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Individual All-Around, Apparatus Work, Men

Date1 – 2 July 1904
LocationFrancis Field, Washington University, St. Louis
Participants119 from 2 countries
FormatEach competitor executed three routines on the horizontal bar and parallel bars - two compulsory and one optional. All competitors performed a compulsory routine on the long horse and a compulsory routine on the side horse, and an optional routine on the side horse. Scoring was from 0-5, with 5 being the maximum score for any of the 9 routines, permitting a maximum of 45 overall.

This event was an offshoot of the individual all-around for apparatus and field sports, with the scores in the four apparatus events used to determine placements. Each competitor executed three routines on the horizontal bar and parallel bars – two compulsory and one optional. All competitors performed a compulsory routine on the long horse and a compulsory and optional routine on the side horse. Scoring was from 0-5, with 5 being the maximum score for any of the 9 routines, permitting a maximum of 45 overall. Swiss gymnast Adolf Spinnler had placed third in the combined all-around, but had the highest scores in the four apparatuses and won this event. He placed only in a tie for 64th in the field sports section of the combined all-around. German-speaking gymnasts took the top five places with Otto Steffen in sixth the first American.

1Adolf SpinnlerGER43.49Gold
2Julius LenhartUSA43.00Silver
3Wilhelm WeberGER41.60Bronze
4Hugo PeitschGER41.56
5Otto WiegandGER40.82
6Otto SteffenUSA39.53
7William AndelfingerUSA39.03
8Andreas KempfUSA38.97
9Ernst MohrGER38.90
10George EyserUSA38.70
11Wilhelm LemkeGER37.75
12Anton HeidaUSA37.72
13Christian BuschGER37.62
14John BissingerUSA37.57
15Charles UmbsUSA37.49
16Theodore GrossUSA37.19
17Adolph WeberGER36.72
18Otto BoehmkeUSA36.50
19Philip KasselUSA35.66
20William HorschkeUSA35.63
21Emil SchweglerUSA35.57
22John DuhaUSA35.32
23George StapfUSA35.27
24William MerzUSA35.26
25Gustav MuellerUSA35.12
26Emil RotheUSA34.87
27Harry HansenUSA34.20
28Gustav HämmerlinUSA33.97
29Reinhard WagnerUSA33.73
30John DellertUSA33.71
