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High Jump, Men

Date 1 September 1960
LocationStadio Olimpico, Roma
Participants32 from 23 countries

The heavy favorite was American John Thomas. In 1960, he had bettered the world record five times, moving it up to 2.22 (7-3¾) at the US Olympic Trials. The next best jumper on height was Soviet Valery Brumel at 2.17 (7-1½). The two other Soviet jumpers, Robert’ Shavlaq’adze and Viktor Bolshov, were considered slight threats, as was defending champion Charlie Dumas, but Thomas may have been the heaviest favorite in any athletics event at Roma. In the final, he led early, clearing 2.00, 2.06, and 2.09, with passes at 2.03 and 2.12. At 2.12 (6-11½), Shavlaq’adze and Bolshov had first jump clearances, and Brumel went over on his third attempt. Bolshov was leading as he had not yet missed. That was a PR for Shavlaq’adze who had previously jumped only 2.11 (6-11). At 2.14 (7-0¼) the three Soviets and Thomas got over, but only Shavlaq’adze did so on his first attempt moving into the lead. With the bar at 2.16 (7-1), Shavladq’adze cleared on his first attempt to win the gold medal, Brumel having one miss. Thomas and Bolshov failed to make the height and Thomas had to settle for the bronze medal.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1572Robert' Shavlaq'adzeURS2.00 (=4)2.16 (1)GoldOR
2573Valery BrumelURS2.00 (=13)2.16 (2)SilverOR
3424John ThomasUSA2.00 (1)2.14 (3)BronzeOR
4571Viktor BolshovURS2.00 (=2)2.14 (4)OR
5351Stig PetterssonSWE2.00 (=2)2.09 (5)
6422Charlie DumasUSA2.00 (=15)2.03 (6)
=7289Theo PüllGER2.00 (11)2.03 (=7)
=7352Kjell-Åke NilssonSWE2.00 (=4)2.03 (=7)
=7154Jiří LanskýTCH2.00 (=4)2.03 (=7)
10132Robert KoteiGHA2.00 (=4)2.03 (10)
11216Cornel PorumbROU2.00 (=4)2.03 (11)
12479Mahamat IdrissFRA2.00 (17)2.03 (12)
13202Sándor NoszályHUN2.00 (=4)2.03 (13)
14480Maurice FournierFRA2.00 (=4)2.00 (14)
15531Piotr SobottaPOL2.00 (12)2.00 (15)
16649Gordon MillerGBR2.00 (=13)2.00 (16)
17423Joe FaustUSA2.00 (=15)1.95 (17)
18 r1/2377Kuniyoshi SugiokaJPN1.95 (18)
=19 r1/2503Eero SalminenFIN1.95 (=19)
=19 r1/2291Werner PfeilGER1.95 (=19)
=19 r1/2226René MaurerSUI1.95 (=19)
=22 r1/292Helmuth DonnerAUT1.95 (=22)
=22 r1/2371Jón PéturssonISL1.95 (=22)
=24 r1/2648Crawford FairbrotherGBR1.95 (=24)
=24 r1/2290Peter RiebensahmGER1.95 (=24)
26 r1/2319Đorđe MajtanYUG1.95 (26)
27 r1/216Charles PorterAUS1.95 (27)
28 r1/251Samuel IgunNGR1.90 (28)
29 r1/2695Gurbachan Singh RandhawaIND1.90 (29)
AC r1/226Mohamed Abdul RazzakIRQ– (NH)
AC r1/273Sylvain BitanTUN– (NH)
AC r1/2665Çetin ŞahinerTUR– (NH)

Qualifying Round (1 September 1960 — 9:00)

All those clearing 2.00 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.90 m1.95 m2.00 m
1John ThomasUSA2.00001--oQ
=2Stig PetterssonSWE2.00002-ooQ
=2Viktor BolshovURS2.00002o-oQ
=4Maurice FournierFRA2.00003oooQ
=4Robert KoteiGHA2.00003oooQ
=4Sándor NoszályHUN2.00003oooQ
=4Cornel PorumbROU2.00003oooQ
=4Kjell-Åke NilssonSWE2.00003oooQ
=4Jiří LanskýTCH2.00003oooQ
=4Robert' Shavlaq'adzeURS2.00003oooQ
11Theo PüllGER2.00014xoooQ
12Piotr SobottaPOL2.00025oxxooQ
=13Gordon MillerGBR2.00113-oxoQ
=13Valery BrumelURS2.00113o-xoQ
=15Charlie DumasUSA2.00114ooxoQ
=15Joe FaustUSA2.00114ooxoQ
17Mahamat IdrissFRA2.00225ooxxoQ
18Kuniyoshi SugiokaJPN1.95001-oxxx
=19Eero SalminenFIN1.95002ooxxx
=19Werner PfeilGER1.95002ooxxx
=19René MaurerSUI1.95002ooxxx
=22Helmuth DonnerAUT1.95013xooxxx
=22Jón PéturssonISL1.95013xooxxx
=24Crawford FairbrotherGBR1.95113oxoxxx
=24Peter RiebensahmGER1.95113oxoxxx
26Đorđe MajtanYUG1.95223-xxoxxx
27Charles PorterAUS1.95224oxxoxxx
28Samuel IgunNGR1.90001oxxx
29Gurbachan Singh RandhawaIND1.90223xxoxxx
NHMohamed Abdul RazzakIRQ
NHSylvain BitanTUN
NHÇetin ŞahinerTUR

Final Round (1 September 1960 — 15:15)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.90 m1.95 m2.00 m2.03 m2.06 m2.09 m2.12 m2.14 m2.16 m2.18 m
1Robert' Shavlaq'adzeURS2.16018--xoooooooxxxOR
2Valery BrumelURS2.161512-o-ooxoxxoxoxoxxxOR
3John ThomasUSA2.14115--o-oo-xoxxxOR
4Viktor BolshovURS2.14117-o-ooooxoxxxOR
5Stig PetterssonSWE2.09248o-o-xxoxxoxxx
6Charlie DumasUSA2.03002--oo-xxx
=7Theo PüllGER2.03004ooooxxx
=7Kjell-Åke NilssonSWE2.03004ooooxxx
=7Jiří LanskýTCH2.03004ooooxxx
10Robert KoteiGHA2.03114o-oxoxxx
11Cornel PorumbROU2.03115oooxoxxx
12Mahamat IdrissFRA2.03136-xoxoxoxxx
13Sándor NoszályHUN2.03237ooxoxxoxxx
14Maurice FournierFRA2.00002-ooxxx
15Piotr SobottaPOL2.00003oooxxx
16Gordon MillerGBR2.00225ooxxoxxx
17Joe FaustUSA1.95002ooxxx