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400 metres Freestyle, Women

Date15 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants38 from 31 countries

Laure Manaudou, at 17-years-old, announced herself as a new force in international swimming by winning the European title in May 2004 and then brought that form into the Olympic arena. After posting the fastest time in the heats, Manaudou led from the gun and, although she was closed down slightly on the final length of the pool, held on to win the championship and set the third fastest time ever recorded over the distance. This was the first time a French competitor had won an Olympic title in a swimming event since the 1952 Helsinki Games and the first time ever that a French female swimmer had become Olympic champion. Behind Manaudou, Otylia Jędrzejczak of Poland held off a late charge from American Kaitlin Sandeno to win silver.

1Laure ManaudouFRA4:06.76 (1 h5)4:05.34 (1)Gold
2Otylia JędrzejczakPOL4:07.11 (1 h4)4:05.84 (2)Silver
3Kaitlin SandenoUSA4:08.22 (3 h4)4:06.19 (3)Bronze
4Camelia PotecROU4:07.39 (1 h3)4:06.34 (4)
5Ai ShibataJPN4:07.63 (2 h3)4:07.51 (5)
6Sachiko YamadaJPN4:09.10 (2 h5)4:10.91 (6)
7Linda MacKenzieAUS4:08.46 (3 h3)4:10.92 (7)
8Rebecca CookeGBR4:08.18 (2 h4)4:11.35 (8)
9Claudia PollCRC4:09.75 (4 h3)
10Kalyn KellerUSA4:09.83 (4 h4)
11Simona PăduraruROU4:10.39 (3 h5)
12Hannah StockbauerGER4:10.46 (4 h5)
13Elka GrahamAUS4:11.67 (5 h5)
14Pang JiayingCHN4:11.81 (6 h5)
15Éva RisztovHUN4:12.08 (5 h4)
16Brittany ReimerCAN4:12.33 (7 h5)
17Chen HuaCHN4:12.67 (6 h4)
18Erika VillaécijaESP4:13.03 (7 h4)
19Monique FerreiraBRA4:13.75 (8 h5)
20Zoi DimoschakiGRE4:13.96 (5 h3)
21Jo JacksonGBR4:14.89 (6 h3)
22Cecilia BiagioliARG4:16.42 (1 h2)
23Arantxa RamosESP4:16.52 (7 h3)
24Anja ČarmanSLO4:17.79 (2 h2)
25Darya ParshinaRUS4:18.24 (8 h4)
26Kristel KöbrichCHI4:18.68 (3 h2)
27Vesna StojanovskaMKD4:19.39 (4 h2)
28Janelle AtkinsonJAM4:20.00 (5 h2)
29Paola DuguetCOL4:20.69 (1 h1)
30Kristýna KyněrováCZE4:21.12 (8 h3)
31Rebecca LintonNZL4:21.58 (6 h2)
32Ha Eun-JuKOR4:21.65 (7 h2)
33Golda MarcusESA4:22.27 (2 h1)
34Pilin TachakittirananTHA4:23.62 (3 h1)
35Yasemin Özlem TaşkınTUR4:24.08 (4 h1)
36Ivanka MoralievaBUL4:25.92 (5 h1)
37Anita GalićCRO4:26.09 (6 h1)
38Olha BeresnievaUKR4:26.30 (8 h2)

Round One (15 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (11:30)

16Paola DuguetCOL4:20.690.84
24Golda MarcusESA4:22.270.78
35Pilin TachakittirananTHA4:23.620.89
47Yasemin Özlem TaşkınTUR4:24.080.82
53Ivanka MoralievaBUL4:25.920.96
62Anita GalićCRO4:26.090.95

Heat Two (11:36)

16Cecilia BiagioliARG4:16.420.83
23Anja ČarmanSLO4:17.790.88
37Kristel KöbrichCHI4:18.680.93
42Vesna StojanovskaMKD4:19.390.77
55Janelle AtkinsonJAM4:20.000.71
61Rebecca LintonNZL4:21.580.91
78Ha Eun-JuKOR4:21.650.92
84Olha BeresnievaUKR4:26.301.05

Heat Three (11:42)

14Camelia PotecROU4:07.390.91Q
25Ai ShibataJPN4:07.630.89Q
36Linda MacKenzieAUS4:08.460.77Q
42Claudia PollCRC4:09.750.93
51Zoi DimoschakiGRE4:13.960.82
63Jo JacksonGBR4:14.890.82
77Arantxa RamosESP4:16.520.86
88Kristýna KyněrováCZE4:21.120.83

Heat Four (11:48)

15Otylia JędrzejczakPOL4:07.110.83Q
21Rebecca CookeGBR4:08.180.92Q
33Kaitlin SandenoUSA4:08.220.73Q
42Kalyn KellerUSA4:09.830.74
54Éva RisztovHUN4:12.080.85
66Chen HuaCHN4:12.670.81
77Erika VillaécijaESP4:13.030.88
88Darya ParshinaRUS4:18.241.07

Heat Five (11:54)

13Laure ManaudouFRA4:06.760.90Q
25Sachiko YamadaJPN4:09.100.79Q
37Simona PăduraruROU4:10.390.83
44Hannah StockbauerGER4:10.460.88
56Elka GrahamAUS4:11.670.85
61Pang JiayingCHN4:11.810.80
72Brittany ReimerCAN4:12.330.86
88Monique FerreiraBRA4:13.750.77

Final (15 August 2004 — 20:51)

14Laure ManaudouFRA4:05.340.89
25Otylia JędrzejczakPOL4:05.840.84
37Kaitlin SandenoUSA4:06.190.80
43Camelia PotecROU4:06.340.94
56Ai ShibataJPN4:07.510.94
68Sachiko YamadaJPN4:10.910.84
71Linda MacKenzieAUS4:10.920.80
82Rebecca CookeGBR4:11.350.81