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Sprint (Freestyle), Men

Date11 February 2014
LocationKompleks Dlya Sorevnovaniy Po Lyzhnym Gonkam i Biatlonu Laura, Mountain Cluster, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants86 from 40 countries
FormatFinal standings based on time achieved in last round competed in.
DetailsCourse Length: 1,800 m
Height Differential: 35 m
Maximum Climb: 32 m
Total Climbing: 62 m

In an event renowned for clashes affecting the final outcome, this was no exception. In the qualification round, Norwegian sprint specialist Ola Vigen Hattestad was the fastest skier, and proceeded to win both his quarter-final and semi-final heats skiing from the front. The most prominent drop-outs in the earlier rounds were Italy’s Federico Pellegrino, skiathlon gold medallist Dario Cologna from Switzerland and Norway’s 2010 multiple medalist Petter Northug, Jr., who made another disappointing appearance after a virus infection earlier in the year.

In the final, Hattestad followed his usual tactics, leading from an early stage, followed closely by Sweden’s Teodor Peterson. The second Swede, Emil Jönsson was already lagging far behind after an early fall, when three other leading skiers Marcus Hellner, also from Sweden, Norway’s Anders Gløersen, and the Russian home crowd favorite, Sergey Ustyugov were involved in a collision. Gløersen fell on a downhill curve, bringing down with him Ustyugov and Hellner. In the race for gold and silver, Hattestad stayed out of trouble and beat Peterson from the front position by 1.22 sec. Behind them, the already written off Jönsson took advantage of the crashes, and crossed the finish line 20 seconds behind the winner to claim an unexpected bronze.

1Ola Vigen HattestadNOR3:28.35 (1)3:37.99 (1 h1)3:36.33 (1 h1)3:38.39 (1)Gold
2Teodor PetersonSWE3:31.43 (6)3:33.34 (2 h3)3:36.48 (2 h1)3:39.61 (2)Silver
3Emil JönssonSWE3:30.77 (5)3:33.20 (1 h3)3:37.43 (2 h2)3:58.13 (3)Bronze
4Anders GløersenNOR3:30.41 (4)3:36.28 (1 h2)3:36.95 (3 h1)4:02.05 (4)
5Sergey UstyugovRUS3:30.26 (2)3:36.14 (1 h4)3:37.37 (1 h2)4:32.48 (5)
6Marcus HellnerSWE3:35.38 (15)3:33.62 (3 h3)3:36.98 (4 h1)5:24.31 (6)
7Bernhard TritscherAUT3:32.60 (8)3:44.01 (2 h5)3:37.64 (3 h2)
88Eirik BrandsdalNOR3:32.53 (7)3:36.59 (2 h2)3:37.09 (5 h1)
918Aleksey PetukhovRUS3:32.67 (9)3:36.39 (2 h4)3:37.89 (4 h2)1
103Petter NorthugNOR3:35.44 (16)3:36.70 (4 h3)3:54.28 (5 h2)
116Federico PellegrinoITA3:30.38 (3)3:43.97 (1 h5)3:55.99 (6 h2)
1222Anton GafarovRUS3:36.10 (20)3:38.52 (2 h1)6:25.95 (6 h1)
1313Nikita KryukovRUS3:34.04 (11)3:39.10 (3 h1)
1428Renaud JayFRA3:35.16 (14)3:37.00 (3 h2)
