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100 metres Butterfly, Men

Date19 – 20 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants59 from 51 countries

The results of the previous 18 months of competition suggested the Olympic title would be contested between two Americans, Ian Crocker and Michael Phelps. Crocker was the World Champion and had set a new world record in the process of beating Phelps at the US Olympic Trials in July but had suffered an illness in the week before competition began in Athens and had crashed out in the heats of the 100 metres freestyle. In contrast Phelps had already won four gold medals in Athens including the 200 metres butterfly.

In a final that lived up to pre-Olympic expectation, Crocker appeared to have to returned to his record breaking and scorched out into the lead with a halfway split time well under the existing world record. Phelps responded in the second half of the race but probably would have been destined to finish behind Crocker had the World Champion not made a miscalculation at the finish which allowed Phelps to touch first by four hundredths of a second.

1Michael PhelpsUSA52.35 (1 h7)51.61 (1 h2)51.25 (1)Gold
2Ian CrockerUSA52.03 (1 h8)51.83 (2 h2)51.29 (2)Silver
3Andriy SerdinovUKR52.05 (1 h6)51.74 (1 h1)51.36 (3)Bronze
4Thomas RupprathGER52.57 (4 h7)52.71 (6 h2)52.27 (4)
5Igor MarchenkoRUS52.62 (3 h8)52.32 (3 h2)52.32 (5)
6Gabriel MangabeiraBRA52.76 (4 h8)52.33 (4 h2)52.34 (6)
7Duje DraganjaCRO52.56 (3 h7)52.74 (2 h1)52.46 (7)
8Geoff HuegillAUS52.54 (2 h7)52.64 (5 h2)52.56 (8)
9Takashi YamamotoJPN52.71 (5 h7)52.81 (3 h1)
10Yevgeny KorotyshkinRUS52.93 (2 h6)52.85 (7 h2)
11Franck EspositoFRA52.61 (2 h8)52.88 (4 h1)
12Mike MintenkoCAN52.96 (5 h8)52.89 (5 h1)
13Helge MeeuwGER53.11 (6 h8)52.99 (6 h1)
14Corney SwanepoelNZL53.07 (7 h7)52.99 (8 h2)
15James HickmanGBR52.91 (6 h7)53.10 (7 h1)
16Milorad ČavićSCG52.44 (1 h5)53.12 (8 h1)
17Kaio MárcioBRA53.22 (7 h8)
18Ryan PiniPNG53.26 (2 h5)
19Joris KeizerNED53.41 (3 h6)
20Adam PineAUS53.45 (8 h8)
21Denys SylantievUKR53.46 (4 h6)
22Todd CooperGBR53.48 (5 h6)
23Mattia NalessoITA53.49 (6 h6)
24Simão MorgadoPOR53.53 (3 h5)
25Fréd BousquetFRA53.63 (4 h5)
26Paval LahunBLR53.87 (5 h5)
27Ștefan GherghelROU53.89 (8 h7)
28Jere HårdFIN54.02 (1 h4)
29Peter MankočSLO54.14 (2 h4)
30Eugene BotesRSA54.15 (7 h6)
31Sotirios PastrasGRE54.20 (3 h4)
32Erik AnderssonSWE54.26 (6 h5)
33Josh IlikaMEX54.29 (8 h6)
34Zsolt GáspárHUN54.43 (7 h5)
35Rimvydas ŠalčiusLTU54.46 (4 h4)
36Luis RojasVEN54.58 (8 h5)
37Camilo BecerraCOL54.71 (5 h4)
38Jeong Du-HuiKOR54.76 (1 h3)
39Michal RubáčekCZE54.87 (1 h2)
40Georgi PalazovBUL54.91 (6 h4)
41Rustam KhudiyevKAZ55.03 (2 h3)
42Hjörtur Már ReynissonISL55.12 (3 h3)
43Wu PengCHN55.17 (7 h4)
44Eduardo OteroARG55.24 (4 h3)
45Aleksandar MiladinovskiMKD55.71 (5 h3)
46Oleg LyashkoUZB55.90 (2 h2)
47Juan Pablo ValdiviesoPER55.98 (6 h3)
48Aghiles SlimaniALG56.22 (7 h3)
49Onur UrasTUR56.37 (8 h3)
50Nick ReesBAH56.39 (3 h2)
51Gordon Touw Ngie TjouwSUR56.68 (4 h2)
52Conrad FrancisSRI56.80 (5 h2)
53Andrejs DūdaLAT56.81 (8 h4)
54Andy WibowoINA56.86 (6 h2)
55Daniel O'KeeffeGUM57.39 (7 h2)
56Davy BisslikARU57.85 (8 h2)
57João MatiasANG58.92 (1 h1)
58Fernando MedranoNCA1:00.91 (2 h1)
59Rad AweisatPLE1:01.60 (3 h1)

