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Small-Bore Rifle, Prone, 50 metres, Men

Date20 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Skopovolis Markopoulou, Markopoulo
Participants46 from 34 countries
Olympic Record (109.0 maximum)105.5 / Lee Eun-Cheol KOR / 29 July 1992
Olympic Record (300 maximum)300 / Willy Røgeberg NOR / 8 August 1936
Olympic Record (400 maximum)400 WR / Boris Andreyev URS / 29 July 1952
400 WR / Iosif Sîrbu ROU / 29 July 1952
Olympic Record (600 maximum)600 WR / Christian Klees GER / 25 July 1996
Olympic Record (709.0 maximum)704.8 / Christian Klees GER / 25 July 1996

American Matt Emmons was the 2002 World Champion and was the favorite. In April 2004 he discovered that his small-bore rifle had been sabotaged by somebody with a screwdriver. Borrowing a gun from his training partner, Amber Darland, he used that gun to win gold in this event in Athina. Belarusian Sergey Martnov placed third, repeating his bronze medal finish from Sydney. Two days after this event, going for a historical prone/3-position double, Emmons was leading the small-bore three positions event going into the last shot of the final when he cross-fired, hitting the wrong target, and dropped to last place among the finalists. After that event, Czech rifle shooter Kateřina Kůrková came over to console Emmons. They eventually fell in love and married in the Czech Republic in June 2007.

1Matt EmmonsUSA703.3Gold
2Christian LuschGER702.2Silver
3Siarhei MartynauBLR701.6Bronze
4Jozef GönciSVK700.5
5Marco De NicoloITA699.7
6Maik EckhardtGER697.6
7Mike BabbGBR696.8
8Jia ZhanboCHN696.6
=9Artur AivazianUKR594
=9Marcel BürgeSUI594
=9Rajmond DebevecSLO594
=9Torben GrimmelDEN594
=9Juha HirviFIN594
=9Artyom KhadzhibekovRUS594
=9Igor PirekeyevTKM594
=16Václav BečvářCZE592
=16Espen Berg-KnutsenNOR592
=16Mario KnöglerAUT592
=16Sergey KovalenkoRUS592
=16Timothy LowndesAUS592
=16Guy StarikISR592
=16Harald StenvaagNOR592
=16Wolfram Waibel, Jr.AUT592
=24Mike AntiUSA591
=24Aleksandr BabchenkoKGZ591
=24Tomáš JeřábekCZE591
=24Park Bong-DeokKOR591
=24Yury ShcherbatsevichBLR591
=24Péter SidiHUN591
=24Vyacheslav SkoromnovUZB591
=24Masaru YanagidaJPN591
=32Jonas EdmanSWE590
=32Roger HanssonSWE590
=32Yuriy SukhorukovUKR590
=32Yao YeCHN590
=36Evangelos LiogrisGRE589
=36Tevarit MajchacheepTHA589
=36Ryan TaylorNZL589
39Martin SenoreRSA588
=40Pablo ÁlvarezARG587
=40Dick BoschmanNED587
=42Stevan PletikosićSCG586
=42Warren PotentAUS586
44Nedžad FazlijaBIH585
45Rosendo VelarteARG584
46Reinier EstopiñánCUB581

Preliminary Round (20 August 2004 — 14:30)

50 metres prone. 60 shots prone. 600 possible.

1Matt EmmonsUSA59910010099100100100Q
=2Christian LuschGER5981001001009999100Q
=2Jozef GönciSVK5981001009910010099Q
=4Maik EckhardtGER596100100989999100Q
=4Siarhei MartynauBLR59699991001009999Q
=6Mike BabbGBR59598991009910099Q
=6Jia ZhanboCHN595100991001009799Q
=6Marco De NicoloITA595981009910010098Q
=9Artur AivazianUKR59499100100999997
=9Marcel BürgeSUI5949999991009899
=9Rajmond DebevecSLO5949899100999999
=9Torben GrimmelDEN59499100100989899
=9Juha HirviFIN59498100999810099
=9Artyom KhadzhibekovRUS59498999810099100
=9Igor PirekeyevTKM5949999991009998
=16Václav BečvářCZE5929999100989898
=16Espen Berg-KnutsenNOR5929999991009798
=16Mario KnöglerAUT5929898999899100
=16Sergey KovalenkoRUS5921009997989999
=16Timothy LowndesAUS5929899991009799
=16Guy StarikISR592999898999999
=16Harald StenvaagNOR5929910099989997
=16Wolfram Waibel, Jr.AUT592999899999998
=24Mike AntiUSA591989998999899
=24Aleksandr BabchenkoKGZ591999997989999
=24Tomáš JeřábekCZE5919810098999997
=24Park Bong-DeokKOR5919810099969999
=24Yury ShcherbatsevichBLR5919799999898100
=24Péter SidiHUN5919799979910099
=24Vyacheslav SkoromnovUZB5919699999910098
=24Masaru YanagidaJPN59110010098999797
=32Jonas EdmanSWE5901009999959899
=32Roger HanssonSWE590999898989998
=32Yuriy SukhorukovUKR5909910099989599
=32Yao YeCHN59010096989810098
=36Evangelos LiogrisGRE589989699989999
=36Tevarit MajchacheepTHA589989897999899
=36Ryan TaylorNZL5899796991009998
39Martin SenoreRSA5889799971009699
=40Pablo ÁlvarezARG58796100100979797
=40Dick BoschmanNED587959898999899
=42Stevan PletikosićSCG586989899989499
=42Warren PotentAUS58697949710098100
44Nedžad FazlijaBIH585979896999996
45Rosendo VelarteARG584969896999798
46Reinier EstopiñánCUB581989797979597

Final Round (20 August 2004 — 12:00)

Top eight from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Matt EmmonsUSA703.3599104.3
2Christian LuschGER702.2598104.2
3Siarhei MartynauBLR701.6596105.6
4Jozef GönciSVK700.5598102.5
5Marco De NicoloITA699.7595104.7
6Maik EckhardtGER697.6596101.6
7Mike BabbGBR696.8595101.8
8Jia ZhanboCHN696.6595101.6