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Slalom, Men

Date23 February 2002
LocationPark City Mountain Resort, Park City, Utah (Know You Don't)
Participants77 from 43 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsGates: 58
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 2488 m
Vertical Drop: 214 m

The last few World Cups had gone to Austrian Benjamin Raich and Norwegian superstar Kjetil André Aamodt, but leading the 2001-2002 World Cup race was Croatian Ivica Kostelić, brother of Janica Kostelić, who would win three Alpine gold medals at the 2002 Winter Olympics. On the first slalom run, France’s Jean-Pierre Vidal, third in the 2001-02 World Cup standings, took the lead over the top American, Bode Miller, with Raich in third and Kostelić in fourth. On the second run, Miller caught a gate early and did not finish. The best second run was posted by Vidal’s teammate, Sébastien Amiez, who had been equal eighth after the first run. He was followed by British Scot Alain Baxter, who moved up from a tie with Amiez on the first run. Vidal placed sixth on the second run, good enough to keep him in the lead and win the gold medal, Amiez placing second, and Baxter apparently winning Britain’s first-ever medal in Alpine skiing.

But Baxter had a positive doping test for methamphetamine, the result of using an over-the-counter nasal spray. He was disqualified and Benjamin Raich moved up to the bronze medal position. Baxter appealed his doping positive to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and was cleared of any intentional attempt at using PEDs, which lifted the potential two-year ban from competition, but he was still disqualified in the Olympic slalom.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTimeRun #1Run #2
13Jean-Pierre VidalFRA1:41.0648.01 (1)53.05 (6)Gold
211Sébastien AmiezFRA1:41.8250.16 (8)51.66 (1)Silver
39Benjamin RaichAUT1:42.4149.34 (3)53.07 (7)Bronze
412Kilian AlbrechtAUT1:42.4550.26 (9)52.19 (2)
524Urs ImbodenSUI1:42.4849.61 (5)52.87 (5)
68Kjetil André AamodtNOR1:42.7249.92 (7)52.80 (4)
719Markus LarssonSWE1:42.8650.29 (10)52.57 (3)
810Jure KoširSLO1:43.3449.80 (6)53.54 (10)
918Ole Kristian FurusethNOR1:44.3951.03 (17)53.36 (9)
1037Andrzej Bachleda-CuruśPOL1:44.6551.43 (22)53.22 (8)
1135Chip KnightUSA1:44.8650.85 (16)54.01 (13)
1215Tom StiansenNOR1:45.1950.74 (15)54.45 (15)
1323Erik SchlopyUSA1:45.2151.27 (20)53.94 (11)
1416Michael von GrünigenSUI1:45.3551.38 (21)53.97 (12)
1538Stanley HayerCZE1:46.1251.97 (25)54.15 (14)
1636Thomas GrandiCAN1:46.2351.15 (19)55.08 (16)
1739Cristian Simari BirknerARG1:46.8251.55 (23)55.27 (17)
1832Kiminobu KimuraJPN1:48.4352.46 (28)55.97 (19)
1948Michal RajčanSVK1:48.6652.73 (29)55.93 (18)
2042Noel BaxterGBR1:49.6453.66 (31)55.98 (20)
2131Kristinn BjörnssonISL1:49.8153.05 (30)56.76 (22)
2250Gareth TraynerGBR1:50.9154.58 (34)56.33 (21)
2349Angel PumpalovBUL1:51.9353.72 (32)58.21 (23)
241Bode MillerUSA1:52.7948.37 (2)1:04.42 (31)
2555Ivars CiagunsLAT1:54.7356.31 (37)58.42 (24)
2662Marko ĐorđevićSCG1:55.9955.95 (36)1:00.04 (25)
2766Alex HeathRSA1:56.9356.37 (38)1:00.56 (29)
2856Jóhann HaraldssonISL1:57.1756.98 (42)1:00.19 (27)
2953Tahir BisićBIH1:57.7257.55 (43)1:00.17 (26)
3060Gang Min-HyeokKOR1:58.4858.01 (44)1:00.47 (28)
3157Byun Jong-MoonKOR2:01.5858.38 (45)1:03.20 (30)
3276Atakan AlaftargilTUR2:10.361:03.10 (48)1:07.26 (32)
3370Péter VinczeHUN2:15.571:01.46 (47)1:14.11 (33)
DNF2Rainer SchönfelderAUT– (DNF)
DNF6Giorgio RoccaITA– (DNF)
DNF7Kalle PalanderFIN– (DNF)
DNF17Manfred PrangerAUT– (DNF)
DNF21Markus EberleGER– (DNF)
DNF26Jean-Philippe RoyCAN– (DNF)
DNF28Truls Ove KarlsenNOR– (DNF)
DNF29Edoardo ZardiniITA– (DNF)
DNF30Giancarlo BergamelliITA– (DNF)
DNF33Alan PerathonerITA– (DNF)
DNF41Akira SasakiJPN– (DNF)
DNF43Stefan GeorgievBUL– (DNF)
DNF46Jan HolickýCZE– (DNF)
DNF47Björgvin BjörgvinssonISL– (DNF)
DNF58Todd HaywoodNZL– (DNF)
DNF59Ivan HeimschildSVK– (DNF)
DNF61Kristinn MagnússonISL– (DNF)
DNF63Jesse TeatNZL– (DNF)
DNF64Lee Ki-HyunKOR– (DNF)
DNF68Danil AnisimovKAZ– (DNF)
DNF69Dejan PanovskiMKD– (DNF)
DNF71Laurence ThomsFIJ– (DNF)
DNF73Robert MakharashviliGEO– (DNF)
DNF75Bagher KalhorIRI– (DNF)
DNF77Arsen HarutyunyanARM– (DNF)
DNF78Elbrus IsakovAZE– (DNF)
DNF4Mitja KuncSLO51.08 (18)– (DNF)
DNF5Ivica KostelićCRO49.60 (4)– (DNF)
DNF13Pierrick BourgeatFRA50.54 (12)– (DNF)
DNF14Drago GrubelnikSLO50.51 (11)– (DNF)
DNF22Rene MlekužSLO50.57 (13)– (DNF)
DNF27Markus GanahlLIE51.85 (24)– (DNF)
DNF34Tom RothrockUSA50.61 (14)– (DNF)
DNF40Ondřej BankCZE52.37 (27)– (DNF)
DNF44Niki FürstauerLBN51.99 (26)– (DNF)
DNF52Alex AntorAND54.57 (33)– (DNF)
DNF54Michael DicksonAUS56.88 (41)– (DNF)
DNF67Mykola SkriabinUKR56.76 (40)– (DNF)
DNF72Theodoros ChristodoulouCYP59.74 (46)– (DNF)
DNF74Komil UrunbayevUZB1:04.09 (49)– (DNF)
DQ45Hur Seung-WookKOR56.70 (39)[1:05.99] (DQ)
DQ65Vasilios DimitriadisGRE55.24 (35)[1:10.27] (DQ)
DQ25Kentaro MinagawaJPN[54.33] (DQ)
DQ20Alain BaxterGBR[1:42.32][50.16] (DQ)[52.16] (DQ)1
DNS51Borek ZakouřilCZE– (DNS)