31Charles SorumUSA33.40
32Julian SchmitzUSA33.38
33Max WolfUSA33.25
34Emil BeyerUSA33.20
35Robert HerrmannUSA32.99
36Lorenz SpannUSA32.92
37Fred SchwindUSA32.90
38Ragnvald BergUSA32.84
39George MayerUSA32.66
40Andrew NeuUSA32.61
41William TrabandUSA31.96
42Emil VoigtUSA31.93
43P. GussmannUSA31.82
44Rudolph KrupitzerUSA31.68
45Charles KrauseUSA31.61
46Martin LudwigUSA31.43
47Christian DeublerUSA31.13
48Frank RaabUSA30.89
49Oliver OlsenUSA30.87
50Max HessUSA30.79
51Jacob HergenhahnUSA30.77
52Louis KniepUSA30.67
53Edward SieglerUSA30.63
54Philip SchusterUSA30.34
55Robert MaysackUSA30.33
56Max RascherUSA30.13
57Alvin KritschmannUSA30.07
58Henry KoederUSA29.98
59Ed HennigUSA29.93
60Leander KeimUSA29.76
61William TritschlerUSA29.73
62Edward TritschlerUSA29.66
63Frank IhrckeUSA29.07
64Charles DellertUSA29.05
65Henry KraftUSA28.70
66Curt RoedelUSA28.63
67Ernst ReckewegUSA28.35
68Rudy SchraderUSA28.34
=69George AschenbrennerUSA27.97
=69K. WoernerUSA27.97
=71George MastrovichUSA27.73
=71John WolfUSA27.73
73Phillip SonntagUSA27.63
74Anthony JahnkeUSA27.54
75Maurice BarryUSA27.33
76Art RosenkampffUSA27.24
77James DwyerUSA26.70
=78Michael LangUSA26.44
=78Oluf LandnesUSA26.44
80Harry PrinzlerUSA26.41
81Richard TritschlerUSA26.40
82Leo HungerUSA26.32
83Charles SchwartzUSA26.24
84Otto NiemandUSA26.14
85Birger NilsenUSA26.05
86Henry WeylandUSA25.54
87George SchroederUSA25.50
88Harry WarnkenUSA25.43
89William BerwaldUSA25.27
90John GriebUSA25.21
91Willard SchraderUSA24.72
92Ben ChimberoffUSA24.53
93P. RitterUSA24.29
94Martin FischerUSA24.15
95Wilhelm ZabelUSA23.63
96William HerzogUSA23.50
97Bernard BergUSA23.33
98August PlackeUSA23.11
99Arthur SundbyeUSA23.01
100Max EmmerichUSA22.85
101Paul StendelUSA22.48
102Bob ReynoldsUSA22.44
103John LaichingerUSA22.30
104Walter RealUSA22.24
105Otto RoesnerUSA21.90
106William FiedrichUSA21.87
107Otto FeyderUSA21.85
108Clarence LidingtonUSA21.80
109John MieselUSA21.77
110L. GuernerUSA21.70
111Christian SperlUSA21.36
112William KruppingerUSA21.20
113Edmund PueschelUSA21.06
114Louis RathkeUSA19.83
115Otto KnerrUSA19.47
116Max ThomasUSA19.45
117Otto ThomsenUSA18.07
118John WussowUSA16.96
119Ted StudierUSA13.14

