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Sabre, Individual, Men

Date16 – 17 October 1968
LocationSala de Armas Fernando Montes de Oca, Ciudad Deportiva Magdalena Mixhuca, Ciudad de México
Participants40 from 16 countries

By the time of the 1968 Olympic Games, Jerzy Pawłowski had been one of the world’s top fencers for 15 years and had won 19 medals in World and Olympic competition. The only gap in his collection was an Olympic title. He put this right in Mexico when he recorded a dramatic victory over the USSR’s Mark Rakita on a sudden-death hit in the barrage for the gold medal. In doing so he reversed the standings from the most recent World Championships and broke the 48-year stranglehold that Hungarian sabre fencers had on the Olympic title. Hungary’s best in 1968, reigning champion Tibor Pézsa, could only place third.

Pawłowski’s story is one of contrasts. On the face of it he was a national hero in Poland from the 50s through to the mid-70s and won three individual World title in addition to his Olympic gold medal. What was not known in his homeland until after he had retired from the sport was that Pawłowski, a major in the Polish Army, had been a spy for the CIA for over a decade. He was revealed as a spy in 1975 and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. After 10 years he was pardoned by the Polish government and released.

1Jerzy PawłowskiPOLGold
2Mark RakitaURSSilver
3Tibor PézsaHUNBronze
4Vladimir NazlymovURS
5Rolando RigoliITA
6Józef NowaraPOL
=7Serge PanizzaFRA
=7Umyar MavlikhanovURS
=9Alfonso MoralesUSA
=9Marcel ParentFRA
=9Claude AraboFRA
=9Tamás KovácsHUN
=13Wladimiro CalareseITA
=13Paul WischeidtFRG
=13Péter BakonyiHUN
=13Cesare SalvadoriITA
5 p1 r2/4Alex OrbanUSA
5 p2 r2/4Emil OchyraPOL
5 p3 r2/4Jack KeaneUSA
5 p4 r2/4Walter KöstnerFRG
6 p1 r2/4Rodney CraigGBR
6 p2 r2/4Vicente CalderónMEX
6 p3 r2/4Yves BrasseurBEL
6 p4 r2/4Sandy LeckieGBR
5 p1 r1/4Félix DelgadoCUB
5 p2 r1/4Richard OldcornGBR
5 p3 r1/4John AndruCAN
5 p4 r1/4Román QuinosARG
5 p5 r1/4Volker DuschnerFRG
5 p6 r1/4Manuel OrtizCUB
6 p1 r1/4Colm O'BrienIRL
6 p2 r1/4Alberto LanteriARG
6 p3 r1/4Jan BoutmyAHO
6 p4 r1/4William FajardoMEX
6 p5 r1/4Gustavo ChapelaMEX
6 p6 r1/4John Bouchier-HayesIRL
7 p2 r1/4José Narciso DíazCUB
7 p3 r1/4Juan Carlos FreciaARG
7 p4 r1/4Nguyễn The LocVNM
7 p5 r1/4Fionbarr FarrellIRL
DNSGuillermo SaucedoARG
DNSDavid AcfieldGBR
DNSGianfranco PaolucciITA
DNSGianluigi SaccaroITA
DNSHeizaburo OkawaJPN
DNSFujio ShimizuJPN
DNSZygmunt KaweckiPOL
DNSFranciszek SobczakPOL

Round 1 (16 October 1968 — 8:30)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to round two.

Pool 1

Jury PresidentIstván TáborHUN
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Jerzy PawłowskiPOL502513Q
2Alfonso MoralesUSA412414Q
3Walter KöstnerFRG231917Q
4Serge PanizzaFRA231819Q
5Félix DelgadoCUB141423
6Colm O'BrienIRL141024

Pool 1 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Alfonso MoralesUSA
Pool 1 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Walter KöstnerFRG
Pool 1 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Serge PanizzaFRA
Pool 1 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Félix DelgadoCUB
Pool 1 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Colm O'BrienIRL
Pool 1 Alfonso MoralesUSA Walter KöstnerFRG
Pool 1 Alfonso MoralesUSA Serge PanizzaFRA
Pool 1 Alfonso MoralesUSA Félix DelgadoCUB
Pool 1 Alfonso MoralesUSA Colm O'BrienIRL
Pool 1 Walter KöstnerFRG Félix DelgadoCUB
Pool 1 Walter KöstnerFRG Colm O'BrienIRL
Pool 1 Serge PanizzaFRA Walter KöstnerFRG
Pool 1 Serge PanizzaFRA Colm O'BrienIRL
Pool 1 Félix DelgadoCUB Serge PanizzaFRA
Pool 1 Colm O'BrienIRL Félix DelgadoCUB

