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50 metres Freestyle, Men

Date21 – 22 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants77 from 71 countries

A few months after he had successfully defended his Olympic 50 metres freestyle title in Atlanta Aleksandr Popov was stabbed in the stomach by a watermelon seller in Moscow. The knife barely missed his kidney and grazed his lung but he recovered and was runner-up behind American Bill Pillczuk at the 1998 World Championships. Pilczuk failed to make the US Olympic team but the Americans, in the shape of Gary Hall, Jr. and Anthony Ervin, were still seen as Popov’s closest rivals. Popov broke Tom Jager’s longstanding world record in March 2000 then saw Hall also go under the old mark at the US trials.

Drawn in adjacent lanes in the Olympic final Popov and Hall both started well as did Hall’s American team mate Anthony Ervin. As Popov’s challenge faded the two Americans matched each other stroke by stroke as the wall approached. Incredibly the two men finished simultaneously in 21.98 seconds and shared the Olympic title.

In 2005 Ervin sold his gold medal for $17,000 to aid victims of the Asian tsunami. In 2012 he returned from retirement to claim a place on his second Olympic team – 12 years after his first.

=1Gary Hall, Jr.USA22.14 (2 h9)22.07 (1 h1)21.98 (=1)Gold
=1Anthony ErvinUSA22.24 (1 h8)22.13 (2 h1)21.98 (=1)Gold
3Pieter van den HoogenbandNED22.32 (2 h10)22.11 (1 h2)22.03 (3)Bronze
4Lorenzo VismaraITA22.62 (4 h8)22.30 (3 h2)22.11 (4)
5Bartosz KizierowskiPOL22.05 (1 h9)22.35 (4 h2)22.22 (5)
6Aleksandr PopovRUS22.15 (1 h10)22.17 (2 h2)22.24 (6)
7Mark FosterGBR22.65 (5 h8)22.32 (3 h1)22.41 (7)
8Oleksandr VolynetsUKR22.52 (1 h6)22.36 (5 h2)22.51 (8)
9Brendon DedekindRSA22.46 (3 h9)22.39 (4 h1)
10Chris FydlerAUS22.80 (5 h10)22.41 (5 h1)
11Roland SchoemanRSA22.53 (4 h10)22.41 (6 h2)
12Johan KenkhuisNED22.61 (4 h9)22.47 (6 h1)
13Brett HawkeAUS22.45 (3 h10)22.49 (7 h2)
14Stefan NystrandSWE22.53 (3 h8)22.49 (7 h1)
15Ricardo BusquetsPUR22.42 (2 h8)22.51 (8 h1)