Parallel Bars (1 – 2 July 1904)

NPAdolf SpinnlerGER14.53
NPJulius LenhartUSA14.40
NPWilhelm WeberGER14.17
NPHugo PeitschGER14.03
NPChristian BuschGER13.80
NPAndreas KempfUSA13.63
NPCharles UmbsUSA13.23
NPOtto WiegandGER13.12
NPJohn BissingerUSA13.10
NPEmil RotheUSA13.04
NPErnst MohrGER12.90
NPOtto SteffenUSA12.80
NPWilliam AndelfingerUSA12.77
NPOtto BoehmkeUSA12.69
NPJohn DuhaUSA12.56
NPJohn DellertUSA12.51
NPGustav MuellerUSA12.34
NPJulian SchmitzUSA12.31
NPWilliam HorschkeUSA12.26
NPTheodore GrossUSA12.19
NPGeorge EyserUSA12.10
NPAnton HeidaUSA12.10
NPWilhelm LemkeGER12.02
NPEmil SchweglerUSA11.90
NPGustav HämmerlinUSA11.80
NPHarry HansenUSA11.80
NPEdward SieglerUSA11.77
NPRagnvald BergUSA11.74
NPMax WolfUSA11.73
NPRobert HerrmannUSA11.67
NPWilliam MerzUSA11.56
NPAdolph WeberGER11.53
NPCharles SorumUSA11.50
NPWilliam TrabandUSA11.37
NPCharles KrauseUSA11.37
NPRudolph KrupitzerUSA11.32
NPPhilip KasselUSA11.26
NPReinhard WagnerUSA11.23
NPEmil BeyerUSA11.20
NPEmil VoigtUSA11.11
NPFred SchwindUSA11.03
NPGeorge MayerUSA10.83
NPJacob HergenhahnUSA10.81
NPAlvin KritschmannUSA10.77
NPRobert MaysackUSA10.76
NPAndrew NeuUSA10.74
NPGeorge StapfUSA10.73
NPPhilip SchusterUSA10.60
NPFrank RaabUSA10.45
NPJames DwyerUSA10.37
NPAnthony JahnkeUSA10.24
NPMartin LudwigUSA10.07
NPMax HessUSA10.06
NPLorenz SpannUSA10.03
NPOliver OlsenUSA9.97
NPGeorge MastrovichUSA9.90
NPRudy SchraderUSA9.87
NPArt RosenkampffUSA9.81
NPMax RascherUSA9.80
NPWilliam TritschlerUSA9.70
NPLouis KniepUSA9.67
NPGeorge AschenbrennerUSA9.54
NPWilliam BerwaldUSA9.53
NPFrank IhrckeUSA9.37
NPP. GussmannUSA9.36
NPChristian DeublerUSA9.20
NPGeorge SchroederUSA9.17
NPMartin FischerUSA9.14
NPHenry KraftUSA9.10
NPJohn WolfUSA9.10
NPOluf LandnesUSA9.07
NPErnst ReckewegUSA9.06
NPK. WoernerUSA8.80
NPMichael LangUSA8.70
NPCharles DellertUSA8.64
NPCurt RoedelUSA8.63
NPMaurice BarryUSA8.57
NPHarry PrinzlerUSA8.56
NPCharles SchwartzUSA8.51
NPHenry KoederUSA8.45
NPPhillip SonntagUSA8.37
NPWilhelm ZabelUSA8.30
NPBen ChimberoffUSA8.23
NPWilliam FiedrichUSA8.20
NPWalter RealUSA8.14
NPLeander KeimUSA8.13
NPJohn GriebUSA8.11
NPHarry WarnkenUSA8.09
NPL. GuernerUSA8.04
NPChristian SperlUSA8.03
NPBirger NilsenUSA7.91
NPWilliam HerzogUSA7.80
NPLeo HungerUSA7.56
NPWillard SchraderUSA7.53
NPP. RitterUSA7.46
NPHenry WeylandUSA7.31
NPRichard TritschlerUSA7.30
NPOtto NiemandUSA7.24
NPEd HennigUSA7.22
NPBob ReynoldsUSA7.13
NPArthur SundbyeUSA7.11
NPPaul StendelUSA7.11
NPBernard BergUSA7.10
NPAugust PlackeUSA7.03
NPOtto ThomsenUSA6.23
NPMax ThomasUSA6.11
NPLouis RathkeUSA6.00
NPEdmund PueschelUSA5.93
NPOtto FeyderUSA5.75
NPJohn LaichingerUSA5.64
NPOtto RoesnerUSA5.63
NPJohn MieselUSA5.54
NPOtto KnerrUSA5.30
NPJohn WussowUSA5.30
NPWilliam KruppingerUSA5.30
NPClarence LidingtonUSA5.27
NPTed StudierUSA3.67
NPMax EmmerichUSAMNK
NPEdward TritschlerUSAMNK