Pool 2

Jury PresidentTibor NyilasUSA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Umyar MavlikhanovURS512915Q
2Cesare SalvadoriITA512818Q
3Marcel ParentFRA332221Q
4Vicente CalderónMEX332022Q
5Richard OldcornGBR332423
6Alberto LanteriARG242025
7José Narciso DíazCUB061130

Pool 2 Umyar MavlikhanovURS Marcel ParentFRA
Pool 2 Umyar MavlikhanovURS Vicente CalderónMEX
Pool 2 Umyar MavlikhanovURS Richard OldcornGBR
Pool 2 Umyar MavlikhanovURS Alberto LanteriARG
Pool 2 Umyar MavlikhanovURS José Narciso DíazCUB
Pool 2 Cesare SalvadoriITA Umyar MavlikhanovURS
Pool 2 Cesare SalvadoriITA Marcel ParentFRA
Pool 2 Cesare SalvadoriITA Vicente CalderónMEX
Pool 2 Cesare SalvadoriITA Richard OldcornGBR
Pool 2 Cesare SalvadoriITA José Narciso DíazCUB
Pool 2 Marcel ParentFRA Vicente CalderónMEX
Pool 2 Marcel ParentFRA Alberto LanteriARG
Pool 2 Marcel ParentFRA José Narciso DíazCUB
Pool 2 Vicente CalderónMEX Richard OldcornGBR
Pool 2 Vicente CalderónMEX Alberto LanteriARG
Pool 2 Vicente CalderónMEX José Narciso DíazCUB
Pool 2 Richard OldcornGBR Marcel ParentFRA
Pool 2 Richard OldcornGBR Alberto LanteriARG
Pool 2 Richard OldcornGBR José Narciso DíazCUB
Pool 2 Alberto LanteriARG Cesare SalvadoriITA
Pool 2 Alberto LanteriARG José Narciso DíazCUB

Pool 3

Jury PresidentDavid TyshlerURS
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Claude AraboFRA60309Q
2Tibor PézsaHUN512612Q
3Paul WischeidtFRG422420Q
4Józef NowaraPOL332119Q
5John AndruCAN241624
6Jan BoutmyAHO151529
7Juan Carlos FreciaARG061130

Pool 3 Claude AraboFRA Tibor PézsaHUN
Pool 3 Claude AraboFRA Paul WischeidtFRG
Pool 3 Claude AraboFRA Józef NowaraPOL
Pool 3 Claude AraboFRA John AndruCAN
Pool 3 Claude AraboFRA Jan BoutmyAHO
Pool 3 Claude AraboFRA Juan Carlos FreciaARG
Pool 3 Tibor PézsaHUN Paul WischeidtFRG
Pool 3 Tibor PézsaHUN Józef NowaraPOL
Pool 3 Tibor PézsaHUN John AndruCAN
Pool 3 Tibor PézsaHUN Jan BoutmyAHO
Pool 3 Tibor PézsaHUN Juan Carlos FreciaARG
Pool 3 Paul WischeidtFRG Józef NowaraPOL
Pool 3 Paul WischeidtFRG John AndruCAN
Pool 3 Paul WischeidtFRG Jan BoutmyAHO
Pool 3 Paul WischeidtFRG Juan Carlos FreciaARG
Pool 3 Józef NowaraPOL John AndruCAN
Pool 3 Józef NowaraPOL Jan BoutmyAHO
Pool 3 Józef NowaraPOL Juan Carlos FreciaARG
Pool 3 John AndruCAN Jan BoutmyAHO
Pool 3 John AndruCAN Juan Carlos FreciaARG
Pool 3 Jan BoutmyAHO Juan Carlos FreciaARG

Pool 4

Jury PresidentCzesław WardzyńskiPOL
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Mark RakitaURS603011Q
2Wladimiro CalareseITA512915Q
3Alex OrbanUSA422515Q
4Sandy LeckieGBR332320Q
5Román QuinosARG241822
6William FajardoMEX151025
7Nguyễn The LocVNM06330