16Denis PimankovRUS22.74 (5 h9)22.89 (8 h2)
=17Jiang ChengjiCHN22.82 (1 h7)
=17Kim Min-SeokKOR22.82 (2 h6)
19Julio SantosECU22.83 (6 h10)
20Xuxa SchererBRA22.88 (6 h9)
21José MeolansARG22.89 (6 h8)
22Salim IlesALG22.95 (7 h8)
=23Edvaldo ValérioBRA22.96 (7 h10)
=23Eduardo LorenteESP22.96 (8 h8)
25Peter MankočSLO23.02 (3 h6)
26Attila ZuborHUN23.03 (2 h7)
27Stavros MichailidisCYP23.05 (4 h6)
28Stephan KunzelmannGER23.08 (3 h7)
29Indrek SeiEST23.11 (8 h10)
30Ravil NachayevUZB23.12 (1 h5)
31Christoph BühlerSUI23.15 (4 h7)
32Marijan KanjerCRO23.16 (5 h7)
33Marcos HernándezCUB23.20 (6 h7)
=34Dzmitry KalinovskiBLR23.21 (7 h7)
=34Yoav BruckISR23.21 (5 h6)
36Pedro SilvaPOR23.27 (8 h7)
37Allan MurrayBAH23.34 (2 h5)
38Rolandas GimbutisLTU23.36 (6 h6)
39Thierry WoutersBEL23.44 (7 h6)
40Sergey BorisenkoKAZ23.46 (1 h4)
41Sergey AshikhminKGZ23.53 (2 h4)
42Richard BeraINA23.56 (3 h5)
43Nebojša BikićSCG23.57 (4 h5)
44Camilo BecerraCOL23.63 (5 h5)
45Esteban BlancoCRC23.72 (1 h3)
46Tamer ZinhomEGY23.77 (6 h5)
47Serghei StolearencoMDA23.84 (3 h4)
48Paul KutscherURU23.90 (4 h4)
=49Luis LópezPER24.00 (=5 h4)
=49Leslie KwokSGP24.00 (=5 h4)
51Huang Chih-YungTPE24.01 (7 h4)
52Howard HindsAHO24.07 (2 h3)
53Harbeth FuHKG24.20 (8 h4)
54Zurab BeridzeGEO24.28 (3 h3)
55Rodrigo OlivaresCHI24.50 (7 h5)
56Ayoub Al-MasUAE24.91 (4 h3)
57Omar HughesGRN25.05 (5 h3)
58Dimitri MargaryanARM25.29 (6 h3)
59Jamie PeterkinLCA25.33 (1 h2)
60Emin QuliyevAZE25.36 (7 h3)
61Wael SaeedQAT25.43 (1 h1)
62Davy BisslikARU25.57 (2 h2)
63João AguiarANG25.70 (8 h3)
64Mohammed AhmedIRQ25.84 (3 h2)
65Ilidio MatusseMOZ26.28 (4 h2)
66Hem KiryCAM26.41 (5 h2)
67Kenneth MaronieDMA26.65 (6 h2)
68Khalid Al-KulaibiOMA26.96 (7 h2)
69Chitra Bahadur GurungNEP27.02 (2 h1)
70Sikhounxay OunkhamphanyavongLAO27.03 (8 h2)
71Anlloyd SamuelPLW27.24 (3 h1)
72Stephenson WallaceVIN27.84 (4 h1)
73Hassan MubahMDV28.86 (5 h1)
74Bakary SeremeMLI29.69 (6 h1)
75Samson NdayishimiyeRWA38.76 (7 h1)
DQCraig HutchisonCAN– (DQ h6)
DQMohamed Abdul HamidSUD– (DQ h1)
DNSRomain BarnierFRA– (DNS h9)
DNSLars FrölanderSWE– (DNS h9)
DNSFrancisco SánchezVEN– (DNS h5)

