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1,000 metres, Men

Date12 February 2014 — 18:00
LocationAdler-Arena, Coastal Cluster, Adler
Participants40 from 19 countries
Olympic Record 1:07.18 WR / Gerard van Velde NED / 16 February 2002
StarterYoshihiro KitazawaJPN
RefereeDan ImmerfallUSA

Two-time Olympic champion Shani Davis was heavily favored to make it a three-peat, something that only compatriot Bonnie Blair had done before in Olympic speed skating. The 2006 and 2010 champion had won the World Championships in 2011 (and was 3rd in 2012 and 2013), had won the 1,000 m World Cup in 2012 and had claimed the first three World Cup races in the running season. Behind him, there was a sizeable group of medal candidates. Mo Tae-Beom had won the most recent World Cup race, while World Sprint Champion Michel Mulder had shown his form in the 500 m. Dutch racer Kjeld Nuis had done well early in the season but had failed to qualify at the Dutch Trials, but one who defeated him in the Trials was 2012 World Champion Stefan Groothuis. Kazakh skater Denis Kuzin had surprised the field at the World Championships in Sochi a year earlier, and was hoping to repeat that performance.

The 2010 Olympic champion in the 1,500 m, Mark Tuitert, was the first to record a fast time, as his 1:09.29 remained unbeaten until pair 14, when Samuel Schwarz broke the 1:09 barrier. His time seemed good for a medal, but was beaten by compatriot Nico Ihle two pairs later. Ihle’s pairmate, Groothuis, went much quicker than that however. Groothuis, who had seen depression after winning the 2012 World Sprint Championship, combined a decent opening with two excellent laps to finish in 1:08.39, just narrowly outside the unofficial lowland World Record of 1:08.33 (held by Davis). The time was immediately challenged in the next pair. Canadian Denny Morrison was 0.01 back at the bell, but lost 0.05 seconds in the final lap to just miss Groothuis’ time. Michel Mulder was soundly beaten by Morrison, but his 1:08.74 moved him into third place. All of the remaning six skaters were essentially beaten within 600 m, none of them bettering 1:09. Defending champion Davis ranked 8th, to his disappointment. It would later be rumored that the new aerodynamic suit developed for the American team by Under Armour was counter-effective, although this was never officially confirmed.

While Groothuis’ gold medal may not have been completely expected, Morrison’s silver medal was even more unlikely. He had failed to qualify for the distance at the Canadian trials due to a fall his first attempt, and failing to make the cut by 0.10 in a re-skate. Teammate Gilmore Junio, however, had seen that Morrison was in better shape and decided to give up his own spot in favor of Morrison. In May 2014 Junio was given a special commemorative medal in Canada for his act of sportsmanship.

116OStefan GroothuisNED1:08.39Gold
217ODenny MorrisonCAN1:08.43Silver
317IMichel MulderNED1:08.74Bronze
416INico IhleGER1:08.86
514OSamuel SchwarzGER1:08.89
618IKoen VerweijNED1:09.09
720IDenis KuzinKAZ1:09.10
818OShani DavisUSA1:09.12
919IBrian HansenUSA1:09.21
104IMark TuitertNED1:09.29
1113OHåvard Holmefjord LorentzenNOR1:09.33
1219OMo Tae-BeomKOR1:09.37
138ORoman KrechKAZ1:09.63
1410OZbigniew BródkaPOL1:09.66
1515OJoey MantiaUSA1:09.72
1613IKonrad NiedźwiedzkiPOL1:09.76
173IDenis YuskovRUS1:09.81
1815IAleksey YesinRUS1:09.93
191IHåvard BøkkoNOR1:09.98
203OVincent de HaîtreCAN1:10.041
216OLee Gyu-HyeokKOR1:10.042
2212IDaniel GreigAUS1:10.13
237IBart SwingsBEL1:10.14
249IHaralds SilovsLAT1:10.29
2520OMirko NenziITA1:10.32
268IWilliam DuttonCAN1:10.61
2714IDmitry LobkovRUS1:10.65
287OJonathan GarciaUSA1:10.74
299OBenjamin MacéFRA1:10.80
3011OKim Tae-YunKOR1:10.81
315IEspen Aarnes HvammenNOR1:11.01
324OMuncef OuardiCAN1:11.07
3311IFyodor MezentsevKAZ1:11.08
345OTian GuojunCHN1:11.17
351OTaro KondoJPN1:11.44
3612ODaichi YamanakaJPN1:11.93
372OTommi PulliFIN1:12.16
382IDavid AnderssonSWE1:12.40
396IIgor BogolyubskyRUS1:12.85
4010ISung Ching-YangTPE1:13.79