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High Jump, Men

Date14 – 16 August 2016
LocationEstádio Olímpico João Havelange, Engenho de Dentro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants44 from 28 countries

The high jump had been one of the top events on the European circuit in the past few years, with several jumpers going over 2.40. Canadian Derek Drouin came in with the best competitive record, as he was the reigning World Champion, Commonwealth Games Champion, and Pan American Games Champion. Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim and Ukrainian Bohdan Bondarenko had had the best series of marks internationally, and another challenger in Rio was American Erik Kynard, the 2012 Olympic silver medalist.

Those four cleared 2.33 in the final, along with Ukraine’s Andriy Protsenko and Britain’s Robbie Grabarz, leaving six to contest the medals. Drouin and Barshim cleared 2.36 on their first attempt, while Bondarenko passed to 2.38. He missed two attempts at that height and, after Drouin cleared on his first attempt, Bondarenko took another attempt at 2.40 but failed, settling for the bronze medal. Barshim could not clear 2.38 and won silver, as Drouin added another gold medal.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
12197Derek DrouinCAN2.29 (=1)2.38 (1)Gold
22878Mutaz Essa BarshimQAT2.29 (=1)2.36 (2)Silver
33026Bohdan BondarenkoUKR2.29 (=1)2.33 (3)Bronze
=43032Andriy ProtsenkoUKR2.29 (=7)2.33 (=4)
=42456Robbie GrabarzGBR2.29 (=5)2.33 (=4)
63084Erik KynardUSA2.29 (=5)2.33 (6)
=72961Majed GhazalSYR2.29 (=7)2.29 (=7)
=72294Kyriakos IoannouCYP2.26 (=12)2.29 (=7)
=72076Donald ThomasBAH2.29 (9)2.29 (=7)
102182Tihomir IvanovBUL2.29 (=1)2.29 (10)
112062Trevor BarryBAH2.29 (=10)2.25 (11)
122293Dimitrios KhondrokoukisCYP2.26 (=12)2.25 (12)
132871Luis CastroPUR2.26 (=12)2.25 (13)
142297Jaroslav BábaCZE2.26 (=12)2.20 (14)
152052Brandon StarcAUS2.29 (=10)2.20 (15)
16 r1/22442Chris BakerGBR2.26 (16)
17 r1/23094Ricky RobertsonUSA2.26 (17)
=18 r1/22203Mike MasonCAN2.26 (=18)
=18 r1/22750Nauraj Singh RandhawaMAS2.26 (=18)
20 r1/23038Dmytro YakovenkoUKR2.26 (20)
21 r1/23044Brad AdkinsUSA2.26 (21)
22 r1/22709Wu Sang-HyeokKOR2.26 (22)
23 r1/22873David Adley SmithPUR2.26 (23)
24 r1/22509Eike OnnenGER2.26 (24)
=25 r1/22854Wojciech TheinerPOL2.22 (=25)
=25 r1/22077Jamal WilsonBAH2.22 (=25)
=25 r1/22239Zhang GuoweiCHN2.22 (=25)
28 r1/22512Mateusz PrzybylkoGER2.22 (28)
29 r1/22820Arturo ChávezPER2.22 (29)
=30 r1/22112Andrei ChurylaBLR2.22 (=30)
=30 r1/22830Sylwester BednarekPOL2.22 (=30)
32 r1/22232Wang YuCHN2.22 (32)
33 r1/22596Silvano ChesaniITA2.22 (33)
34 r1/22530Kostas BaniotisGRE2.22 (34)
=35 r1/22951Matúš BubeníkSVK2.17 (=35)
=35 r1/22973Hsiang Chun-HsienTPE2.17 (=35)
=35 r1/22637Takashi EtoJPN2.17 (=35)
=35 r1/22933Eugenio RossiSMR2.17 (=35)
=35 r1/22761Edgar RiveraMEX2.17 (=35)
=35 r1/22153Talles SilvaBRA2.17 (=35)
=41 r1/22589Dmitry KroyterISR2.17 (=41)
=41 r1/22031Joel BadenAUS2.17 (=41)
=43 r1/22114Dzmitry NabokauBLR2.17 (=43)
=43 r1/22710Yun Seung-HyeonKOR2.17 (=43)

