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100 metres Freestyle, Women

Date18 – 19 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants50 from 44 countries

For the first time in a number of Olympic Games, the women’s 100 metres freestyle looked to be an open event. Inge de Bruijn returned as defending champion but not as world record holder because of the performance of Libby Lenton in the semi-finals of the Australian Olympic Trials. Also favoured to challenge were World Champion Hanna-Maria Seppälä of Finland, Pan-Pacific title holder Natalie Coughlin, newly crowned European Champ Malia Metella of France and Jodie Henry who had defeated Lenton in the final of the Australian trials.

The semi-finals were, to say the least, eventful as Henry established herself as favourite by taking a chunk out of Lenton’s world record. Lenton herself failed to live to expectations and, along with Seppälä, was forced to exit before even reaching the final.

Henry made a poor start to the final and trailed the field in the early stages. Recovering to fifth at 50 metres the Australian took the lead at the three-quarter mark and held off the challenge of de Bruijn to record a first Aussie win in the event since the glory days of Dawn Fraser 40 years earlier with Coughlin filling up the final place on the victory podium.

1Jodie HenryAUS55.13 (2 h6)53.52 (1 h2)53.84 (1)Gold
2Inge de BruijnNED54.43 (1 h5)54.06 (2 h2)54.16 (2)Silver
3Natalie CoughlinUSA54.82 (1 h7)54.37 (3 h2)54.40 (3)Bronze
4Malia MetellaFRA55.08 (1 h6)54.57 (4 h2)54.50 (4)
5Kara Lynn JoyceUSA54.53 (2 h5)54.81 (1 h1)54.54 (5)
6Nery Mantey NiagkkouaraGRE55.12 (3 h7)55.02 (3 h1)54.81 (6)
7Martina MoravcováSVK55.17 (4 h7)55.08 (4 h1)55.12 (7)
8Alena PopchankaBLR55.49 (3 h6)54.97 (2 h1)55.24 (8)
9Libby LentonAUS54.89 (2 h7)55.17 (5 h1)
10Federica PellegriniITA55.41 (5 h7)55.30 (5 h2)
11Marleen VeldhuisNED55.81 (4 h5)55.32 (6 h1)
12Hanna-Maria SeppäläFIN56.01 (5 h6)55.59 (6 h2)
13Hanna ShcherbaBLR56.01 (1 h4)55.67 (7 h1)
14Josefin LillhageSWE55.87 (5 h5)55.76 (7 h2)
15Ryu Yun-JiKOR56.02 (6 h6)55.85 (8 h1)
16Tomoko NagaiJPN55.76 (3 h5)56.03 (8 h2)
17Franziska van AlmsickGER55.57 (4 h6)1
18Jeanette Ottesen GrayDEN56.17 (2 h4)
19Paulina BarzyckaPOL56.20 (6 h7)
20Rebeca GusmãoBRA56.26 (7 h6)
21Alison FitchNZL56.29 (3 h4)
22Cheng JiaruCHN56.39 (8 h6)
23Jana MyškováCZE56.59 (7 h7)
=24Xu YanweiCHN56.66 (8 h7)
=24Johanna SjöbergSWE56.66 (6 h5)
=26Sara IsakovičSLO56.67 (4 h4)
=26Dominique DieziSUI56.67 (1 h3)
28Florencia SzigetiARG56.71 (7 h5)
29Arlene SemecoVEN57.04 (2 h3)
30Eileen Marie CoparropaPAN57.09 (5 h4)
31Olha MukomolUKR57.12 (6 h4)
32Anya GostomelskyISR57.15 (7 h4)
33Judith DraxlerAUT57.29 (3 h3)
34Hannah WilsonHKG57.33 (4 h3)
35Vanessa GarcíaPUR57.38 (1 h2)
36Lara HeinzLUX57.40 (5 h3)
37Jana KolukanovaEST57.45 (8 h4)
38Ágnes MutinaHUN58.10 (6 h3)
39Angelia ChuckJAM58.33 (7 h3)
40Ragnheiður RagnarsdóttirISL58.47 (8 h3)
41Yelena SkalinskayaKAZ58.56 (2 h2)
42Linda McEachraneTTO58.92 (3 h2)
43Agnese OzoliņaLAT59.03 (4 h2)
44Sung Yi-ChiehTPE59.18 (5 h2)
45Irina ShlemovaUZB59.21 (6 h2)
46Shikha TandonIND59.70 (7 h2)
47Nicoleta CoicaMDA59.85 (8 h2)
48Carolina CerquedaAND1:00.38 (1 h1)
49Larissa InangororeBDI1:23.90 (2 h1)
50Gloria KoussihouedeBEN1:30.90 (3 h1)
DNSMelanie MarshallGBR– (DNS h5)