1544David HoferITA3:35.68 (18)3:44.87 (3 h5)
1636Cyril MirandaFRA3:36.59 (22)3:37.57 (3 h4)
1717Calle HalfvarssonSWE3:33.11 (10)3:39.13 (4 h1)
1811Andy NewellUSA3:35.52 (17)3:37.12 (4 h2)
1914Alex HarveyCAN3:36.08 (19)3:37.89 (4 h4)
2019Tim TscharnkeGER3:37.75 (28)3:46.81 (4 h5)
214Martti JylhäFIN3:34.49 (12)3:37.98 (5 h4)
222Jöri KindschiSUI3:36.89 (23)3:47.94 (5 h5)
2330Harald WurmAUT3:37.18 (24)3:38.32 (5 h2)
2437Ville NousiainenFIN3:37.52 (25)3:40.84 (5 h3)
2525Nikolay ChebotkoKAZ3:37.88 (30)3:39.66 (5 h1)
2638Dario ColognaSUI3:35.03 (13)4:39.69 (6 h5)
2715Simi HamiltonUSA3:36.12 (21)3:39.83 (6 h1)
2839Sun QinghaiCHN3:37.71 (26)3:47.26 (6 h3)
2927Andrew MusgraveGBR3:37.75 (27)3:48.69 (6 h2)
3035Cyril GaillardFRA3:37.86 (29)3:40.77 (6 h4)
3112Josef WenzlGER3:38.10 (31)
3261Thomas BingGER3:38.30 (32)
3352Roman RagozinKAZ3:38.56 (33)
3424Anssi PentsinenFIN3:38.66 (34)
3516Sebastian EisenlauerGER3:39.00 (35)
3632Len VäljasCAN3:39.87 (36)
3742Torin KoosUSA3:40.27 (37)
3848Dietmar NöcklerITA3:40.27 (38)
3954Erik BjornsenUSA3:40.39 (39)
4031Baptiste GrosFRA3:40.54 (40)
4150Dušan KožíšekCZE3:40.56 (41)
4249Andrew YoungGBR3:40.68 (42)
4343Juho MikkonenFIN3:40.72 (43)
4441Enrico NizziITA3:40.89 (44)
4533Yuichi OndaJPN3:40.98 (45)
4655Max HaukeAUT3:41.55 (46)
477Jovian HedigerSUI3:42.34 (47)
4858Mikhail SiamionauBLR3:42.93 (48)
4929Aleš RazýmCZE3:43.24 (49)
5062Ruslan PerekhodaUKR3:43.61 (50)
5145Raido RänkelEST3:43.82 (51)
5234Peeter KümmelEST3:44.03 (52)
5351Jesse CockneyCAN3:44.36 (53)
5464Martin MøllerDEN3:44.38 (54)
5553Phil BellinghamAUS3:45.65 (55)
5640Devon KershawCAN3:45.77 (56)
5763Sebastian GazurekPOL3:46.12 (57)
5846Denis VolotkaKAZ3:46.92 (58)
5947Siim SellisEST3:48.06 (59)
6069Imanol RojoESP3:48.44 (60)
6165Arvis LiepiņšLAT3:49.28 (61)
6277Callum SmithGBR3:50.13 (62)
6378Milanko PetrovićSRB3:50.20 (63)
6468Andrey GridinBUL3:50.57 (64)
6571Paul PepeneROU3:51.54 (65)
6657Peter MlynárSVK3:51.76 (66)
6721Maciej StaręgaPOL3:51.84 (67)
6874Daniel PripiciROU3:52.68 (68)
6975Edi DadićCRO3:52.89 (69)
7073Vytautas StroliaLTU3:55.48 (70)
7160Jānis PaipalsLAT3:56.21 (71)
7272Sævar BirgissonISL3:59.50 (72)
7367Milán SzabóHUN3:59.68 (73)
7480Apostolos AngelisGRE4:01.87 (74)
7579Sabahattin OğlagoTUR4:02.03 (75)
7681Rejhan ŠmrkovićSRB4:02.28 (76)
7783Victor PînzaruMDA4:04.91 (77)
7886Darko DamjanovskiMKD4:08.56 (78)
7966Kari PetersLUX4:13.08 (79)
8082Leandro RibelaBRA4:21.12 (80)
8170Oleksiy KrasovskyiUKR4:35.08 (81)
8285Mladen PlakalovićBIH4:40.64 (82)
8323Roman SchaadSUI4:56.63 (83)
8484Yonathan FernándezCHI4:58.63 (84)
8576Callum WatsonAUS5:29.62 (85)
DNF59Xu WenlongCHN– (DNF)

