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Individual, Men

Date28 July – 1 August 1996
LocationStone Mountain Archery Center, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Participants64 from 31 countries
FormatRanking round consisted of 72 arrows, 18 each at 30 metres, 50 metres, 70 metres, and 90 metres. Matches shot at 70 metres. Matches in rounds 1-3 consisted of 16 arrows. Matches in the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final round consisted of 12 arrows. Tie-breaking for the final placements was done by the following method. Losers in each round were ranked according to the score they shot in that round. Ties in that round were broken by the number of 10s shot in that round and then the number of 9s shot in that round. If still tied the score in the preceding round was used as the tie-breaker, followed by number of 10s, and then number of 9s in the preceding round.

Koreans had won the 1993 and 1995 World Championships, but neither archer was in Atlanta, failing to make their team. The ranking round leader was Italy’s Michele Frangilli, not yet well known, although he had helped Italy to a team silver at the 1995 Worlds. In the quarter-finals he met American Justin Huish, who had won a few US titles, but was ranked only 24th internationally. They tied at 112 and in the shoot-off Huish shot two 10s to defeat Frangilli. Huish became a popular player for the American spectators, as he wore his ponytail underneath the back of his backward-facing baseball cap, and was very outgoing. Supported by the fans, he won his last two matches easily to win the gold medal, defeating Sweden’s Magnus Petersson in the final.

Huish would return in 2000 to again make the United States’ Olympic team, but soon after that was caught selling marijuana to a police informant, and withdrew from the team, spending four months in prison. He attempted to qualify for the 2004 Olympics but did not make the team.

1Justin HuishUSAGold
2Magnus PeterssonSWESilver
3Oh Gyo-MunKORBronze
4Paul VermeirenBEL
5Kim Bo-RamKOR
6Michele FrangilliITA
7Jang Yong-HoKOR
8Lionel TorrésFRA
9Matteo BisianiITA
10Hsieh Sheng-FengTPE
11Butch JohnsonUSA
12Tomi PoikolainenFIN
13Stanislav ZabrodskiyUKR
14Samo MedvedSLO
15Martinus GrovNOR
16Andrés AnchondoMEX
17Andrea ParentiITA
18Balzhinima TsyrempilovRUS
19Hiroshi YamamotoJPN
20Jari LipponenFIN
21Mikael LarssonSWE
22Keith HanlonIRL
23Tang HuaCHN
24Rod WhiteUSA
25Changte LalremsagaIND
26Matt GrayAUS
27Takayoshi MatsushitaJPN
28Gary HardingesGBR
29Paweł SzymczakPOL
30Vadim ShikarevKAZ
31Valeriy YevetskyiUKR
32Tommi TuovilaFIN
33Vitaly ShinKAZ
34Göran BjerendalSWE
35Jackson FearAUS
36Luo HengyuCHN
37Jeannot RobitailleCAN
38Rob RusnovCAN
39Sébastien FlûteFRA
40Shen JunCHN
41Cho Sheng-LingTPE
42Raul KiviloEST
43Sergey MartynovKAZ
44Wu Tsung-YiTPE
45Stefan MlyakovBUL
46Andrew LindsayNZL
47Skalzang DorjeIND
48Jubzang JubzangBHU
49Kevin SallyCAN
50Andrey PodlazovRUS
51Adolfo GonzálezMEX
52Simon FairweatherAUS
53Bair BadyonovRUS
54Peter KoprivnikarSLO
55Steven HallardGBR
56Damien LetulleFRA
57Oleksandr YatsenkoUKR
58Nuno PomboPOR
59Okyay KüçükkayalarTUR
60Antonio VázquezESP
61Dominic RebeloKEN
62Paolo TuraSMR
63Limba RamIND
64Matevž KrumpeštarSLO