Round One (18 August 2004)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (10:00)

14Carolina CerquedaAND1:00.380.75
25Larissa InangororeBDI1:23.900.86
33Gloria KoussihouedeBEN1:30.901.04

Heat Two (10:03)

12Vanessa GarcíaPUR57.380.72
25Yelena SkalinskayaKAZ58.560.92
34Linda McEachraneTTO58.920.78
43Agnese OzoliņaLAT59.030.78
56Sung Yi-ChiehTPE59.180.95
67Irina ShlemovaUZB59.210.80
78Shikha TandonIND59.700.82
81Nicoleta CoicaMDA59.850.89

Heat Three (10:07)

17Dominique DieziSUI56.670.77
25Arlene SemecoVEN57.040.77
36Judith DraxlerAUT57.290.80
48Hannah WilsonHKG57.330.76
53Lara HeinzLUX57.400.86
62Ágnes MutinaHUN58.100.68
71Angelia ChuckJAM58.330.68
84Ragnheiður RagnarsdóttirISL58.470.83

Heat Four (10:10)

16Hanna ShcherbaBLR56.010.73Q
23Jeanette Ottesen GrayDEN56.170.75
31Alison FitchNZL56.290.87
42Sara IsakovičSLO56.670.85
58Eileen Marie CoparropaPAN57.090.76
67Olha MukomolUKR57.120.88
75Anya GostomelskyISR57.150.74
84Jana KolukanovaEST57.450.86

Heat Five (10:13)

14Inge de BruijnNED54.430.73Q
25Kara Lynn JoyceUSA54.530.71Q
31Tomoko NagaiJPN55.760.76Q
46Marleen VeldhuisNED55.810.84Q
57Josefin LillhageSWE55.870.81Q
62Johanna SjöbergSWE56.660.89
78Florencia SzigetiARG56.710.63
DNS3Melanie MarshallGBR

Heat Six (10:16)

13Malia MetellaFRA55.080.77Q
24Jodie HenryAUS55.130.82Q
36Alena PopchankaBLR55.490.69Q
42Franziska van AlmsickGER55.570.83Q
55Hanna-Maria SeppäläFIN56.010.76Q
61Ryu Yun-JiKOR56.020.81q
78Rebeca GusmãoBRA56.260.70
87Cheng JiaruCHN56.390.78

Heat Seven (10:19)

15Natalie CoughlinUSA54.820.69Q
24Libby LentonAUS54.890.77Q
32Nery Mantey NiagkkouaraGRE55.120.78Q
46Martina MoravcováSVK55.170.73Q
53Federica PellegriniITA55.410.84Q
61Paulina BarzyckaPOL56.200.86
78Jana MyškováCZE56.590.87
87Xu YanweiCHN56.660.73

Semi-Finals (18 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:39)

14Kara Lynn JoyceUSA54.810.71Q
22Alena PopchankaBLR54.970.72Q
33Nery Mantey NiagkkouaraGRE55.020.74Q
46Martina MoravcováSVK55.080.74Q
55Libby LentonAUS55.170.77
67Marleen VeldhuisNED55.320.84
71Hanna ShcherbaBLR55.670.78
88Ryu Yun-JiKOR55.850.80

Heat Two (19:44)

16Jodie HenryAUS53.520.80QWR
24Inge de BruijnNED54.060.72Q
35Natalie CoughlinUSA54.370.69Q
43Malia MetellaFRA54.570.77Q
52Federica PellegriniITA55.300.82
68Hanna-Maria SeppäläFIN55.590.75
71Josefin LillhageSWE55.760.79
87Tomoko NagaiJPN56.030.77

Final (19 August 2004 — 20:35)

14Jodie HenryAUS53.840.81
25Inge de BruijnNED54.160.74
33Natalie CoughlinUSA54.400.70
46Malia MetellaFRA54.500.78
52Kara Lynn JoyceUSA54.540.70
61Nery Mantey NiagkkouaraGRE54.810.76
78Martina MoravcováSVK55.120.76
87Alena PopchankaBLR55.240.72