Qualifying Round

Date11 February 2014 — 14:25
FormatTop 30 finishers advance to quarter-finals.
1Ola Vigen HattestadNOR3:28.35Q
2Sergey UstyugovRUS3:30.26Q
3Federico PellegrinoITA3:30.38Q
4Anders GløersenNOR3:30.41Q
5Emil JönssonSWE3:30.77Q
6Teodor PetersonSWE3:31.43Q
7Eirik BrandsdalNOR3:32.53Q
8Bernhard TritscherAUT3:32.60Q
9Aleksey PetukhovRUS3:32.67Q
10Calle HalfvarssonSWE3:33.11Q
11Nikita KryukovRUS3:34.04Q
12Martti JylhäFIN3:34.49Q
13Dario ColognaSUI3:35.03Q
14Renaud JayFRA3:35.16Q
15Marcus HellnerSWE3:35.38Q
16Petter NorthugNOR3:35.44Q
17Andy NewellUSA3:35.52Q
18David HoferITA3:35.68Q
19Alex HarveyCAN3:36.08Q
20Anton GafarovRUS3:36.10Q
21Simi HamiltonUSA3:36.12Q
22Cyril MirandaFRA3:36.59Q
23Jöri KindschiSUI3:36.89Q
24Harald WurmAUT3:37.18Q
25Ville NousiainenFIN3:37.52Q
26Sun QinghaiCHN3:37.71Q
27Andrew MusgraveGBR3:37.75Q
28Tim TscharnkeGER3:37.75Q
29Cyril GaillardFRA3:37.86Q
30Nikolay ChebotkoKAZ3:37.88Q
31Josef WenzlGER3:38.10
32Thomas BingGER3:38.30
33Roman RagozinKAZ3:38.56
34Anssi PentsinenFIN3:38.66
35Sebastian EisenlauerGER3:39.00
36Len VäljasCAN3:39.87
37Torin KoosUSA3:40.27
38Dietmar NöcklerITA3:40.27
39Erik BjornsenUSA3:40.39
40Baptiste GrosFRA3:40.54
41Dušan KožíšekCZE3:40.56
42Andrew YoungGBR3:40.68
43Juho MikkonenFIN3:40.72
44Enrico NizziITA3:40.89
45Yuichi OndaJPN3:40.98
46Max HaukeAUT3:41.55
47Jovian HedigerSUI3:42.34
48Mikhail SiamionauBLR3:42.93
49Aleš RazýmCZE3:43.24
50Ruslan PerekhodaUKR3:43.61
51Raido RänkelEST3:43.82
52Peeter KümmelEST3:44.03
53Jesse CockneyCAN3:44.36
54Martin MøllerDEN3:44.38
55Phil BellinghamAUS3:45.65
56Devon KershawCAN3:45.77
57Sebastian GazurekPOL3:46.12
58Denis VolotkaKAZ3:46.92
59Siim SellisEST3:48.06
60Imanol RojoESP3:48.44
61Arvis LiepiņšLAT3:49.28
62Callum SmithGBR3:50.13
63Milanko PetrovićSRB3:50.20
64Andrey GridinBUL3:50.57
65Paul PepeneROU3:51.54
66Peter MlynárSVK3:51.76
67Maciej StaręgaPOL3:51.84
68Daniel PripiciROU3:52.68
69Edi DadićCRO3:52.89
70Vytautas StroliaLTU3:55.48
71Jānis PaipalsLAT3:56.21
72Sævar BirgissonISL3:59.50
73Milán SzabóHUN3:59.68
74Apostolos AngelisGRE4:01.87
75Sabahattin OğlagoTUR4:02.03
76Rejhan ŠmrkovićSRB4:02.28
77Victor PînzaruMDA4:04.91
78Darko DamjanovskiMKD4:08.56
79Kari PetersLUX4:13.08
80Leandro RibelaBRA4:21.12
81Oleksiy KrasovskyiUKR4:35.08
82Mladen PlakalovićBIH4:40.64
83Roman SchaadSUI4:56.63
84Yonathan FernándezCHI4:58.63
85Callum WatsonAUS5:29.62


Date11 February 2014 — 16:30
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat, and next two fastest times, advance to semi-finals.

Heat #1

11Ola Vigen HattestadNOR3:37.99Q
222Anton GafarovRUS3:38.52Q
313Nikita KryukovRUS3:39.10
417Calle HalfvarssonSWE3:39.13
525Nikolay ChebotkoKAZ3:39.66
615Simi HamiltonUSA3:39.83

Heat #2

110Anders GløersenNOR3:36.28Q
28Eirik BrandsdalNOR3:36.59Q
328Renaud JayFRA3:37.00
411Andy NewellUSA3:37.12
530Harald WurmAUT3:38.32
627Andrew MusgraveGBR3:48.69

Heat #3

19Emil JönssonSWE3:33.20Q
220Teodor PetersonSWE3:33.34Q
356Marcus HellnerSWE3:33.62q
43Petter NorthugNOR3:36.70q
537Ville NousiainenFIN3:40.84
639Sun QinghaiCHN3:47.26

Heat #4

15Sergey UstyugovRUS3:36.14Q
218Aleksey PetukhovRUS3:36.39Q
336Cyril MirandaFRA3:37.57
414Alex HarveyCAN3:37.89
54Martti JylhäFIN3:37.98
635Cyril GaillardFRA3:40.77

Heat #5

16Federico PellegrinoITA3:43.97Q
226Bernhard TritscherAUT3:44.01Q
344David HoferITA3:44.87
419Tim TscharnkeGER3:46.81
52Jöri KindschiSUI3:47.94
638Dario ColognaSUI4:39.69


Date11 February 2014 — 17:14
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat, and next two fastest times, advance to final.

Heat #1

11Ola Vigen HattestadNOR3:36.33Q
220Teodor PetersonSWE3:36.48Q
310Anders GløersenNOR3:36.95q
456Marcus HellnerSWE3:36.98q
58Eirik BrandsdalNOR3:37.09
622Anton GafarovRUS6:25.95

Heat #2

15Sergey UstyugovRUS3:37.37Q
29Emil JönssonSWE3:37.43Q
326Bernhard TritscherAUT3:37.64
418Aleksey PetukhovRUS3:37.89
53Petter NorthugNOR3:54.28
66Federico PellegrinoITA3:55.99

Final Round

Date11 February 2014 — 17:40
1Ola Vigen HattestadNOR3:38.39
2Teodor PetersonSWE3:39.61
3Emil JönssonSWE3:58.13
4Anders GløersenNOR4:02.05
5Sergey UstyugovRUS4:32.48
6Marcus HellnerSWE5:24.31