Ranking Round

Date28 July 1996 — 14:00
FormatRanking round for placement into single-elimination tournament.
PosCompetitorNOCPointsTargets Hit10s9s
1Michele FrangilliITA684723930OR
2Jang Yong-HoKOR682723830
3Oh Gyo-MunKOR681723731
4Vadim ShikarevKAZ677723433
5Jari LipponenFIN676723433
6Balzhinima TsyrempilovRUS675723628
7Magnus PeterssonSWE672723135
8Jackson FearAUS671722839
9Justin HuishUSA670722937
10Matteo BisianiITA669723425
11Kim Bo-RamKOR668722836
12Rod WhiteUSA666722834
13Hiroshi YamamotoJPN665722441
14Tang HuaCHN664723128
15Butch JohnsonUSA664723030
16Stanislav ZabrodskiyUKR664722934
17Steven HallardGBR664722834
18Matt GrayAUS663723027
19Martinus GrovNOR663722734
20Simon FairweatherAUS660722831
21Paul VermeirenBEL659723027
22Mikael LarssonSWE659722931
23Valeriy YevetskyiUKR659722733
24Gary HardingesGBR658722733
25Takayoshi MatsushitaJPN657722731
26Damien LetulleFRA657722731
27Kevin SallyCAN657722433
28Samo MedvedSLO656722335
29Andrés AnchondoMEX653722630
30Paweł SzymczakPOL653722332
31Peter KoprivnikarSLO652722432
32Changte LalremsagaIND650722529
33Andrew LindsayNZL650722432
34Keith HanlonIRL650722236
35Nuno PomboPOR650722035
36Raul KiviloEST649722527
37Oleksandr YatsenkoUKR649722333
38Tomi PoikolainenFIN648722234
39Andrea ParentiITA647722724
40Göran BjerendalSWE646722525
41Cho Sheng-LingTPE646722332
42Wu Tsung-YiTPE645722231
43Rob RusnovCAN645722135
44Limba RamIND644722528
45Lionel TorrésFRA644722328
46Sébastien FlûteFRA644721936
47Shen JunCHN644721833
48Tommi TuovilaFIN644721735
49Jubzang JubzangBHU643722427
50Matevž KrumpeštarSLO643722128
51Andrey PodlazovRUS640721836
52Adolfo GonzálezMEX636721932
53Bair BadyonovRUS635711541
54Jeannot RobitailleCAN634721734
55Skalzang DorjeIND634721635
56Sergey MartynovKAZ632721533
57Hsieh Sheng-FengTPE630722027
58Luo HengyuCHN627721732
59Vitaly ShinKAZ626722024
60Antonio VázquezESP621721530
61Okyay KüçükkayalarTUR618711330
62Stefan MlyakovBUL617721228
63Paolo TuraSMR592721620
64Dominic RebeloKEN518701111

Round One

Date1 August 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
Match #101 AugMichele FrangilliITA166 – 142Dominic RebeloKEN
Match #201 AugChangte LalremsagaIND160 – 156Andrew LindsayNZL
Match #301 AugTommi TuovilaFIN151 – 150Steven HallardGBR
Match #401 AugStanislav ZabrodskiyUKR156 – 156Jubzang JubzangBHU
Match #501 AugHsieh Sheng-FengTPE164 – 162Jackson FearAUS
Match #601 AugTakayoshi MatsushitaJPN163 – 162Göran BjerendalSWE
Match #701 AugGary HardingesGBR158 – 158Cho Sheng-LingTPE
Match #801 AugJustin HuishUSA165 – 157Sergey MartynovKAZ
Match #901 AugJari LipponenFIN168 – 143Antonio VázquezESP
Match #1001 AugSamo MedvedSLO161 – 150Oleksandr YatsenkoUKR
Match #1101 AugPaul VermeirenBEL165 – 140Limba RamIND
Match #1201 AugRod WhiteUSA161 – 152Bair BadyonovRUS
Match #1301 AugVadim ShikarevKAZ166 – 144Okyay KüçükkayalarTUR
Match #1401 AugAndrés AnchondoMEX158 – 157Raul KiviloEST
Match #1501 AugLionel TorrésFRA165 – 154Simon FairweatherAUS
Match #1601 AugHiroshi YamamotoJPN155 – 154Adolfo GonzálezMEX
Match #1701 AugOh Gyo-MunKOR162 – 156Stefan MlyakovBUL
Match #1801 AugPaweł SzymczakPOL152 – 148Nuno PomboPOR
Match #1901 AugMartinus GrovNOR161 – 158Sébastien FlûteFRA
Match #2001 AugTang HuaCHN157 – 154Andrey PodlazovRUS
Match #2101 AugBalzhinima TsyrempilovRUS164 – 163Vitaly ShinKAZ
Match #2201 AugTomi PoikolainenFIN158 – 155Kevin SallyCAN
Match #2301 AugMikael LarssonSWE167 – 159Rob RusnovCAN
Match #2401 AugKim Bo-RamKOR168 – 160Jeannot RobitailleCANOR
Match #2501 AugMagnus PeterssonSWE167 – 161Luo HengyuCHN
Match #2601 AugAndrea ParentiITA161 – 150Damien LetulleFRA
Match #2701 AugValeriy YevetskyiUKR159 – 156Wu Tsung-YiTPE
Match #2801 AugMatteo BisianiITA167 – 156Skalzang DorjeIND
Match #2901 AugJang Yong-HoKOR164 – 141Paolo TuraSMR
Match #3001 AugKeith HanlonIRL155 – 151Peter KoprivnikarSLO
Match #3101 AugMatt GrayAUS162 – 158Shen JunCHN
Match #3201 AugButch JohnsonUSA158 – 140Matevž KrumpeštarSLO