Qualifying Round (14 August 2016 — 20:30)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 2.31 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
=1Mutaz Essa BarshimQAT2.2900q
=1Bohdan BondarenkoUKR2.2900q
=1Derek DrouinCAN2.2900q
=1Tihomir IvanovBUL2.2900q
=5Erik KynardUSA2.2901q
=5Robbie GrabarzGBR2.2901q
=7Andriy ProtsenkoUKR2.2911q
=7Majed GhazalSYR2.2911q
9Donald ThomasBAH2.2912q
=10Brandon StarcAUS2.2923q
=10Trevor BarryBAH2.2923q
=12Kyriakos IoannouCYP2.2600q
=12Luis CastroPUR2.2600q
=12Jaroslav BábaCZE2.2600q
=12Dimitrios KhondrokoukisCYP2.2600q
16Chris BakerGBR2.2601
17Ricky RobertsonUSA2.2611
=18Mike MasonCAN2.2612
=18Nauraj Singh RandhawaMAS2.2612
20Dmytro YakovenkoUKR2.2613
21Brad AdkinsUSA2.2614
22Wu Sang-HyeokKOR2.2622
23David Adley SmithPUR2.2623
24Eike OnnenGER2.2624
=25Wojciech TheinerPOL2.2200
=25Jamal WilsonBAH2.2200
=25Zhang GuoweiCHN2.2200
28Mateusz PrzybylkoGER2.2201
29Arturo ChávezPER2.2202
=30Andrei ChurylaBLR2.2211
=30Sylwester BednarekPOL2.2211
32Wang YuCHN2.2212
33Silvano ChesaniITA2.2222
34Kostas BaniotisGRE2.2223
=35Matúš BubeníkSVK2.1700
=35Hsiang Chun-HsienTPE2.1700
=35Takashi EtoJPN2.1700
=35Eugenio RossiSMR2.1700
=35Edgar RiveraMEX2.1700
=35Talles SilvaBRA2.1700
=41Dmitry KroyterISR2.1711
=41Joel BadenAUS2.1711
=43Dzmitry NabokauBLR2.1722
=43Yun Seung-HyeonKOR2.1722

Qualifying Round, Group A (14 August 2016 — 20:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.17 m2.22 m2.26 m2.29 m
=1Mutaz Essa BarshimQAT2.2900ooooq
=1Bohdan BondarenkoUKR2.2900-o-oq
3Andriy ProtsenkoUKR2.2911oooxoq
=4Brandon StarcAUS2.2923xoooxxoq
=4Trevor BarryBAH2.2923ooxoxxoq
=6Kyriakos IoannouCYP2.2600oooxxxq
=6Luis CastroPUR2.2600oooxxxq
8Chris BakerGBR2.2601xoooxxx
9Ricky RobertsonUSA2.2611ooxoxxx
10Mike MasonCAN2.2612xooxoxxx
11Wu Sang-HyeokKOR2.2622ooxxoxxx
12Eike OnnenGER2.2624oxxoxxoxxx
13Wojciech TheinerPOL2.2200ooxxx
14Andrei ChurylaBLR2.2211oxoxxx
15Wang YuCHN2.2212xoxoxxx
16Silvano ChesaniITA2.2222oxxoxxx
17Kostas BaniotisGRE2.2223xoxxoxxx
=18Matúš BubeníkSVK2.1700oxxx
=18Hsiang Chun-HsienTPE2.1700oxxx
=18Takashi EtoJPN2.1700oxxx
=18Eugenio RossiSMR2.1700oxxx
22Dmitry KroyterISR2.1711xoxxx

Qualifying Round, Group B (14 August 2016)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.17 m2.22 m2.26 m2.29 m
=1Derek DrouinCAN2.2900ooooq
=1Tihomir IvanovBUL2.2900ooooq
=3Erik KynardUSA2.2901ooxooq
=3Robbie GrabarzGBR2.2901-oxooq
5Majed GhazalSYR2.2911-ooxoq
6Donald ThomasBAH2.2912ooxoxoq
=7Jaroslav BábaCZE2.2600oooxxxq
=7Dimitrios KhondrokoukisCYP2.2600oooxxxq
9Nauraj Singh RandhawaMAS2.2612xooxoxxx
10Dmytro YakovenkoUKR2.2613oxxoxoxxx
11Brad AdkinsUSA2.2614xxoxoxoxxx
12David Adley SmithPUR2.2623oxoxxoxxx
=13Jamal WilsonBAH2.2200ooxxx
=13Zhang GuoweiCHN2.2200ooxxx
15Mateusz PrzybylkoGER2.2201xooxxx
16Arturo ChávezPER2.2202xxooxxx
17Sylwester BednarekPOL2.2211oxoxxx
=18Edgar RiveraMEX2.1700oxxx
=18Talles SilvaBRA2.1700oxxx
20Joel BadenAUS2.1711xoxxx
=21Dzmitry NabokauBLR2.1722xxoxxx
=21Yun Seung-HyeonKOR2.1722xxoxxx

Final Round (16 August 2016 — 20:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.20 m2.25 m2.29 m2.33 m2.36 m2.38 m2.40 m
1Derek DrouinCAN2.3800oooooox
2Mutaz Essa BarshimQAT2.3600oooooxxx
3Bohdan BondarenkoUKR2.3300-o-o-xx-x
=4Andriy ProtsenkoUKR2.3301ooxooxxx
=4Robbie GrabarzGBR2.3301oxoooxxx
6Erik KynardUSA2.3323oxooxxo
=7Majed GhazalSYR2.2900oooxxx
=7Kyriakos IoannouCYP2.2900oooxxx
=7Donald ThomasBAH2.2900oooxxx
10Tihomir IvanovBUL2.2901oxooxxx
11Trevor BarryBAH2.2500ooxxx
12Dimitrios KhondrokoukisCYP2.2501xooxxx
13Luis CastroPUR2.2522oxxoxxx
14Jaroslav BábaCZE2.2000oxxx
15Brandon StarcAUS2.2011xoxxx