Horizontal Bar (1 – 2 July 1904)

NPJulius LenhartUSA14.60
NPAdolf SpinnlerGER14.53
NPGeorge EyserUSA14.30
NPHugo PeitschGER14.30
NPOtto WiegandGER14.20
NPOtto SteffenUSA14.10
NPAndreas KempfUSA13.97
NPWilliam AndelfingerUSA13.93
NPWilhelm WeberGER13.93
NPAnton HeidaUSA13.86
NPAdolph WeberGER13.83
NPTheodore GrossUSA13.60
NPGustav HämmerlinUSA13.54
NPAlvin KritschmannUSA13.50
NPWilhelm LemkeGER13.43
NPJohn DuhaUSA13.20
NPEmil VoigtUSA13.10
NPErnst MohrGER13.00
NPEd HennigUSA12.97
NPJacob HergenhahnUSA12.96
NPLorenz SpannUSA12.93
NPCharles UmbsUSA12.93
NPWilliam HorschkeUSA12.90
NPCharles SorumUSA12.90
NPAndrew NeuUSA12.83
NPP. GussmannUSA12.63
NPHarry HansenUSA12.60
NPEmil BeyerUSA12.60
NPGustav MuellerUSA12.45
NPWilliam MerzUSA12.40
NPPhilip KasselUSA12.40
NPJohn BissingerUSA12.37
NPLeander KeimUSA12.23
NPFrank RaabUSA12.20
NPJohn DellertUSA12.00
NPOtto BoehmkeUSA11.97
NPMartin LudwigUSA11.96
NPHenry KoederUSA11.93
NPEmil SchweglerUSA11.80
NPLeo HungerUSA11.73
NPGeorge StapfUSA11.70
NPEmil RotheUSA11.70
NPJulian SchmitzUSA11.67
NPRudolph KrupitzerUSA11.63
NPChristian DeublerUSA11.50
NPGeorge MayerUSA11.37
NPFrank IhrckeUSA11.30
NPChristian BuschGER11.25
NPRudy SchraderUSA11.20
NPWilliam TrabandUSA11.20
NPMax WolfUSA11.20
NPHenry KraftUSA11.10
NPPhillip SonntagUSA11.10
NPRagnvald BergUSA11.07
NPErnst ReckewegUSA11.03
NPWilliam TritschlerUSA11.00
NPMax HessUSA10.93
NPRobert MaysackUSA10.90
NPPhilip SchusterUSA10.87
NPP. RitterUSA10.80
NPReinhard WagnerUSA10.77
NPMaurice BarryUSA10.73
NPRichard TritschlerUSA10.67
NPFred SchwindUSA10.67
NPMax RascherUSA10.53
NPGeorge MastrovichUSA10.53
NPRobert HerrmannUSA10.46
NPWilliam BerwaldUSA10.37
NPOliver OlsenUSA10.30
NPHarry WarnkenUSA10.24
NPCharles SchwartzUSA10.23
NPLouis KniepUSA10.23
NPEdward SieglerUSA10.23
NPCurt RoedelUSA10.10
NPHenry WeylandUSA10.10
NPCharles DellertUSA10.10
NPHarry PrinzlerUSA10.05
NPOtto FeyderUSA9.80
NPArt RosenkampffUSA9.77
NPJohn WolfUSA9.70
NPCharles KrauseUSA9.64
NPWillard SchraderUSA9.63
NPBirger NilsenUSA9.54
NPGeorge AschenbrennerUSA9.47
NPOtto RoesnerUSA9.40
NPGeorge SchroederUSA9.37
NPK. WoernerUSA9.27
NPMichael LangUSA9.20
NPPaul StendelUSA9.07
NPClarence LidingtonUSA9.03
NPJames DwyerUSA9.00
NPBen ChimberoffUSA8.93
NPWilliam FiedrichUSA8.87
NPAugust PlackeUSA8.84
NPMartin FischerUSA8.74
NPOtto NiemandUSA8.73
NPWilhelm ZabelUSA8.63
NPBernard BergUSA8.57
NPAnthony JahnkeUSA8.57
NPWilliam HerzogUSA8.54
NPJohn GriebUSA8.43
NPBob ReynoldsUSA8.37
NPChristian SperlUSA8.03
NPOluf LandnesUSA8.00
NPJohn MieselUSA7.93
NPJohn LaichingerUSA7.90
NPL. GuernerUSA7.80
NPMax ThomasUSA7.67
NPWilliam KruppingerUSA7.60
NPArthur SundbyeUSA7.37
NPLouis RathkeUSA7.36
NPEdmund PueschelUSA7.27
NPWalter RealUSA6.80
NPOtto KnerrUSA6.54
NPOtto ThomsenUSA6.30
NPJohn WussowUSA5.53
NPTed StudierUSA2.77
NPEdward TritschlerUSAMNK
NPMax EmmerichUSAMNK

Side Horse (1 – 2 July 1904)

