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Sabre, Team, Men

Date22 – 23 October 1964
LocationMemorial Hall, Waseda Daigaku, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Participants61 from 13 countries

After forty years unblemished years of success and 46 successive victories the unthinkable finally happened – Hungary lost at team sabre at the Olympic Games. In truth it wasn’t quite the shock it appeared to be as Hungary’s domination had been superseded by Poland and the USSR in recent years. The Hungarians were now regularly fighting for silver and bronze at the World Championships where 10 years earlier they had trounced all opposition. The end for Hungary came even earlier than expected and not at the hands of either the Poles or Soviets. Instead it was Italy who, 40 years after inflicting Hungary’s previous Olympic defeat, won a quarter-final on a 9-7 score line. Italy narrowly defeated France in the semis to set up a meeting with the USSR who had eliminated Poland in another closely fought match. Despite the best efforts of Wladimiro Calarese, who provided four victories to the Italian cause in the final, Italy fell 9-6 to the USSR. Poland and France tied on 8 wins apiece in the bronze medal match with Poland taking third place 60-59 on hits.

1Soviet UnionURSGold
Umyar MavlikhanovMark RakitaYakov RylskyBoris MelnikovNugzar Asatiani
Wladimiro CalareseGiampaolo CalanchiniPierluigi ChiccaMario RavagnanCesare Salvadori
Jerzy PawłowskiRyszard ZubAndrzej PiątkowskiEmil OchyraWojciech ZabłockiEgon Franke (DNS)
Jean-Ernest RamezJacques LefèvreClaude AraboMarcel ParentRobert Fraisse
Péter BakonyiMiklós MeszénaAttila KovácsZoltán HorváthTibor Pézsa
6Unified Team of GermanyGER
Dieter WellmannKlaus AllisatWalter KöstnerJürgen TheuerkauffPercy Borucki 1
Attila CsiplerOctavian VintilăTănase MureșanuIon DrîmbăIuliu Falb (DNS)
=7United StatesUSA
Alfonso MoralesRobert BlumGene HamoriAttila KeresztesTom Orley
3 p1 r1/4JapanJPN
Fujio ShimizuTeruhiro KitaoSeiji ShibataMitsuyuki FunamizuHeizaburo Okawa (DNS)
3 p2 r1/4Great BritainGBR
Richard OldcornSandy LeckieRalph CoopermanMichael HowardBill Hoskyns
3 p3 r1/4ArgentinaARG
Rafael GonzálezJuan Carlos FreciaJulián VelásquezAlberto Lanteri
3 p4 r1/4IranIRI
Houshmand AlmasiBizhan ZarnegarShahpour ZarnegarNasser Madani
4 p2 r1/4AustraliaAUS
Alexander MartonffyLes TornallyayPaul RizzutoBrian McCowageHenry Sommerville

Round One (22 October 1964 — 8:30)

Top two teams in each pool advanced to quarter-finals.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCMWMLBouts WonBouts Lost
1United StatesUSA10124Q
Alfonso MoralesRobert BlumGene HamoriTom Orley
2Soviet UnionURS1092Q
Mark RakitaYakov RylskyBoris MelnikovNugzar Asatiani
Fujio ShimizuTeruhiro KitaoSeiji ShibataMitsuyuki Funamizu

Match #1 USA 12 – 4JPN
Match #2 URS 9 – 2JPN

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCMWMLBouts WonBouts Lost
Jean-Ernest RamezJacques LefèvreMarcel ParentRobert Fraisse
Attila CsiplerOctavian VintilăTănase MureșanuIon Drîmbă
3Great BritainGBR02819
Richard OldcornSandy LeckieRalph CoopermanMichael HowardBill Hoskyns
Alexander MartonffyLes TornallyayPaul RizzutoBrian McCowageHenry Sommerville

Match #1 FRA 9 – 2GBR
Match #2 FRA 14 – 2AUS
Match #3 ROU 10 – 6GBR
Match #4 ROU 9 – 3AUS

Pool 3

PosCompetitor(s)NOCMWMLBouts WonBouts Lost
Wladimiro CalareseGiampaolo CalanchiniMario RavagnanCesare Salvadori
Péter BakonyiMiklós MeszénaAttila KovácsZoltán Horváth
Rafael GonzálezJuan Carlos FreciaJulián VelásquezAlberto Lanteri

Match #1 ITA 15 – 1ARG
Match #2 HUN 9 – 2ARG

Pool 4

PosCompetitor(s)NOCMWMLBouts WonBouts Lost
Jerzy PawłowskiRyszard ZubAndrzej PiątkowskiWojciech Zabłocki
2Unified Team of GermanyGER1093Q
Dieter WellmannWalter KöstnerJürgen TheuerkauffKlaus Allisat
Houshmand AlmasiBizhan ZarnegarShahpour ZarnegarNasser Madani

Match #1 POL 16 – 0IRI
Match #2 GER 9 – 3IRI

Quarter-Finals (23 October 1964 — 8:30)

Winner of each pool advanced to semi-finals.

Match #1 POL 9 – 6GER
Match #2 FRA 8 – 6ROU
Match #3 URS 9 – 4USA
Match #4 ITA 9 – 7HUN

Semi-Finals (23 October 1964)

Winner of each pool advanced to final.

Match #1 URS 9 – 7POL
Match #2 ITA 8 – 7FRA

Final Pool (23 October 1964 — 17:00)

Match 1-2 URS 9 – 6ITA
Match 3-4 POL 8 – 8FRA

Classification 5-8 (23 October 1964)

Match #1 HUN 9 – 0ROU
Match #2 GER 9 – 5USA
Match 5-6 HUN 9 – 3GER