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Triple Jump, Men

Date25 July 1908
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants20 from 8 countries

There could be no favorite as the event was rarely contested at national meets in this era. The world record had stood since 1893 when Edward Bloss (USA) had jumped 48-6 (14.78) when the event was on the AAU program for the only time prior to 1908. The Olympic record was 47-5¾ (14.47), set by Meyer Prinstein (USA) in 1900.

Three qualifying sections were held in the morning with the three leading competitors taking three further jumps in the final, which took place immediately the qualifying rounds. The Irishman Tim Ahearne and Garfield MacDonald, a Canadian from Nova Scotia, waged a fierce battle and completely dominated the competition. They were both drawn in the same qualifying section and both produced their best performance in the final three jumps. With his final jump Ahearne set a new Olympic record to take the gold medal and MacDonald was unable to match Ahearne’s effort. Contrary to most reports, Ahearne did not win with the last jump of the competition. He was ahead of MacDonald in the jumping order.

Tim Ahearne and his brother, Dan Ahearn, hailed from Dirreen, County Limerick in Ireland. Shortly after the Olympics, they emigrated to the United States, where Dan dropped the final “e” from his name. Tim Ahearne had won the 1909 AAA long jump championship, but in the United States he was eclipsed by his younger brother. Dan Ahearn set the first IAAF-recognized triple jump with 50-11 (15.52) in May 1911. He won the AAU triple jump in 1911 and 1913-1918, usually defeating Tim, who was runner-up in 1911, 1913-14, and 1916.

PosNrAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)QualifyingFinal
1Tim AhearneGBR14.72 (1)14.92 (1)GoldWR
2Garfield MacDonaldCAN14.12 (3)14.76 (2)SilverOR
3Edvard LarsenNOR14.37 (2)14.39 (3)Bronze
4Cal BrickerCAN14.10 (4)
5Platt AdamsUSA14.07 (5)
6Frank Mount PleasantUSA13.97 (6)
7Karl FryksdahlSWE13.65 (7)
8John BrennanUSA13.59 (8)
9Martin SheridanUSA13.42 (9)
10Doug StupartRSA13.40 (10)
11Cyril DugmoreGBR13.31 (11)
12Michael DineenGBR13.23 (12)
13Henry OlsenNOR13.17 (13)
14Oscar GuttormsenNOR13.16 (14)
15Dimitrios MullerGRE13.09 (15)
16Frank IronsUSA12.67 (16)
17Sam BellahUSA12.55 (17)
ACNate ShermanUSA– (AC)
ACGeorge MayberryGBR– (AC)
ACJuho HalmeFIN– (AC)
DNSSandy QuinnCAN
DNSUuno RailoFIN
DNSJohn SchommerUSA
DNSBen StephensonUSA
DNSCarl SilfverstrandSWE
DNSErnest HutcheonANZ
DNSGustav KrojerAUT
DNSGeorge BarberCAN
DNSFrank LukemanCAN
DNSTed SavageCAN
DNSArthur HoffmannGER
DNSAlbert WeinsteinGER
DNSPaul WeinsteinGER
DNSEmilio BrambillaITA
DNSSkotte JacobssonSWE
DNSSven LåftmanSWE
DNSKnut StenborgSWE
DNSJames O'ConnellUSA
DNSKarl LampelmayerAUT
DNSMartin BrustmannGER

Qualifying Round (25 July 1908 — 10:00)

Each competitor was allowed three jumps, after which the leading three were allowed a further three trials.

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Tim AhearneGBR14.7248-3¾QOR
2Edvard LarsenNOR14.3747-2Q
3Garfield MacDonaldCAN14.1246-4Q
4Cal BrickerCAN14.1046-3
5Platt AdamsUSA14.0746-2
6Frank Mount PleasantUSA13.9745-10
7Karl FryksdahlSWE13.6544-9½
8John BrennanUSA13.5944-7
9Martin SheridanUSA13.4244-0¼
10Doug StupartRSA13.4043-11½
11Cyril DugmoreGBR13.3143-8
12Michael DineenGBR13.2343-5
13Henry OlsenNOR13.1743-2¾
14Oscar GuttormsenNOR13.1643-2
15Dimitrios MullerGRE13.0942-11½
16Frank IronsUSA12.6741-7
17Sam BellahUSA12.5541-2
ACNate ShermanUSA
ACGeorge MayberryGBR
ACJuho HalmeFIN

Qualifying Round, Group A (25 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Platt AdamsUSA14.0746-2
2Karl FryksdahlSWE13.6544-9½
3Martin SheridanUSA13.4244-0¼
4Cyril DugmoreGBR13.3143-8
5Henry OlsenNOR13.1743-2¾
6Dimitrios MullerGRE13.0942-11½
7Frank IronsUSA12.6741-7

Qualifying Round, Group B (25 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Tim AhearneGBR14.7248-3¾OR
2Garfield MacDonaldCAN14.1246-4
3John BrennanUSA13.5944-7
4Doug StupartRSA13.4043-11½
5Oscar GuttormsenNOR13.1643-2
6Sam BellahUSA12.5541-2
ACNate ShermanUSA
ACGeorge MayberryGBR
ACJuho HalmeFIN

Qualifying Round, Group C (25 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Edvard LarsenNOR14.3747-2
2Cal BrickerCAN14.1046-3
3Frank Mount PleasantUSA13.9745-10
4Michael DineenGBR13.2343-5

Final Round (25 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Tim AhearneGBR14.9248-11¼WR
2Garfield MacDonaldCAN14.7648-5¼OR
3Edvard LarsenNOR14.3947-2¾