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4 × 10 kilometres Relay, Men

Date16 February 1984 — 8:45
LocationVeliko Polje, Igman
Participants68 from 17 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 122 m
Maximum Climb: 36 m
Total Climbing: 363 m

The men’s relay race at the 1982 World Championships in Oslo turned out to be the most dramatic race in the history of cross-country skiing to this date. On the last leg, a few hundred meters from the finish, the Soviet Union’s Aleksandr Zavyalov and Norway’s Oddvar Brå were close together. Zavalyov fell, but Brå broke one of his poles, only to get a new one quickly, and they skiied side-by-side over the last meters. The race was judged a draw, and for the first time there two world champion relay teams. And that was not the end of the story. Finland and Eastern Germany had a close fight for the bronze, and the judges could not separate them either, as they shared bronze. Ties for first and third, a unique feat.

The defending Olympic Champion Soviet Union was favored to win another Olympic relay gold, but a close competition was expected with Finland and Sweden. On the first leg, Sweden’s Thomas Wassberg had a 10 second lead over the Soviet Union’s Aleksandr Batyuk, with US skier Dan Simoneau in a surprising third. Norway in sixth and Finland in eighth position were left far behind. On the second leg, the Soviet Union’s Aleksandr Zavyalov passed Sweden’s Benny Kohlberg and sent Vladimir Nikitin out on the third leg with a 12 second lead over Sweden’s Jan Ottosson. Juha Mieto brought Finland back in the fight for the medals by bringing his team up to third place, half a second ahead of Norway, but over 1½ minutes behind the leading Soviet team. Ottoson was able to close the gap to Nikitin, and was only half a second behind at the last exchange. Norway’s Ove Aunli, third at the last exchange, was 10 seconds ahead of Finland’s Harri Kirvesniemi. The last leg saw a close duel between the two 1984 Olympic champions, Gunde Svan and Nikolay Zimyatov. The young Swede left his Russian rival and secured Sweden their first Olympic relay gold medal since 1964. Finland’s Aki Karvonen had an easy contest for the bronze medal against Norway’s Tor Håkon Holte, leaving the Norwegian almost one minute behind.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
5-1Thomas Wassberg28:47.028:47.0 (1)
5-2Benny Kohlberg28:47.957:34.9 (2)
5-3Jan Ottosson29:04.11-26:39.0 (2)
5-4Gunde Svan28:27.31-55:06.3 (1)
21Soviet UnionURS1-55:16.5Silver
1-1Aleksandr Batyuk28:57.628:57.6 (2)
1-2Aleksandr Zavyalov28:25.157:22.7 (1)
1-3Vladimir Nikitin29:15.81-26:38.5 (1)
1-4Nikolay Zimyatov28:38.01-55:16.5 (2)
3-1Kari Ristanen30:21.630:21.6 (8)
3-2Juha Mieto28:36.258:57.8 (3)
3-3Harri Kirvesniemi28:35.01-27:32.8 (4)
3-4Aki Karvonen28:58.61-56:31.4 (3)
2-1Lars Erik Eriksen30:14.630:14.6 (6)
2-2Jan Lindvall28:43.758:58.3 (4)
2-3Ove Aunli28:24.11-27:22.4 (3)
2-4Tor Håkon Holte30:05.21-57:27.6 (4)
7-1Giachem Guidon29:42.929:42.9 (4)
7-2Konrad Hallenbarter29:48.759:31.6 (5)
7-3Joos Ambühl29:28.51-29:00.1 (5)
7-4Andi Grünenfelder29:05.91-58:06.0 (5)
64West GermanyFRG1-59:30.2
4-1Jochen Behle30:05.830:05.8 (5)
4-2Stefan Dotzler29:54.71-00:00.5 (6)
4-3Franz Schöbel29:37.31-29:37.8 (6)
4-4Peter Zipfel29:52.41-59:30.2 (6)
6-1Maurilio De Zolt30:21.430:21.4 (7)
6-2Alfred Runggaldier30:26.61-00:48.0 (7)
6-3Giulio Capitanio29:47.01-30:35.0 (8)
6-4Giorgio Vanzetta28:55.31-59:30.3 (7)
88United StatesUSA1-59:52.3
8-1Dan Simoneau29:36.429:36.4 (3)
8-2Tim Caldwell31:43.01-01:19.4 (8)
8-3Jim Galanes29:14.71-30:34.1 (7)
8-4Bill Koch29:18.21-59:52.3 (8)
913East GermanyGDR2-02:13.9
13-1Karsten Brandt32:06.332:06.3 (11)
13-2Uwe Wünsch29:35.11-01:41.4 (9)
13-3Frank Schröder30:48.01-32:29.4 (9)
13-4Uwe Bellmann29:44.52-02:13.9 (9)
10-1Svetoslav Atanasov31:48.431:48.4 (10)
10-2Atanas Simitchiev30:25.51-02:13.9 (10)
10-3Milush Ivanchev30:17.11-32:31.0 (10)
10-4Hristo Barzanov30:46.62-03:17.6 (10)
16-1Andreas Gumpold32:59.132:59.1 (14)
16-2Franz Gattermann30:59.71-03:58.8 (13)
16-3Peter Juric30:35.61-34:34.4 (12)
16-4Alois Stadlober30:04.62-04:39.0 (11)
11-1Ivo Čarman31:38.231:38.2 (9)
11-2Jože Klemenčič31:47.91-03:26.1 (11)
11-3Janež Kršinar30:49.41-34:15.5 (11)
11-4Dušan Đurišič30:27.32-04:42.8 (12)
9-1Kazunari Sasaki32:54.032:54.0 (13)
9-2Hideaki Yamada30:56.61-03:50.6 (12)
9-3Satoshi Sato31:14.11-35:04.7 (13)
9-4Yusei Nakazawa31:37.82-06:42.5 (13)
1412Great BritainGBR2-10:09.9
12-1Mark Moore32:31.832:31.8 (12)
12-2Andrew Rawlin32:19.31-04:51.1 (14)
12-3Mike Dixon33:17.51-38:08.6 (14)
12-4John Spotswood32:01.32-10:09.9 (14)
1517People's Republic of ChinaCHN2-16:52.4
17-1Song Shi34:12.834:12.8 (15)
17-2Li Xiaoming34:47.41-09:00.2 (15)
17-3Lin Guanghao34:00.81-43:01.0 (15)
17-4Zhu Dianfa33:51.42-16:52.4 (15)
14-1Julio César Moreschi37:05.937:05.9 (16)
14-2Norberto von Baumann35:30.91-12:36.8 (16)
14-3Ricardo Holler37:29.31-50:06.1 (16)
14-4Alejandro Baratta37:01.02-27:07.1 (16)
15-1Pürevjavyn Batsükh34:35.434:35.4 (AC)1
15-2Vangansürengiin Renchinkhorol35:09.31-09:44.7 (AC)
15-3Dondogiin Gankhuyag33:11.11-42:55.8 (AC)
15-4Luvsandashiin Dorj33:05.82-16:01.6 (AC)