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10,000 metres, Men

Date23 – 26 September 1988
LocationOl-lim-pik Ju-gyeong-gi-jang, Seoul Sports Complex, Seoul
Participants52 from 35 countries

No clear favorite existed. Italy’s Salvatore Antibo opened the final with a 62.2 first lap and ran the 800 in 2:07.4. But he slowed and the pack came together. On the sixth lap, he surged to a 62.4 lap, dropping all but Moses Tanui (KEN), Kipkemboi Kimeli (KEN), and Morocco’s Brahim Boutayeb. That group passed 5K in 13:35.32, world record pace. Boutayeb stepped on it at 7K and started dropping runners, after the pace had slowed somewhat. At 9K he had a 25 metre lead on Kimeli, and ran a steady last few laps to the gold medal comfortably. Antibo was five metres back of Kimeli with 800 left but his fast kick brought him the silver medal.

1734Brahim BoutayebMAR28:17.61 (1 h2)27:21.46 (1)GoldOR
2576Salvatore AntiboITA28:09.35 (4 h1)27:23.55 (2)Silver
3654Kipkemboi KimeliKEN28:00.39 (1 h1)27:25.16 (3)Bronze
4347Jean-Louis PrianonFRA28:08.38 (2 h1)27:36.43 (4)
5756Arturo BarriosMEX28:08.63 (3 h1)27:39.32 (5)
6467Hansjörg KunzeGDR28:22.09 (3 h2)27:39.35 (6)
7317Paul ArpinFRA28:25.56 (6 h2)27:39.36 (7)
8674Moses TanuiKEN28:20.98 (2 h2)27:47.23 (8)
9516Marti ten KateNED28:23.23 (12 h1)27:50.30 (9)
10279Antonio PrietoESP28:22.52 (4 h2)27:52.78 (10)
11762Mauricio GonzálezMEX28:36.66 (8 h2)27:59.90 (11)
12133Evgeni IgnatovBUL28:15.63 (5 h1)28:09.32 (12)
13872António PintoPOR28:15.63 (6 h1)28:09.53 (13)
14625Kozo AkutsuJPN28:16.43 (8 h1)28:09.70 (14)
151199Rolando VeraECU28:17.88 (9 h1)28:17.64 (15)
16811John HalvorsenNOR28:22.25 (11 h1)28:29.21 (16)
17645Shuichi YoneshigeJPN28:26.04 (7 h2)29:04.44 (17)
181073Bruce BickfordUSA28:16.16 (7 h1)29:09.74 (18)
AC r2/2437Eamonn MartinGBR28:25.46 (5 h2)– (DNF)
AC r2/2662Boniface MerandeKEN28:21.84 (10 h1)– (DNF)
9 h2 r1/2859Ezequiel CanárioPOR28:43.02 (9 h2)
10 h2 r1/2580Alberto CovaITA28:43.84 (10 h2)
11 h2 r1/21122Pat PorterUSA28:45.04 (11 h2)
12 h2 r1/2285Antonio SerranoESP29:01.13 (12 h2)
13 h1 r1/2405Steve BinnsGBR28:52.88 (13 h1)
13 h2 r1/21176Ahmed Musa JoudaSUD29:03.87 (13 h2)
14 h1 r1/2224Pedro OrtizCOL29:08.25 (14 h1)
14 h2 r1/2755Marcos BarretoMEX29:18.14 (14 h2)
15 h1 r1/2966Boay AkonayTAN29:19.06 (15 h1)
15 h2 r1/2169Paul McCloyCAN29:34.07 (15 h2)
16 h1 r1/2885Ahmed Ibrahim WarsamaQAT29:37.99 (16 h1)
16 h2 r1/2696Lee Sang-GeunKOR29:37.14 (16 h2)
17 h1 r1/2541Edward NabunomeINA29:55.23 (17 h1)
17 h2 r1/21173Stanley MandebeleZIM29:50.99 (17 h2)
18 h1 r1/2104Policarpio CalizayaBOL30:35.01 (18 h1)
18 h2 r1/2239Talal Omar AbdillahiDJI30:08.53 (18 h2)
19 h1 r1/2190Ismael YayaCHA30:47.29 (19 h1)
19 h2 r1/2785Hari RokayaNEP30:48.16 (19 h2)
20 h1 r1/2744Charles NavekoMAW31:23.53 (20 h1)
20 h2 r1/2805Aaron DupnaiPNG32:50.63 (20 h2)
21 h1 r1/21148Abdul Karim DaoudYAR32:33.04 (21 h1)
21 h2 r1/2295Binesh PrasadFIJ33:30.43 (21 h2)
22 h2 r1/2925John MaekeSOL35:16.93 (22 h2)
AC h1 r1/242Andrew LloydAUS– (DNF h1)
AC h1 r1/2182Paul WilliamsCAN– (DNF h1)
AC h1 r1/2253José Manuel AlbentosaESP– (DNF h1)
AC h1 r1/2441Mike McLeodGBR– (DNF h1)
AC h1 r1/2860Dionísio CastroPOR– (DNF h1)
AC h2 r1/21164Kamana KojiCOD– (DNF h2)
AC h2 r1/2627Tsukasa EndoJPN– (DNF h2)
AC h2 r1/2990Martin VrábeľTCH– (DNF h2)
AC h2 r1/21121Steve PlasenciaUSA– (DNF h2)

