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Volleyball, Men

Date29 July – 11 August 1984
LocationSports Arena, Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, Long Beach, California
Participants118 from 10 countries
FormatRound-robin pools advanced teams to classification matches.

The USSR was absent because of the boycott, but they would have been likely co-favorites, having won the last two World Championships and the last five Europeans. Because of the boycott, only 10 teams competed, separated into two pools. The 10 qualifying teams were selected as follows: defending champion (USSR), 1982 World Champion (Brazil, replacing the Soviets), host nation (United States), South American Champion (Argentina), European Champion (Poland, replacing the Soviets), World Cup Champion (Cuba, replacing the Soviets), North American Champion (Canada, replacing the United States), Asian Champion (Japan), African Champion (Egypt), and Bulgaria qualified in a special tournament. Bulgaria, Cuba, Poland, and the Soviet Union did not compete and were replaced by China, Italy, Korea, and Tunisia.

Of the competing teams the two leading contenders were the United States and Brazil, with Brazil having won the 1983 Pan-American Championship. The United States had not competed at the Olympics since 1968 and the World Championships since 1966, as most American players played in semi-pro leagues or beach volleyball. The US came into the tournament on a 24-match winning streak, which included four wins over the Soviet Union, although that streak ended with a loss to Brazil in Los Angeles. Brazil and the United States were both drawn in Group A, along with Korea, and all three teams finished with group records of 3 wins and 1 loss. But Korea lost out on point ratios, and Brazil and the US advanced to the semis, joined by Italy and Canada from the Group B, which was a major upset as they had defeated a tough Japanese team. Canada and Korea were easily dispatched in the semi-finals, and the United States played Brazil in the final. Perhaps helped by the home crowd, the United States won easily in three sets, 15-6, 15-6, 15-7. The US was led by Karch Kiraly, considered the best volleyball player in the world through the 1980s, and also a top beach player. Two Japanese players were disqualified for doping – Eiji Shimomura for testosterone, and Mikiyasu Tanaka for ephedrine, a stimulant.

1United StatesUSA511115–4258–159Gold
5Republic of KoreaKOR511115–8312–253
8People's Republic of ChinaCHN1574–15200–261

Preliminary Round (29 July – 6 August 1984)

Group A (29 July – 6 August 1984)

Round-robin pools.


Match #129 Jul 10:00KOR 3 – 0TUN
Match #229 Jul 18:30USA 3 – 1ARG
Match #331 Jul 10:00BRA 3 – 1ARG
Match #431 Jul 18:30USA 3 – 0TUN
Match #502 Aug 10:00BRA 3 – 0TUN
Match #602 Aug 18:30USA 3 – 0KOR
Match #704 Aug 10:00ARG 3 – 0TUN
Match #804 Aug 18:30KOR 3 – 1BRA
Match #906 Aug 10:00KOR 3 – 2ARG
Match #1006 Aug 18:30BRA 3 – 0USA

Group B (29 July – 6 August 1984)

Round-robin pools.


Match #129 Jul 10:00JPN 3 – 0CHN
Match #229 Jul 18:30ITA 3 – 1CAN
Match #331 Jul 10:00CAN 3 – 0EGY
Match #431 Jul 18:30ITA 3 – 0CHN
Match #502 Aug 10:00CHN 3 – 0EGY
Match #602 Aug 18:30JPN 3 – 2ITA
Match #704 Aug 10:00JPN 3 – 0EGY
Match #804 Aug 18:30CAN 3 – 0CHN
Match #906 Aug 10:00CAN 3 – 0JPN
Match #1006 Aug 18:30ITA 3 – 0EGY

Classification Round 5-8 (8 August 1984)

Classification matches.

Match #108 Aug 11:00KOR 3 – 1CHN
Match #208 Aug 11:00ARG 3 – 1JPN

Semi-Finals (8 August 1984)


Match #108 Aug 18:30BRA 3 – 1ITA
Match #208 Aug 18:30USA 3 – 0CAN

Final Round (8 – 11 August 1984)

Medal round.

Match 1/211 Aug 18:30USA 3 – 0BRA
Match 3/411 Aug 12:00ITA 3 – 0CAN
Match 5/610 Aug 20:30KOR 3 – 1ARG
Match 7/810 Aug 18:30JPN 3 – 0CHN
Match 9/1008 Aug 13:00TUN 3 – 2EGY