Pool 4 Mark RakitaURS Wladimiro CalareseITA
Pool 4 Mark RakitaURS Alex OrbanUSA
Pool 4 Mark RakitaURS Sandy LeckieGBR
Pool 4 Mark RakitaURS Román QuinosARG
Pool 4 Mark RakitaURS William FajardoMEX
Pool 4 Mark RakitaURS Nguyễn The LocVNM
Pool 4 Wladimiro CalareseITA Alex OrbanUSA
Pool 4 Wladimiro CalareseITA Sandy LeckieGBR
Pool 4 Wladimiro CalareseITA Román QuinosARG
Pool 4 Wladimiro CalareseITA William FajardoMEX
Pool 4 Wladimiro CalareseITA Nguyễn The LocVNM
Pool 4 Alex OrbanUSA Sandy LeckieGBR
Pool 4 Alex OrbanUSA Román QuinosARG
Pool 4 Alex OrbanUSA William FajardoMEX
Pool 4 Alex OrbanUSA Nguyễn The LocVNM
Pool 4 Sandy LeckieGBR Román QuinosARG
Pool 4 Sandy LeckieGBR William FajardoMEX
Pool 4 Sandy LeckieGBR Nguyễn The LocVNM
Pool 4 Román QuinosARG William FajardoMEX
Pool 4 Román QuinosARG Nguyễn The LocVNM
Pool 4 William FajardoMEX Nguyễn The LocVNM

Pool 5

Jury PresidentAldo MontanoITA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Vladimir NazlymovURS603014Q
2Tamás KovácsHUN422516Q
3Rodney CraigGBR332321Q
4Jack KeaneUSA332122Q
5Volker DuschnerFRG332025
6Gustavo ChapelaMEX242025
7Fionbarr FarrellIRL061430

Pool 5 Vladimir NazlymovURS Tamás KovácsHUN
Pool 5 Vladimir NazlymovURS Rodney CraigGBR
Pool 5 Vladimir NazlymovURS Jack KeaneUSA
Pool 5 Vladimir NazlymovURS Volker DuschnerFRG
Pool 5 Vladimir NazlymovURS Gustavo ChapelaMEX
Pool 5 Vladimir NazlymovURS Fionbarr FarrellIRL
Pool 5 Tamás KovácsHUN Rodney CraigGBR
Pool 5 Tamás KovácsHUN Jack KeaneUSA
Pool 5 Tamás KovácsHUN Volker DuschnerFRG
Pool 5 Tamás KovácsHUN Fionbarr FarrellIRL
Pool 5 Rodney CraigGBR Jack KeaneUSA
Pool 5 Rodney CraigGBR Gustavo ChapelaMEX
Pool 5 Rodney CraigGBR Fionbarr FarrellIRL
Pool 5 Jack KeaneUSA Volker DuschnerFRG
Pool 5 Jack KeaneUSA Gustavo ChapelaMEX
Pool 5 Jack KeaneUSA Fionbarr FarrellIRL
Pool 5 Volker DuschnerFRG Rodney CraigGBR
Pool 5 Volker DuschnerFRG Gustavo ChapelaMEX
Pool 5 Volker DuschnerFRG Fionbarr FarrellIRL
Pool 5 Gustavo ChapelaMEX Tamás KovácsHUN
Pool 5 Gustavo ChapelaMEX Fionbarr FarrellIRL

Pool 6

Jury PresidentJean BrousseFRA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Péter BakonyiHUN41249Q
2Emil OchyraPOL412315Q
3Rolando RigoliITA412216Q
4Yves BrasseurBEL231719Q
5Manuel OrtizCUB141322
6John Bouchier-HayesIRL05725

Pool 6 Péter BakonyiHUN Rolando RigoliITA
Pool 6 Péter BakonyiHUN Yves BrasseurBEL
Pool 6 Péter BakonyiHUN Manuel OrtizCUB
Pool 6 Péter BakonyiHUN John Bouchier-HayesIRL
Pool 6 Emil OchyraPOL Péter BakonyiHUN
Pool 6 Emil OchyraPOL Yves BrasseurBEL
Pool 6 Emil OchyraPOL Manuel OrtizCUB
Pool 6 Emil OchyraPOL John Bouchier-HayesIRL
Pool 6 Rolando RigoliITA Emil OchyraPOL
Pool 6 Rolando RigoliITA Yves BrasseurBEL
Pool 6 Rolando RigoliITA Manuel OrtizCUB
Pool 6 Rolando RigoliITA John Bouchier-HayesIRL
Pool 6 Yves BrasseurBEL Manuel OrtizCUB
Pool 6 Yves BrasseurBEL John Bouchier-HayesIRL
Pool 6 Manuel OrtizCUB John Bouchier-HayesIRL

Round 2 (16 October 1968)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to elimination rounds.

