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Lightweight (≤57 kilograms), Women

Date 8 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 2, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants23 from 23 countries

At the Rio Olympics, women’s judo events provided some interesting and touching stories. The day after Majlinda Kelmendi won the first gold medal for Kosovo, the young country torn by ethnic rivalries, Rafaela Silva finally gained host country Brazil’s first gold medal, in the 57 kg class. But the main story behind Silva were her origins in the notorious favela (slum) Cidade de Deus (City of God) in Rio. It was there that the 2004 Olympic bronze medalist Flávio Canto founded a martial arts school which was to turn Silva into the world’s top judoka in her class. The 24-year-old was not really a surprise victor as she was the 2013 World Champion and a two-time gold medalist at the Pan American Games. However, prior to the Olympics she had dropped to 14 in the rankings. Silva had competed in London 2012 where she was disqualified for an illegal leg grab against Hedvig Karakas of Hungary. In Rio the two met again in the quarter-finals. This time, Silva scored a Waza-ari (half point) after 1:50 min, which proved to be sufficient to advance to the semi-final. After beating the second seed, Korean Kim Jan-Di, earlier in the tournament, in the final Silva faced the top-seeded Asian Champion Dorjsurengiin Sumiya. Again, an early Waza-ari for a Sumi-otoshi (corner drop) was decisive in winning gold.

Bronze medals went to Telma Monteiro of Portugal, a five-time European Champion, and Kaori Matsumoto of Japan, the reigning Olympic and World Champion. Both were defeated by Sumiya in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, respectively, of the elimination round.

1Rafaela SilvaBRAGold
2Dorjsurengiin SumiyaMGLSilver
=3Telma MonteiroPORBronze
=3Kaori MatsumotoJPNBronze
=5Corina CăprioriuROU
=5Lien Chen-LingTPE
=7Automne PaviaFRA
=7Hedvig KarakasHUN
=9Sanne VerhagenNED
=9Darcina ManuelNZL
=9Zouleiha Abzetta DabonneCIV
=9Nekoda Smythe-DavisGBR
=9Kim Jan-DiKOR
=9Catherine Beauchemin-PinardCAN
=9Marti MalloyUSA
=9Nora GjakovaKOS
=17Hortence DiédhiouSEN
=17Irina ZabludinaRUS
=17Sabrina FilzmoserAUT
=17Miryam RoperGER
=17Ruşana NurjowowaTKM
=17Arleta PodolakPOL
=17Yadinis AmarísCOL

Round One (8 August 2016 — 10:00)

Winners advance to round two.

Match 1 Dorjsurengiin SumiyaMGL bye
Match 2 Sanne VerhagenNED Hortence DiédhiouSEN 1000/0000 YSG 2:31
Match 3 Telma MonteiroPOR bye
Match 4 Darcina ManuelNZL Irina ZabludinaRUS 0012/0001 TNO 4:00
Match 5 Kaori MatsumotoJPN bye
Match 6 Zouleiha Abzetta DabonneCIV bye
Match 7 Automne PaviaFRA bye
Match 8 Nekoda Smythe-DavisGBR Sabrina FilzmoserAUT 0111/0000 TNO 4:00
Match 9 Kim Jan-DiKOR bye
Match 10 Rafaela SilvaBRA Miryam RoperGER 1000/0000 UNN 0:46
Match 11 Catherine Beauchemin-PinardCAN bye
Match 12 Hedvig KarakasHUN Ruşana NurjowowaTKM 1010/0000 JGT 0:53
Match 13 Marti MalloyUSA bye
Match 14 Lien Chen-LingTPE Arleta PodolakPOL 1000/0000 SGT 0:49 GS
Match 15 Corina CăprioriuROU bye
Match 16 Nora GjakovaKOS Yadinis AmarísCOL 1000/0002 HIG 3:13

Round Two (8 August 2016)

Winners advance to quarter-finals.

Match 1 Dorjsurengiin SumiyaMGL Sanne VerhagenNED 0000/0001 P29 4:00
Match 2 Telma MonteiroPOR Darcina ManuelNZL 0022/0002 STG 4:00
Match 3 Kaori MatsumotoJPN Zouleiha Abzetta DabonneCIV 1010/0000 YSG 1:19
Match 4 Automne PaviaFRA Nekoda Smythe-DavisGBR 0013/0003 HRG 4:00
Match 5 Rafaela SilvaBRA Kim Jan-DiKOR 0103/0002 KSK 4:00
Match 6 Hedvig KarakasHUN Catherine Beauchemin-PinardCAN 0000/0001 P29 4:00
Match 7 Lien Chen-LingTPE Marti MalloyUSA 0000/0002 P12 4:00
Match 8 Corina CăprioriuROU Nora GjakovaKOS 0023/0001 UMA 4:00

Quarter-Finals (8 August 2016)

Winners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.

Match 1 Dorjsurengiin SumiyaMGL Telma MonteiroPOR 0001/0002 P21 1:05 GS
Match 2 Kaori MatsumotoJPN Automne PaviaFRA 0100/0000 STG 3:50 GS
Match 3 Rafaela SilvaBRA Hedvig KarakasHUN 0103/0002 TNO 4:00
Match 4 Corina CăprioriuROU Lien Chen-LingTPE 1000/0000 DAB 0:37

Repêchage (8 August 2016)

Winners advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Telma MonteiroPOR Automne PaviaFRA 1001/0000 JGT 1:01
Match 2 Lien Chen-LingTPE Hedvig KarakasHUN 0012/0001 UMA 4:00

Semi-Finals (8 August 2016)

Winners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Dorjsurengiin SumiyaMGL Kaori MatsumotoJPN 1000/0000 SON 0:24
Match 2 Rafaela SilvaBRA Corina CăprioriuROU 0101/0001 OSG 3:06 GS

Final Round (8 August 2016)

Match 3/5 Telma MonteiroPOR Corina CăprioriuROU 0013/0002 TNG 4:00
Match 3/5 Kaori MatsumotoJPN Lien Chen-LingTPE 0011/0000 KUM 4:00
Match 1/2 Rafaela SilvaBRA Dorjsurengiin SumiyaMGL 0102/0001 SOT 4:00