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Long Jump, Men

Date12 July 1912
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants30 from 13 countries
Olympic Record 7.48 / Frank Irons USA / 22 July 1908

Frank Irons (USA) was the defending champion and Olympic record holder and in 1912 he won the central U.S. Olympic Trial. He was present at Stockholm and was a slight favorite, having won the AAU Championship in 1909 and 1910. But he did not jump well, placing 5th in Group One of the qualifying, failing to advance to the final, and finishing 9th overall.

In his first jump in qualifying, America’s Albert Gutterson set a new Olympic record with 7.60, which easily qualified him for the final and led the qualifiers. He was joined there by Canada’s Cal Bricker and Sweden’s Georg Åberg. In the final, neither Bricker nor Åberg threatened Gutterson, who won the gold medal although he did not approach his qualifying mark with his final jumps. Bricker did not improve his qualifying mark of 7.21 and placed second. Åberg did improve to 7.18 in the final, but still finished third.

1Albert GuttersonUSA7.607.60 (1)7.18 (=1)GoldOR
2Cal BrickerCAN7.217.21 (2)7.04 (3)Silver
3Georg ÅbergSWE7.187.04 (3)7.18 (=1)Bronze
4Harry WorthingtonUSA7.037.03 (4)
5Roy MercerUSA6.976.97 (5)
6Fred AllenUSA6.946.94 (6)
7Jim ThorpeUSA6.896.89 (7)
8Robert PasemannGER6.826.82 (8)
9Frank IronsUSA6.806.80 (9)
10Henry AshingtonGBR6.786.78 (10)
11Ferdinand BieNOR6.756.75 (11)
12Sidney AbrahamsGBR6.726.72 (12)
13Nils FixdalNOR6.716.71 (13)
14Eddie FarrellUSA6.716.71 (14)
15Philip KingsfordGBR6.656.65 (15)
16André CampanaFRA6.646.64 (16)
17Charles LombergSWE6.626.62 (17)
18Viktor FranzlAUT6.576.57 (18)
19Angelo ToniniITA6.446.44 (19)
20Patrik OhlssonSWE6.286.28 (20)
21Gustav BetzénSWE6.246.24 (21)
22Aleksandr SchultzRUS6.156.15 (22)
23Philipp EhrenreichAUT6.146.14 (23)
24Emil KukkoFIN6.116.11 (24)
25Pál SzalayHUN5.985.98 (25)
26Nándor KovácsHUN5.965.96 (26)
27Alfredo PaganiITA5.955.95 (27)
28Arthur MarandaCAN5.875.87 (28)
29Manlio LegatITA5.505.50 (29)
ACPaul FournelleLUX– (30)NM
DNSLouis Saint-AubertFRA
DNSHenri PuncetFRA
DNSRaymond de GuanderaxFRA
DNSJózsef KosaHUN
DNSPierre GlanzmannFRA
DNSEornel KellHUN
DNSGaston MartensBEL
DNSRobert BergeyreFRA
DNSMiklós NagyHUN
DNSGéza VadonHUN
DNSLászló TihanyiHUN
DNSCharles HervocheFRA
DNSRobert de la BrosseFRA
DNSLeone LinardiITA
DNSEmmanuel TsaloumasGRE
DNSZdislav PrágrBOH
DNSLouis PicoletFRA
DNSBilly LeachGBR
DNSGeorg HolmqvistSWE
DNSGiulio AlvisiITA
DNSBéla SzabóHUN
DNSCarl SilfverstrandSWE
DNSVáclav Labík-GreganBOH
DNSBedřich VygodaBOH
DNSWilliam HalpennyCAN
DNSFrank LukemanCAN
DNSRodolfo HammersleyCHI
DNSRené LabatFRA
DNSPaul LagardeFRA
DNSWilliam HunterGBR
DNSHermann von BönninghausenGER
DNSKálmán SzathmáryHUN
DNSFerenc SzobotaHUN
DNSIván, Baron WardenerHUN
DNSCarlo ButtiITA
DNSDaniel JohansenNOR
DNSEdvard LarsenNOR
DNSErling VinneNOR
DNSErik AlmlöfSWE
DNSSkotte JacobssonSWE
DNSTopsy LindblomSWE
DNSGustaf NordénSWE
DNSHjalmar OhlssonSWE
DNSPaul ZerlingSWE
DNSPlatt AdamsUSA
DNSSam BellahUSA
DNSJim DonahueUSA
DNSJohn NicholsonUSA