Round One (21 September 2000)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (10:02)

11Wael SaeedQAT25.430.78
25Chitra Bahadur GurungNEP27.020.87
34Anlloyd SamuelPLW27.240.71
43Stephenson WallaceVIN27.840.87
56Hassan MubahMDV28.860.85
62Bakary SeremeMLI29.690.86
78Samson NdayishimiyeRWA38.760.81
DQ7Mohamed Abdul HamidSUD1

Heat Two (10:04)

16Jamie PeterkinLCA25.330.89
24Davy BisslikARU25.570.74
35Mohammed AhmedIRQ25.840.66
43Ilidio MatusseMOZ26.280.77
58Hem KiryCAM26.410.74
61Kenneth MaronieDMA26.650.82
77Khalid Al-KulaibiOMA26.960.76
82Sikhounxay OunkhamphanyavongLAO27.030.82

Heat Three (10:06)

14Esteban BlancoCRC23.720.83
25Howard HindsAHO24.070.74
38Zurab BeridzeGEO24.280.81
41Ayoub Al-MasUAE24.910.82
53Omar HughesGRN25.050.77
62Dimitri MargaryanARM25.290.76
77Emin QuliyevAZE25.360.76
86João AguiarANG25.700.78

Heat Four (10:08)

11Sergey BorisenkoKAZ23.460.86
24Sergey AshikhminKGZ23.530.85
38Serghei StolearencoMDA23.840.75
43Paul KutscherURU23.900.73
=56Leslie KwokSGP24.000.73
=57Luis LópezPER24.000.73
72Huang Chih-YungTPE24.010.68
85Harbeth FuHKG24.200.80

Heat Five (10:10)

11Ravil NachayevUZB23.120.78
24Allan MurrayBAH23.340.70
37Richard BeraINA23.560.68
48Nebojša BikićSCG23.570.84
52Camilo BecerraCOL23.630.72
66Tamer ZinhomEGY23.770.82
73Rodrigo OlivaresCHI24.500.81
DNS5Francisco SánchezVEN

Heat Six (10:12)

12Oleksandr VolynetsUKR22.520.86Q
26Kim Min-SeokKOR22.820.85
38Peter MankočSLO23.020.80
47Stavros MichailidisCYP23.050.71
55Yoav BruckISR23.210.79
61Rolandas GimbutisLTU23.360.88
74Thierry WoutersBEL23.440.79
DQ3Craig HutchisonCAN2

Heat Seven (10:14)

14Jiang ChengjiCHN22.820.73
26Attila ZuborHUN23.030.79
31Stephan KunzelmannGER23.080.80
42Christoph BühlerSUI23.150.80
57Marijan KanjerCRO23.160.74
65Marcos HernándezCUB23.200.69
73Dzmitry KalinovskiBLR23.210.75
88Pedro SilvaPOR23.270.73

Heat Eight (10:16)

14Anthony ErvinUSA22.240.71Q
26Ricardo BusquetsPUR22.420.62Q
37Stefan NystrandSWE22.530.73Q
45Lorenzo VismaraITA22.620.82Q
53Mark FosterGBR22.650.82Q
62José MeolansARG22.890.80
71Salim IlesALG22.950.74
88Eduardo LorenteESP22.960.76

Heat Nine (10:19)

16Bartosz KizierowskiPOL22.050.72Q
24Gary Hall, Jr.USA22.140.71Q
35Brendon DedekindRSA22.460.67Q
42Johan KenkhuisNED22.610.78Q
58Denis PimankovRUS22.740.79Q
63Xuxa SchererBRA22.880.78
DNS7Romain BarnierFRA
DNS1Lars FrölanderSWE

Heat Ten (10:22)

14Aleksandr PopovRUS22.150.86Q
25Pieter van den HoogenbandNED22.320.86Q
36Brett HawkeAUS22.450.72Q
43Roland SchoemanRSA22.530.69Q
52Chris FydlerAUS22.800.74Q
68Julio SantosECU22.830.69
77Edvaldo ValérioBRA22.960.72
81Indrek SeiEST23.110.73

Semi-Finals (21 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:02)

14Gary Hall, Jr.USA22.070.76Q
25Anthony ErvinUSA22.130.70Q
31Mark FosterGBR22.320.81Q
46Brendon DedekindRSA22.390.69
58Chris FydlerAUS22.410.75
67Johan KenkhuisNED22.470.77
72Stefan NystrandSWE22.490.73
83Ricardo BusquetsPUR22.510.64

Heat Two (19:06)

13Pieter van den HoogenbandNED22.110.85Q
25Aleksandr PopovRUS22.170.86Q
31Lorenzo VismaraITA22.300.84Q
44Bartosz KizierowskiPOL22.350.74Q
52Oleksandr VolynetsUKR22.360.85Q
67Roland SchoemanRSA22.410.73
76Brett HawkeAUS22.490.72
88Denis PimankovRUS22.890.78

Final (22 September 2000 — 19:52)

=13Anthony ErvinUSA21.980.68
=14Gary Hall, Jr.USA21.980.73
35Pieter van den HoogenbandNED22.030.82
42Lorenzo VismaraITA22.110.82
51Bartosz KizierowskiPOL22.220.75
66Aleksandr PopovRUS22.240.82
77Mark FosterGBR22.410.83
88Oleksandr VolynetsUKR22.510.90