Round One (23 September 1988)

Top eight in each heat and next four fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One (16:30)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
118Kipkemboi KimeliKEN28:00.39Q
210Jean-Louis PrianonFRA28:08.38Q
32Arturo BarriosMEX28:08.63Q
41Salvatore AntiboITA28:09.35Q
520Evgeni IgnatovBUL28:15.63Q
624António PintoPOR28:15.63Q
717Bruce BickfordUSA28:16.16Q
813Kozo AkutsuJPN28:16.43Q
94Rolando VeraECU28:17.88q
1025Boniface MerandeKEN28:21.84q
1115John HalvorsenNOR28:22.25q
123Marti ten KateNED28:23.23q
1314Steve BinnsGBR28:52.88
147Pedro OrtizCOL29:08.25
1511Boay AkonayTAN29:19.06
1612Ahmed Ibrahim WarsamaQAT29:37.99
176Edward NabunomeINA29:55.23
1826Policarpio CalizayaBOL30:35.01
1919Ismael YayaCHA30:47.29
208Charles NavekoMAW31:23.53
2123Abdul Karim DaoudYAR32:33.04
DNF5José Manuel AlbentosaESP
DNF22Mike McLeodGBR
DNF16Paul WilliamsCAN
DNF9Dionísio CastroPOR
DNF21Andrew LloydAUS


1000 m2:59
2000 m5:43
3000 m8:32
4000 m11:22
5000 m14:06
6000 m16:46
7000 m19:37
8000 m22:25Kipkemboi Kimeli
9000 m25:11Kipkemboi Kimeli

Heat Two (17:10)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
111Brahim BoutayebMAR28:17.61Q
28Moses TanuiKEN28:20.98Q
34Hansjörg KunzeGDR28:22.09Q
41Antonio PrietoESP28:22.52Q
55Eamonn MartinGBR28:25.46Q
616Paul ArpinFRA28:25.56Q
719Shuichi YoneshigeJPN28:26.04Q
87Mauricio GonzálezMEX28:36.66Q
96Ezequiel CanárioPOR28:43.02
1012Alberto CovaITA28:43.84
113Pat PorterUSA28:45.04
1218Antonio SerranoESP29:01.13
139Ahmed Musa JoudaSUD29:03.87
1423Marcos BarretoMEX29:18.14
152Paul McCloyCAN29:34.07
1621Lee Sang-GeunKOR29:37.14
1710Stanley MandebeleZIM29:50.99
1813Talal Omar AbdillahiDJI30:08.53
1914Hari RokayaNEP30:48.16
2015Aaron DupnaiPNG32:50.63
2120Binesh PrasadFIJ33:30.43
2226John MaekeSOL35:16.93
DNF17Kamana KojiCOD
DNF25Martin VrábeľTCH
DNF22Tsukasa EndoJPN
DNF24Steve PlasenciaUSA


1000 m2:59
2000 m5:47
3000 m8:40
4000 m11:32
5000 m14:18Hansjörg Kunze
6000 m17:10
7000 m21:08
8000 m23:48
9000 m26:40Brahim Boutayeb

Final (26 September 1988 — 16:20)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
15Brahim BoutayebMAR27:21.46OR
22Salvatore AntiboITA27:23.55
31Kipkemboi KimeliKEN27:25.16
417Jean-Louis PrianonFRA27:36.43
512Arturo BarriosMEX27:39.32
611Hansjörg KunzeGDR27:39.35
715Paul ArpinFRA27:39.36
814Moses TanuiKEN27:47.23
99Marti ten KateNED27:50.30
106Antonio PrietoESP27:52.78
1113Mauricio GonzálezMEX27:59.90
1210Evgeni IgnatovBUL28:09.32
138António PintoPOR28:09.53
1418Kozo AkutsuJPN28:09.70
1519Rolando VeraECU28:17.64
167John HalvorsenNOR28:29.21
174Shuichi YoneshigeJPN29:04.44
1816Bruce BickfordUSA29:09.74
DNF20Eamonn MartinGBR
DNF3Boniface MerandeKEN


1000 m2:41.74Salvatore Antibo
2000 m5:28.50Moses Tanui
3000 m8:07.78Kipkemboi Kimeli
4000 m10:50.05Kipkemboi Kimeli
5000 m13:35.32Kipkemboi Kimeli
6000 m16:20.07Brahim Boutayeb
7000 m19:04.56Brahim Boutayeb
8000 m21:50.17Brahim Boutayeb
9000 m24:35.79Brahim Boutayeb