Round Two

Date1 August 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
Match #101 AugMichele FrangilliITA164 – 158Changte LalremsagaIND
Match #201 AugStanislav ZabrodskiyUKR163 – 142Tommi TuovilaFIN
Match #301 AugHsieh Sheng-FengTPE157 – 156Takayoshi MatsushitaJPN
Match #401 AugJustin HuishUSA166 – 155Gary HardingesGBR
Match #501 AugSamo MedvedSLO161 – 161Jari LipponenFIN
Match #601 AugPaul VermeirenBEL159 – 158Rod WhiteUSA
Match #701 AugAndrés AnchondoMEX156 – 154Vadim ShikarevKAZ
Match #801 AugLionel TorrésFRA164 – 163Hiroshi YamamotoJPN
Match #901 AugOh Gyo-MunKOR169 – 154Paweł SzymczakPOLOR
Match #1001 AugMartinus GrovNOR161 – 159Tang HuaCHN
Match #1101 AugTomi PoikolainenFIN164 – 163Balzhinima TsyrempilovRUS
Match #1201 AugKim Bo-RamKOR166 – 160Mikael LarssonSWE
Match #1301 AugMagnus PeterssonSWE167 – 165Andrea ParentiITA
Match #1401 AugMatteo BisianiITA163 – 152Valeriy YevetskyiUKR
Match #1501 AugJang Yong-HoKOR165 – 159Keith HanlonIRL
Match #1601 AugButch JohnsonUSA164 – 157Matt GrayAUS

Round Three

Date1 August 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #101 AugMichele FrangilliITA170 – 160Stanislav ZabrodskiyUKROR
Match #201 AugJustin HuishUSA169 – 162Hsieh Sheng-FengTPE
Match #301 AugPaul VermeirenBEL161 – 159Samo MedvedSLO
Match #401 AugLionel TorrésFRA159 – 158Andrés AnchondoMEX
Match #501 AugOh Gyo-MunKOR167 – 159Martinus GrovNOR
Match #601 AugKim Bo-RamKOR162 – 160Tomi PoikolainenFIN
Match #701 AugMagnus PeterssonSWE167 – 163Matteo BisianiITA
Match #801 AugJang Yong-HoKOR162 – 160Butch JohnsonUSA


Date1 August 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #101 AugJustin HuishUSA112 – 112Michele FrangilliITA
Match #201 AugPaul VermeirenBEL111 – 106Lionel TorrésFRA
Match #301 AugOh Gyo-MunKOR114 – 113Kim Bo-RamKOROR
Match #401 AugMagnus PeterssonSWE111 – 108Jang Yong-HoKOR


Date1 August 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final round.
Match #101 AugJustin HuishUSA112 – 103Paul VermeirenBEL
Match #201 AugMagnus PeterssonSWE112 – 109Oh Gyo-MunKOR

Final Round

Date1 August 1996
Match 1/201 AugJustin HuishUSA112 – 107Magnus PeterssonSWE
Match 3/401 AugOh Gyo-MunKOR115 – 110Paul VermeirenBELOR