Pool 1

Jury PresidentDavid TyshlerURS
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Jerzy PawłowskiPOL412414Q
2Wladimiro CalareseITA322118Q
3Tamás KovácsHUN321819Q
4Serge PanizzaFRA322321Q
5Alex OrbanUSA232020
6Rodney CraigGBR051125

Pool 1 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Tamás KovácsHUN
Pool 1 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Serge PanizzaFRA
Pool 1 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Alex OrbanUSA
Pool 1 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Rodney CraigGBR
Pool 1 Wladimiro CalareseITA Jerzy PawłowskiPOL
Pool 1 Wladimiro CalareseITA Alex OrbanUSA
Pool 1 Wladimiro CalareseITA Rodney CraigGBR
Pool 1 Tamás KovácsHUN Wladimiro CalareseITA
Pool 1 Tamás KovácsHUN Serge PanizzaFRA
Pool 1 Tamás KovácsHUN Rodney CraigGBR
Pool 1 Serge PanizzaFRA Wladimiro CalareseITA
Pool 1 Serge PanizzaFRA Alex OrbanUSA
Pool 1 Serge PanizzaFRA Rodney CraigGBR
Pool 1 Alex OrbanUSA Tamás KovácsHUN
Pool 1 Alex OrbanUSA Rodney CraigGBR

Pool 2

Jury PresidentGeorge WorthUSA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Tibor PézsaHUN412316Q
2Mark RakitaURS322314Q
3Marcel ParentFRA322316Q
4Rolando RigoliITA321918Q
5Emil OchyraPOL231519
6Vicente CalderónMEX05525

Pool 2 Tibor PézsaHUN Mark RakitaURS
Pool 2 Tibor PézsaHUN Marcel ParentFRA
Pool 2 Tibor PézsaHUN Emil OchyraPOL
Pool 2 Tibor PézsaHUN Vicente CalderónMEX
Pool 2 Mark RakitaURS Rolando RigoliITA
Pool 2 Mark RakitaURS Emil OchyraPOL
Pool 2 Mark RakitaURS Vicente CalderónMEX
Pool 2 Marcel ParentFRA Mark RakitaURS
Pool 2 Marcel ParentFRA Emil OchyraPOL
Pool 2 Marcel ParentFRA Vicente CalderónMEX
Pool 2 Rolando RigoliITA Tibor PézsaHUN
Pool 2 Rolando RigoliITA Marcel ParentFRA
Pool 2 Rolando RigoliITA Vicente CalderónMEX
Pool 2 Emil OchyraPOL Rolando RigoliITA
Pool 2 Emil OchyraPOL Vicente CalderónMEX

Pool 3

Jury PresidentCzesław WardzyńskiPOL
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Vladimir NazlymovURS502514Q
2Claude AraboFRA322115Q
3Cesare SalvadoriITA322117Q
4Paul WischeidtFRG322220Q
5Jack KeaneUSA141421
6Yves BrasseurBEL05925

Pool 3 Vladimir NazlymovURS Claude AraboFRA
Pool 3 Vladimir NazlymovURS Cesare SalvadoriITA
Pool 3 Vladimir NazlymovURS Paul WischeidtFRG
Pool 3 Vladimir NazlymovURS Jack KeaneUSA
Pool 3 Vladimir NazlymovURS Yves BrasseurBEL
Pool 3 Claude AraboFRA Paul WischeidtFRG
Pool 3 Claude AraboFRA Jack KeaneUSA
Pool 3 Claude AraboFRA Yves BrasseurBEL
Pool 3 Cesare SalvadoriITA Claude AraboFRA
Pool 3 Cesare SalvadoriITA Jack KeaneUSA
Pool 3 Cesare SalvadoriITA Yves BrasseurBEL
Pool 3 Paul WischeidtFRG Cesare SalvadoriITA
Pool 3 Paul WischeidtFRG Jack KeaneUSA
Pool 3 Paul WischeidtFRG Yves BrasseurBEL
Pool 3 Jack KeaneUSA Yves BrasseurBEL

Pool 4

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Péter BakonyiHUN412215Q
2Alfonso MoralesUSA322114Q
3Umyar MavlikhanovURS322016Q
4Józef NowaraPOL231917Q
5Walter KöstnerFRG231523
6Sandy LeckieGBR141123

