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10 kilometres Pursuit, Women

Date16 February 2002 — 12:00
LocationSoldier Hollow, Wasatch Mountain State Park
Participants52 from 20 countries
FormatStarting margin based on results of 7.5 kilometer. Penalty loop (150 metres) skied for each missed target.
DetailsCourse Length: 10,459 m
Height Differential: 42 m
Maximum Climb: 36 m
Shooting 1: Prone at 2.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 2: Prone at 4.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 3: Standing at 6.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 4: Standing at 8.0 km, 50 m range
Total Climbing: 285 m

This was a new Olympic event which consisted of the skiers going off in the order of their finish in the 10 km sprint. The leader in that event starts off, and then every skier after him would start behind by the time margin from the sprint. Only the top 60 finishers from the sprint were eligible to start, but in reality, many of the lower finishers would elect not to start this race. For the women, only 52 eventually started in Salt Lake City. The pursuit had been contested at the World Championships since 1997.

Geman Kati Wilhelm had won the sprint and started first, 16 seconds ahead of her teammate Uschi Disl. Disl would fold, done in by seven missed targets, and eventually placed ninth. Olga Pyleva had been only eighth in the sprint, and started 1:03 behind Wilhelm. But she missed only one target in the pursuit section, and with Wilhelm missing four, including three of her first five, Pyleva powered ahead to finish 5.3 seconds ahead of Wilhelm for the gold medal. Bulgarian Irina Nikulchina had been 11th in the sprint, and started 1:16 behind Wilhelm. Nikulchina had only turned to biathlon after competing at the 1994 and 1998 Winter Olympics in cross-country skiing. She used her cross-country strength to gain ground on Wilhelm, and despite missing two shots, won the bronze medal.

Pyleva was not unknown, having won gold medals at the 2000 and 2001 World Championships in the relay. This was her first international gold medal, although she would later win the 15 km individual at the 2004 World Championships. At the 2006 Winter Olympics she initially finished second in the 15 km, but was later disqualified for doping when her urine sample revealed traces of the banned stimulant, carphedon, which is purported to increase endurance and tolerance to cold. Pyleva admitted to taking an over-the-counter medication for an ankle injury, and it was later found that it contained carphedon, which was not listed on the list of ingredients.

PosNrBiathleteNOCTimeMissesStart BehindRace Time (Pos)
18Olga PylyovaRUS31:07.71+1:0330:04.7 (2)Gold
21Kati WilhelmGER31:13.0431:13.0 (13)Silver
311Irina NikulchinaBUL31:15.82+1:1629:59.8 (1)Bronze
44Liv Grete Skjelbreid-PoiréeNOR31:18.34+0:4330:35.3 (5)
56Galina KuklevaRUS31:31.73+0:5130:40.7 (6)
63Magdalena ForsbergSWE31:34.03+0:3930:55.0 (10)
712Katrin ApelGER31:47.93+1:2030:27.9 (3)
810Andreja GrašičSLO32:01.91+1:1430:47.9 (8)
92Uschi DislGER32:21.27+0:1632:05.2 (26)
1015Ekaterina DafovskaBUL32:22.62+1:3630:46.6 (7)
1114Volha NazaravaBLR32:24.51+1:3430:50.5 (9)
1217Pavlina FilipovaBUL32:35.12+1:3930:56.1 (11)
1325Andrea HenkelGER32:35.41+2:0030:35.4 (4)
145Florence Baverel-RobertFRA32:39.83+0:4731:52.8 (18)
1519Svetlana IshmuratovaRUS32:50.33+1:4631:04.3 (12)
1616Gunn Margit AndreassenNOR32:56.82+1:3831:18.8 (14)
177Sandrine BaillyFRA32:57.24+0:5432:03.2 (25)
1813Martina JašicováSVK33:26.42+1:3131:55.4 (20)
1918Anna BogalyRUS33:40.03+1:4431:56.0 (22)
2024Sanna-Leena PerunkaFIN33:44.51+1:5931:45.5 (16)
2121Soňa MihokováSVK33:57.43+1:5132:06.4 (27)
2239Kateřina LosmanováCZE34:04.72+2:3331:31.7 (15)
2329Tamami TanakaJPN34:07.72+2:1931:48.7 (17)
2430Hiromi SugaJPN34:18.81+2:2231:56.8 (23)
2534Eva HákováCZE34:20.12+2:2831:52.1 (19)
2631Tetiana Vodop'ianovaUKR34:23.04+2:2232:01.0 (24)
279Corinne NiogretFRA34:35.33+1:0933:26.3 (40)
2844Yauheniya KutsepalovaBLR34:40.12+2:4531:55.1 (21)
2926Lucija LarisiSLO34:40.24+2:0332:37.2 (29)
3033Alena KhrustaliovaBLR34:41.52+2:2532:16.5 (28)
3122Irena ČesnekováCZE34:41.73+1:5232:49.7 (34)
3227Andreja MaliSLO34:46.33+2:0432:42.3 (32)
3323Delphyne BurletFRA34:48.43+1:5632:52.4 (35)
3432Magda RezlerováCZE35:02.94+2:2432:38.9 (30)
3535Anna MurínováSVK35:14.63+2:2932:45.6 (33)
3628Ryoko TakahashiJPN35:20.63+2:1733:03.6 (37)
3737Outi KettunenFIN35:48.64+2:3033:18.6 (38)
3846Michela PonzaITA35:54.74+2:5632:58.7 (36)
3938Ann-Elen SkjelbreidNOR35:56.66+2:3333:23.6 (39)
4053Gro Marit Istad KristiansenNOR36:13.94+3:3132:42.9 (31)
4145Mami ShindoJPN36:28.63+2:5533:33.6 (41)
4236Saskia SanterITA36:41.87+2:3034:11.8 (43)
4343Anna Stera-KustuczPOL36:59.34+2:4334:16.3 (45)
4420Yu ShumeiCHN37:02.66+1:4935:13.6 (48)
4549Kara SalmelaUSA37:07.75+3:0334:04.7 (42)
4652Katja HolantiFIN37:41.76+3:2634:15.7 (44)
4750Andrea NahrgangUSA38:08.53+3:0735:01.5 (46)
4851Valentina CiurinaMDA38:19.75+3:0835:11.7 (47)
DNF54Anita NymanFIN+3:36– (–)lapped
DNF58Andžela BriceLAT+3:51– (–)lapped
DNF55Dana CojoceaROU+3:36– (–)lapped
DNF60Rachel SteerUSA+4:00– (–)lapped
DNS40Nathalie SanterITA+2:33– (–)
DNS41Iva KaragiozovaBUL+2:37– (–)
DNS42Liu XianyingCHN+2:38– (–)
DNS47Nina LemeshUKR+2:56– (–)
DNS48Olena PetrovaUKR+3:00– (–)
DNS56Kong YingchaoCHN+3:49– (–)
DNS57Sun RiboCHN+3:51– (–)
DNS59Olena ZubrilovaUKR+3:52– (–)