NPAdolf SpinnlerGER14.43
NPJulius LenhartUSA14.00
NPOtto WiegandGER13.50
NPWilhelm WeberGER13.50
NPHugo PeitschGER13.23
NPErnst MohrGER13.00
NPGeorge StapfUSA12.84
NPOtto SteffenUSA12.63
NPChristian BuschGER12.57
NPWilliam AndelfingerUSA12.33
NPGeorge EyserUSA12.30
NPWilhelm LemkeGER12.30
NPJohn BissingerUSA12.10
NPPhilip KasselUSA12.00
NPEmil SchweglerUSA11.87
NPOtto BoehmkeUSA11.84
NPAnton HeidaUSA11.76
NPReinhard WagnerUSA11.73
NPTheodore GrossUSA11.40
NPAndreas KempfUSA11.37
NPAdolph WeberGER11.36
NPCharles UmbsUSA11.33
NPWilliam MerzUSA11.30
NPFred SchwindUSA11.20
NPRobert HerrmannUSA10.86
NPLouis KniepUSA10.77
NPCharles KrauseUSA10.60
NPOliver OlsenUSA10.60
NPWilliam HorschkeUSA10.47
NPGeorge MayerUSA10.46
NPChristian DeublerUSA10.43
NPGustav MuellerUSA10.33
NPMax WolfUSA10.32
NPCharles DellertUSA10.31
NPOtto NiemandUSA10.17
NPEmil RotheUSA10.13
NPRagnvald BergUSA10.03
NPLorenz SpannUSA9.96
NPK. WoernerUSA9.90
NPCurt RoedelUSA9.90
NPP. GussmannUSA9.83
NPMax RascherUSA9.80
NPMax HessUSA9.80
NPHarry HansenUSA9.80
NPEd HennigUSA9.74
NPHenry KoederUSA9.60
NPJohn DuhaUSA9.56
NPLeander KeimUSA9.40
NPJulian SchmitzUSA9.40
NPEmil BeyerUSA9.40
NPMartin LudwigUSA9.40
NPWilliam TrabandUSA9.39
NPOluf LandnesUSA9.37
NPJohn DellertUSA9.20
NPAndrew NeuUSA9.04
NPWilliam TritschlerUSA9.03
NPCharles SorumUSA9.00
NPGeorge AschenbrennerUSA8.96
NPJohn WolfUSA8.93
NPPhilip SchusterUSA8.87
NPJohn LaichingerUSA8.76
NPAnthony JahnkeUSA8.73
NPRudolph KrupitzerUSA8.73
NPRobert MaysackUSA8.67
NPJohn GriebUSA8.67
NPEdward SieglerUSA8.63
NPGustav HämmerlinUSA8.63
NPBirger NilsenUSA8.60
NPMichael LangUSA8.54
NPArthur SundbyeUSA8.53
NPHenry KraftUSA8.50
NPRichard TritschlerUSA8.43
NPFrank IhrckeUSA8.40
NPJohn MieselUSA8.30
NPWilliam KruppingerUSA8.30
NPErnst ReckewegUSA8.26
NPFrank RaabUSA8.24
NPPhillip SonntagUSA8.16
NPHenry WeylandUSA8.13
NPMaurice BarryUSA8.03
NPEdmund PueschelUSA7.86
NPHarry PrinzlerUSA7.80
NPEmil VoigtUSA7.72
NPArt RosenkampffUSA7.66
NPBernard BergUSA7.66
NPOtto KnerrUSA7.63
NPWillard SchraderUSA7.56
NPCharles SchwartzUSA7.50
NPClarence LidingtonUSA7.50
NPBen ChimberoffUSA7.37
NPJames DwyerUSA7.33
NPWalter RealUSA7.30
NPGeorge MastrovichUSA7.30
NPRudy SchraderUSA7.27
NPAugust PlackeUSA7.24
NPWilliam HerzogUSA7.16
NPHarry WarnkenUSA7.10
NPLeo HungerUSA7.03
NPJacob HergenhahnUSA7.00
NPGeorge SchroederUSA6.96
NPBob ReynoldsUSA6.94
NPOtto RoesnerUSA6.87
NPTed StudierUSA6.70
NPWilhelm ZabelUSA6.70
NPLouis RathkeUSA6.47
NPOtto FeyderUSA6.30
NPPaul StendelUSA6.30
NPMartin FischerUSA6.27
NPJohn WussowUSA6.13
NPP. RitterUSA6.03
NPL. GuernerUSA5.86
NPAlvin KritschmannUSA5.80
NPMax ThomasUSA5.67
NPOtto ThomsenUSA5.54
NPWilliam BerwaldUSA5.37
NPChristian SperlUSA5.30
NPWilliam FiedrichUSA4.80
NPEdward TritschlerUSAMNK
NPMax EmmerichUSAMNK