 600 possible, equaling the world and Olympic records. In the final he scored 10.8 of 10.9 on his first shot and widened his margin on every shot, finishing with a world record 705.5, which was a full 4.3 points ahead of Belgium’s Lionel Cox. Cox was little known, his best international finish previously being ninth in this event at the Olympic Test Event, but he placed second in qualifying and held on for the silver. Martynov won his third medal in small-bore prone, after winning bronze in 2000 and 2004.

The competition was very tight, as nine shooters tied for fourth place in qualifying with 595 points, necessitating a shoot-off for the last five spots in the final. The third qualifier was Slovenian Rajmond Debevec who had previously won this event in 2000 and was a bronze medalist in 2008. Debevec repeated his bronze medal position in London. He was competing in his eighth Olympic Games, consecutively since 1984, making him the first shooter to compete in eight Olympics.

11099Siarhei MartynauBLR705.5600 (1)105.5 (1)Gold
21074Lionel CoxBEL701.2599 (2)102.2 (2)Silver
31742Rajmond DebevecSLO701.0596 (3)105.0 (3)Bronze
41403Joydeep KarmakarIND699.1595 (7)104.1 (4)
51339Daniel BrodmeierGER698.2595 (4)103.2 (5)
61494Han Jin-SeopKOR698.2595 (5)103.2 (6)
71182Bojan ĐurkovićCRO698.0595 (8)103.0 (7)
81451Niccolò CamprianiITA697.6595 (6)102.6 (8)
91893Michael McPhailUSA595595 (9)
101760Nemanja MirosavljevSRB595595 (10)
111389Péter SidiHUN595595 (11)
121716Artyom KhadzhibekovRUS595595 (12)
131620Odd Arne BrekneNOR594594 (13)
141776Marcel BürgeSUI594594 (14)
151500Kim Hak-ManKOR594594 (15)
161904Eric UptagrafftUSA594594 (16)
171320Jonathan HammondGBR593593 (17)
181405Gagan NarangIND593593 (18)
191720Sergey KovalenkoRUS593593 (19)
201019Álex SuligoyARG593593 (20)
211867Artur AivazianUKR593593 (21)
221308Valérian SauveplaneFRA592592 (22)
231055Christian PlanerAUT592592 (23)
241225Torben GrimmelDEN592592 (24)
251630Ryan TaylorNZL592592 (25)
261619Ole Magnus BakkenNOR592592 (26)
271053Thomas FarnikAUT592592 (27)
281161Wang WeiyiCHN591591 (28)
291321James HuckleGBR591591 (29)
301100Yury ShcherbatsevichBLR591591 (30)
311778Pascal LoretanSUI591591 (31)
321041Warren PotentAUS591591 (32)
331472Midori YajimaJPN590590 (33)
341169Zhu QinanCHN590590 (34)
351269Javier LópezESP589589 (35)
361453Marco De NicoloITA589589 (36)
371342Maik EckhardtGER589589 (37)
381135Cory NieferCAN589589 (38)
391788Jozef GönciSVK589589 (39)
401576Nyantayn BayaraaMGL588588 (40)
411209Václav HamanCZE588588 (41)
421128Anton RizovBUL588588 (42)
431607Peter HellenbrandNED588588 (43)
441443Sergey RichterISR587587 (44)
451086Nedžad FazlijaBIH587587 (45)
461303Cyril GraffFRA586586 (46)
471769Mangala SamarakoonSRI585585 (47)
481043Dane SampsonAUS583583 (48)
491870Serhiy KulishUKR583583 (49)
501018Juan Diego AngeloniARG580580 (50)

Qualification (3 August 2012 — 9:00)

50 metres prone. 60 shots prone. 600 possible.

153Siarhei MartynauBLR60010010010010010010053Q=WR
220Lionel CoxBEL5991009910010010010049Q
321Rajmond DebevecSLO5961009999100999942Q
434Daniel BrodmeierGER595989910010099994152.3Q
528Han Jin-SeopKOR59599999910099994252.2Q
655Niccolò CamprianiITA595100999999981004251.7Q
725Joydeep KarmakarIND5959998100981001003751.6Q
832Bojan ĐurkovićCRO5959799100991001003351.6Q
917Michael McPhailUSA59599999910099993951.3
1015Nemanja MirosavljevSRB5951009910097991003451.0
1161Péter SidiHUN5951001009998100983950.0
1236Artyom KhadzhibekovRUS595981009910099994149.6
1343Odd Arne BrekneNOR594100999999999847
1452Marcel BürgeSUI594999910098999943
1524Kim Hak-ManKOR5949899100981009940
1644Eric UptagrafftUSA59498981009810010034
1729Jonathan HammondGBR593991009899989942
1838Gagan NarangIND59398100100989710034
1913Sergey KovalenkoRUS5939998100981009834
2022Álex SuligoyARG593100999899999834
2159Artur AivazianUKR5931001009899989829
2241Valérian SauveplaneFRA592989910099979939
2351Christian PlanerAUT59299999999979939
2450Torben GrimmelDEN5929899969910010036
2516Ryan TaylorNZL592100999998979935
2627Ole Magnus BakkenNOR59299999898999934
2756Thomas FarnikAUT592981009899989929
2860Wang WeiyiCHN5919610097991009939
2914James HuckleGBR5911009796100999935
3026Yury ShcherbatsevichBLR5919610099981009832
3154Pascal LoretanSUI591989910098989828
3237Warren PotentAUS591989899989810025
3345Midori YajimaJPN590989810098979935
3448Zhu QinanCHN59099999998979834
3512Javier LópezESP589100989997969937
3639Marco De NicoloITA58996979999999936
3758Maik EckhardtGER5899910098941009835
3811Cory NieferCAN589989799971009832
3935Jozef GönciSVK589989897100989831
4047Nyantayn BayaraaMGL588989710099989635
4133Václav HamanCZE58898989799989832
4230Anton RizovBUL588999799961009730
4349Peter HellenbrandNED5889810098971009528
4419Sergey RichterISR58797989898989831
4523Nedžad FazlijaBIH58798999797989826
4631Cyril GraffFRA58697999897989732
4742Mangala SamarakoonSRI585969810097979732
4840Dane SampsonAUS58396979996979829
4957Serhiy KulishUKR58397989595999924
5018Juan Diego AngeloniARG58095969997969727

Final (3 August 2012 — 12:00)

Top eight from Qualification advanced to the Final.

11Siarhei MartynauBLR705.5105.560010.810.510.510.610.210.710.410.310.910.6=WR
22Lionel CoxBEL701.2102.259910.
33Rajmond DebevecSLO701.0105.059610.210.510.710.310.610.810.210.610.510.6
47Joydeep KarmakarIND699.1104.159510.110.610.710.510.710.
54Daniel BrodmeierGER698.2103.259510.410.410.510.710.19.710.510.99.610.4
65Han Jin-SeopKOR698.2103.259510.39.810.210.810.110.610.110.010.710.6
78Bojan ĐurkovićCRO698.0103.059510.010.210.710.410.
86Niccolò CamprianiITA697.6102.659510.210.410.310.410.59.910.110.110.310.4