Round One (19 August 2004)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (11:08)

15João MatiasANG58.920.76
24Fernando MedranoNCA1:00.910.75
33Rad AweisatPLE1:01.600.79

Heat Two (11:11)

13Michal RubáčekCZE54.870.77
26Oleg LyashkoUZB55.900.80
35Nick ReesBAH56.390.67
48Gordon Touw Ngie TjouwSUR56.680.86
52Conrad FrancisSRI56.800.81
64Andy WibowoINA56.860.79
77Daniel O'KeeffeGUM57.390.74
81Davy BisslikARU57.850.74

Heat Three (11:14)

15Jeong Du-HuiKOR54.760.74
27Rustam KhudiyevKAZ55.030.72
32Hjörtur Már ReynissonISL55.120.75
44Eduardo OteroARG55.240.79
53Aleksandar MiladinovskiMKD55.710.80
61Juan Pablo ValdiviesoPER55.980.78
76Aghiles SlimaniALG56.220.84
88Onur UrasTUR56.370.78

Heat Four (11:17)

14Jere HårdFIN54.020.79
26Peter MankočSLO54.140.81
35Sotirios PastrasGRE54.200.71
41Rimvydas ŠalčiusLTU54.460.87
52Camilo BecerraCOL54.710.74
67Georgi PalazovBUL54.910.85
73Wu PengCHN55.170.80
88Andrejs DūdaLAT56.810.75

Heat Five (11:20)

14Milorad ČavićSCG52.440.75Q
21Ryan PiniPNG53.260.80
37Simão MorgadoPOR53.530.75
45Fréd BousquetFRA53.630.74
56Paval LahunBLR53.870.76
62Erik AnderssonSWE54.260.84
73Zsolt GáspárHUN54.430.72
88Luis RojasVEN54.580.65

Heat Six (11:23)

14Andriy SerdinovUKR52.050.79Q
23Yevgeny KorotyshkinRUS52.930.79Q
36Joris KeizerNED53.410.77
42Denys SylantievUKR53.460.82
55Todd CooperGBR53.480.67
61Mattia NalessoITA53.490.75
78Eugene BotesRSA54.150.67
87Josh IlikaMEX54.290.74

Heat Seven (11:26)

14Michael PhelpsUSA52.350.73Q
27Geoff HuegillAUS52.540.69Q
31Duje DraganjaCRO52.560.78Q
45Thomas RupprathGER52.570.77Q
56Takashi YamamotoJPN52.710.67Q
62James HickmanGBR52.910.84Q
73Corney SwanepoelNZL53.070.77Q
88Ștefan GherghelROU53.890.85

Heat Eight (11:29)

14Ian CrockerUSA52.030.74Q
23Franck EspositoFRA52.610.70Q
35Igor MarchenkoRUS52.620.84Q
42Gabriel MangabeiraBRA52.760.63Q
56Mike MintenkoCAN52.960.71Q
67Helge MeeuwGER53.110.80Q
78Kaio MárcioBRA53.220.66
81Adam PineAUS53.450.78

Semi-Finals (19 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (20:51)

14Andriy SerdinovUKR51.740.84QOR
23Duje DraganjaCRO52.740.76Q
32Takashi YamamotoJPN52.810.74
46Franck EspositoFRA52.880.68
51Mike MintenkoCAN52.890.69
68Helge MeeuwGER52.990.82
77James HickmanGBR53.100.80
85Milorad ČavićSCG53.120.76

Heat Two (20:56)

15Michael PhelpsUSA51.610.75QOR
24Ian CrockerUSA51.830.77Q
32Igor MarchenkoRUS52.320.82Q
47Gabriel MangabeiraBRA52.330.65Q
53Geoff HuegillAUS52.640.70Q
66Thomas RupprathGER52.710.75Q
71Yevgeny KorotyshkinRUS52.850.79
88Corney SwanepoelNZL52.990.75

Final (20 August 2004 — 19:40)

14Michael PhelpsUSA51.250.76OR
23Ian CrockerUSA51.290.74
35Andriy SerdinovUKR51.360.82
41Thomas RupprathGER52.270.77
56Igor MarchenkoRUS52.320.82
62Gabriel MangabeiraBRA52.340.65
78Duje DraganjaCRO52.460.75
87Geoff HuegillAUS52.560.72