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Slalom, Men

Date22 February 1980
LocationWhiteface Mountain Ski Area, Lake Placid
Participants79 from 28 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
Course Setter (Run 1)Torgny SvenssonSWE
Course Setter (Run 2)Tone VogrinecYUG
DetailsGates: 66 / 60
Length: 549 m / 541 m
Start Altitude: ?
Vertical Drop: 209 m

Ingemar Stenmark had already won the giant slalom and was favored in the slalom as well. He had won the World Cup slalom title every year since 1975, and in 1978, had won World Championships both in slalom and GS. His biggest competition was expected to come from the American Phil Mahre. In March 1979, Mahre was skiing at Lake Placid when he fell badly, breaking his ankle. Treated by renowned sports medicine surgeon Dick Steadman, Mahre had a plate and several screws placed in his ankle and recovered to be ready for the Lake Placid Olympics. He led after the first round with 53.31, with Stenmark back in fourth place at 53.89. Off 12th in the second run, Stenmark posted 50.37, which would give him the gold medal. Mahre placed only eighth in the second run, but held on for the silver medal.

PosNrSkierNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
113Ingemar StenmarkSWE1:44.2653.89 (4)50.37 (1)Gold
21Phil MahreUSA1:44.7653.31 (1)51.45 (8)Silver
35Jacques LüthySUI1:45.0653.70 (=2)51.36 (6)Bronze
46Hans EnnAUT1:45.1253.70 (=2)51.42 (7)
59Christian NeureutherFRG1:45.1454.37 (5)50.77 (3)
611Petar PopangelovBUL1:45.4054.84 (9)50.56 (2)
77Anton SteinerAUT1:45.4154.56 (6)50.85 (4)
815Gustavo ThoeniITA1:45.9954.79 (8)51.20 (5)
910Vladimir AndreyevURS1:46.6554.97 (10)51.68 (9)
1025Frank WörndlFRG1:47.1955.30 (13)51.89 (10)
1122Paul Arne SkajemNOR1:47.2155.11 (12)52.10 (11)
123Andi WenzelLIE1:47.8054.63 (7)53.17 (15)
1324Jože KuraltYUG1:47.9955.05 (11)52.94 (13)
1429Bohumír ZemanTCH1:48.8756.56 (20)52.31 (12)
1538Atsushi SawadaJPN1:49.9456.80 (21)53.14 (14)
1630Jarle HalsnesNOR1:50.1356.44 (19)53.69 (18)
1740Lyudmil TonchevBUL1:50.2356.85 (22)53.38 (16)
1831Leonhard StockAUT1:50.4156.43 (18)53.98 (19)
1935Hristo AngelovBUL1:50.5157.03 (25)53.48 (17)
2033Odd SørliNOR1:51.3656.93 (23)54.43 (22)
2143Mitko HadzhievBUL1:51.3857.34 (27)54.04 (20)
2237Francisco Fernández OchoaESP1:51.6157.31 (26)54.30 (21)
2336Jean-Luc FournierSUI1:53.4858.95 (28)54.53 (23)
2461Henri MollinBEL1:58.891:01.49 (29)57.40 (24)
2550Sepp FerstlFRG1:59.301:01.77 (30)57.53 (25)
2663Scott KendallNZL2:00.991:02.27 (31)58.72 (27)
2757Norberto QuirogaARG2:02.911:05.09 (37)57.82 (26)
2858Ross BlythGBR2:03.561:04.14 (34)59.42 (28)
2965Iván BonacalzaARG2:03.611:03.23 (33)1:00.38 (30)
3052Carlos FontAND2:03.701:02.40 (32)1:01.30 (32)
3160Ricardo KlenkARG2:04.831:04.67 (36)1:00.16 (29)
3264Antony GussAUS2:05.101:04.45 (35)1:00.65 (31)
3376Giannis StamatiouGRE2:18.131:10.86 (39)1:07.27 (33)
3471Piao DongyiCHN2:21.601:10.89 (40)1:10.71 (34)
3579Naji HeneineLBN2:26.391:07.87 (38)1:18.52 (35)
3683Philippos XenophontosCYP2:44.161:25.19 (41)1:18.97 (36)
3773Andreas PilavakisCYP2:54.421:30.64 (42)1:23.78 (37)
AC81Sami RebezLBN– (AC)– (AC)DNF
AC56Guillermo GiumelliARG– (AC)– (AC)DNF
AC51Björn OlgeirssonISL– (AC)– (AC)DNF
AC44Sigurður JónssonISL– (AC)– (AC)DNF
AC41Jorge GarcíaESP– (AC)– (AC)DNF
AC27Toshihiro KaiwaJPN55.78 (17)– (AC)DNF
AC16Stig StrandSWE55.64 (16)– (AC)DNF
AC26Boris StrelYUG55.44 (15)– (AC)DNF
AC18Mauro BernardiITA55.40 (14)– (AC)DNF
AC82Víctor Hugo AscarrunzBOL– (AC)DNF
AC80Hong In-GiKOR– (AC)DNF
AC78Patrick ToussaintAND– (AC)DNF
AC77Lazaros KekhagiasGRE– (AC)DNF
AC74Arturo KinchCRC– (AC)DNF
AC69Billy FarwigBOL– (AC)DNF
AC68Konrad BartelskiGBR– (AC)DNF
AC67Miguel FontAND– (AC)DNF
AC66Stuart BlakelyNZL– (AC)DNF
AC62Mark VryenhoekNZL– (AC)DNF
AC55Roddy LangmuirGBR– (AC)DNF
AC54Didier LamontBEL– (AC)DNF
AC53Alan StewartGBR– (AC)DNF
AC49Scott Alan SánchezBOL– (AC)DNF
AC48Rob McIntyreAUS– (AC)DNF
AC46Jorge PérezESP– (AC)DNF
AC42Pete PattersonUSA– (AC)DNF
AC39Billy TaylorUSA– (AC)DNF
AC34Janez ZiblerYUG– (AC)DNF
AC32Joël GaspozSUI– (AC)DNF
AC23Knut Erik JohannessenNOR– (AC)DNF
AC21Steve MahreUSA– (AC)DNF
AC20Bruno NöcklerITA– (AC)DNF
AC19Osamu KodamaJPN– (AC)DNF
AC17Paolo De ChiesaITA– (AC)DNF
AC14Aleksandr ZhirovURS– (AC)DNF
AC12Peter LüscherSUI– (AC)DNF
AC4Paul FrommeltLIE– (AC)DNF
AC72Lazaros ArkhontopoulosGRE– (AC)DQ
AC28Torsten JakobssonSWE– (AC)DQ
AC3Christian OrlainskyAUT– (AC)DQ
AC8Bojan KrižajYUG– (AC)DQ
AC47Albert BurgerFRG56.98 (24)– (AC)DQ
DNS75Joseph KeyrouzLBN– (DNS)
DNS70Habib KhouryLBN– (DNS)
DNS59Harri RoschierFIN– (DNS)
DNS45Valery TsyganovURS– (DNS)