Qualifying Round (12 July 1912 — 14:00)

Qualifiers were separated into four groups (combined into three). Top three jumpers qualified for the final.

1Albert GuttersonUSA7.60QOR
2Cal BrickerCAN7.21Q
3Georg ÅbergSWE7.04Q
4Harry WorthingtonUSA7.03
5Roy MercerUSA6.97
6Fred AllenUSA6.94
7Jim ThorpeUSA6.89
8Robert PasemannGER6.82
9Frank IronsUSA6.80
10Henry AshingtonGBR6.78
11Ferdinand BieNOR6.75
12Sidney AbrahamsGBR6.72
13Nils FixdalNOR6.71
14Eddie FarrellUSA6.71
15Philip KingsfordGBR6.65
16André CampanaFRA6.64
17Charles LombergSWE6.62
18Viktor FranzlAUT6.57
19Angelo ToniniITA6.44
20Patrik OhlssonSWE6.28
21Gustav BetzénSWE6.24
22Aleksandr SchultzRUS6.15
23Philipp EhrenreichAUT6.14
24Emil KukkoFIN6.11
25Pál SzalayHUN5.98
26Nándor KovácsHUN5.96
27Alfredo PaganiITA5.95
28Arthur MarandaCAN5.87
29Manlio LegatITA5.50
30Paul FournelleLUX

Qualifying Round, Group A (12 July 1912 — 14:00)

1Albert GuttersonUSA7.607.607.487.25OR
2Georg ÅbergSWE7.047.046.706.99
3Fred AllenUSA6.94×6.946.91
4Robert PasemannGER6.826.826.806.54
5Frank IronsUSA6.80×6.806.72
6André CampanaFRA6.646.216.646.55
7Angelo ToniniITA6.446.256.44×
8Aleksandr SchultzRUS6.155.805.976.15
9Emil KukkoFIN6.116.115.925.98
10Pál SzalayHUN5.985.98××

Qualifying Round, Group B (12 July 1912 — 14:00)

1Cal BrickerCAN7.216.927.077.21
2Roy MercerUSA6.976.976.846.84
3Henry AshingtonGBR6.786.616.78×
4Ferdinand BieNOR6.756.756.706.36
5Sidney AbrahamsGBR6.726.726.546.52
6Nils FixdalNOR6.716.71×6.65
7Charles LombergSWE6.626.446.526.62
8Viktor FranzlAUT6.576.576.536.50
9Philipp EhrenreichAUT6.145.956.106.14
10Nándor KovácsHUN5.96××5.96
11Arthur MarandaCAN5.875.875.725.86
ACPaul FournelleLUX×××NM

Qualifying Round, Group C (12 July 1912 — 14:00)

1Harry WorthingtonUSA7.037.036.966.65
2Jim ThorpeUSA6.896.676.896.62
3Eddie FarrellUSA6.716.716.366.46
4Philip KingsfordGBR6.656.526.656.33
5Patrik OhlssonSWE6.286.066.28×
6Gustav BetzénSWE6.246.24××
7Alfredo PaganiITA5.955.895.95×
8Manlio LegatITA5.50×5.50×

Final Round (12 July 1912 — 14:00)

=1Albert GuttersonUSA7.
=1Georg ÅbergSWE7.186.987.186.63
3Cal BrickerCAN7.047.046.85×