Pool 4 Péter BakonyiHUN Alfonso MoralesUSA
Pool 4 Péter BakonyiHUN Józef NowaraPOL
Pool 4 Péter BakonyiHUN Walter KöstnerFRG
Pool 4 Péter BakonyiHUN Sandy LeckieGBR
Pool 4 Alfonso MoralesUSA Umyar MavlikhanovURS
Pool 4 Alfonso MoralesUSA Walter KöstnerFRG
Pool 4 Alfonso MoralesUSA Sandy LeckieGBR
Pool 4 Umyar MavlikhanovURS Péter BakonyiHUN
Pool 4 Umyar MavlikhanovURS Józef NowaraPOL
Pool 4 Umyar MavlikhanovURS Sandy LeckieGBR
Pool 4 Józef NowaraPOL Alfonso MoralesUSA
Pool 4 Józef NowaraPOL Sandy LeckieGBR
Pool 4 Walter KöstnerFRG Umyar MavlikhanovURS
Pool 4 Walter KöstnerFRG Józef NowaraPOL
Pool 4 Sandy LeckieGBR Walter KöstnerFRG

Elimination Rounds (17 October 1968 — 9:00)

Double-elimination round. Winners of round two and repêchage round three advanced to final round.

Round 1

Round 1 Vladimir NazlymovURS 2 – 1Serge PanizzaFRA
Round 1 Alfonso MoralesUSA 2 – 0Wladimiro CalareseITA
Round 1 Tibor PézsaHUN 2 – 0Paul WischeidtFRG
Round 1 Mark RakitaURS 2 – 1Marcel ParentFRA
Round 1 Józef NowaraPOL 2 – 0Claude AraboFRA
Round 1 Rolando RigoliITA 2 – 1Péter BakonyiHUN
Round 1 Umyar MavlikhanovURS 2 – 0Cesare SalvadoriITA
Round 1 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL 2 – 0Tamás KovácsHUN

Round 2

Round 2 Vladimir NazlymovURS 2 – 0Alfonso MoralesUSA
Round 2 Tibor PézsaHUN 2 – 0Mark RakitaURS
Round 2 Rolando RigoliITA 2 – 0Józef NowaraPOL
Round 2 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL 2 – 1Umyar MavlikhanovURS

Round 1 Repêchage

Round 1 Repêchage Serge PanizzaFRA 2 – 1Wladimiro CalareseITA
Round 1 Repêchage Marcel ParentFRA 2 – 1Paul WischeidtFRG
Round 1 Repêchage Claude AraboFRA 2 – 1Péter BakonyiHUN
Round 1 Repêchage Tamás KovácsHUN 2 – 1Cesare SalvadoriITA

Round 2 Repêchage

Round 2 Repêchage Serge PanizzaFRA 2 – 1Alfonso MoralesUSA
Round 2 Repêchage Mark RakitaURS 2 – 1Marcel ParentFRA
Round 2 Repêchage Józef NowaraPOL 2 – 1Claude AraboFRA
Round 2 Repêchage Umyar MavlikhanovURS 2 – 0Tamás KovácsHUN

Round 3 Repêchage

Round 3 Repêchage Mark RakitaURS 2 – 0Serge PanizzaFRA
Round 3 Repêchage Józef NowaraPOL 2 – 1Umyar MavlikhanovURS

Final Pool (17 October 1968)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Jerzy PawłowskiPOL412218
2Mark RakitaURS412416
3Tibor PézsaHUN322016
4Vladimir NazlymovURS322117
5Rolando RigoliITA141121
6Józef NowaraPOL051525

Bout #1 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Mark RakitaURS
Bout #2 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Vladimir NazlymovURS
Bout #3 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Rolando RigoliITA
Bout #4 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL Józef NowaraPOL
Bout #5 Mark RakitaURS Tibor PézsaHUN
Bout #6 Mark RakitaURS Vladimir NazlymovURS
Bout #7 Mark RakitaURS Rolando RigoliITA
Bout #8 Mark RakitaURS Józef NowaraPOL
Bout #9 Tibor PézsaHUN Jerzy PawłowskiPOL
Bout #10 Tibor PézsaHUN Rolando RigoliITA
Bout #11 Tibor PézsaHUN Józef NowaraPOL
Bout #12 Vladimir NazlymovURS Tibor PézsaHUN
Bout #13 Vladimir NazlymovURS Rolando RigoliITA
Bout #14 Vladimir NazlymovURS Józef NowaraPOL
Bout #15 Rolando RigoliITA Józef NowaraPOL
Barrage 1-2 Jerzy PawłowskiPOL 5 – 4Mark RakitaURS