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Giant Slalom, Men

Date20 February 2006
LocationSestriere Colle (Sises)
Participants82 from 46 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsGates: 52
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 2480 m
Vertical Drop: 450 m

Austrian Benjamin Raich was favored, having won the 2005 World Cup, leading the race in 2005-06, and having been runner-up at the 2005 World Championships. But another ominous presence was Austrian Hermann Maier, the Herminator, who was the 1998 gold medalist in the event. Maier had been unable to compete in 2001, still recovering from the effects of a severe motorcycle accident that had doctors considering the amputation of his leg. He had now recovered quite well, winning the 2005 World Championship in GS, and the 2004 World Cup in the event. The first run was led by unheralded Canadian François Bourque, followed by Frenchman Joël Chenal. Chenal was a bit better known, having previously posted three podium finishes in the GS in World Cup races, with one win. Maier was tied for third, with Raich in fifth after the first run. Another contender, 2003 World Champion Bode Miller, struggled into 12th position, as he was having a horrible Olympics for him. On the second run, Bourque fell back to form, placing 12th on the run, to drop out of the medals. Raich won the run over Chenal, with Maier third and Miller fourth. The final medal standings echoed the second run placements, with Raich winning the gold medal, Chenal the silver, and Maier the bronze. For Raich, it was his third Olympic medal and first gold, but two days later he would another gold in the slalom.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTimeRun #1Run #2
13Benjamin RaichAUT2:35.001:16.95 (5)1:18.05 (1)Gold
220Joël ChenalFRA2:35.071:16.80 (2)1:18.27 (2)Silver
32Hermann MaierAUT2:35.161:16.83 (=3)1:18.33 (3)Bronze
411François BourqueCAN2:35.921:16.61 (1)1:19.31 (12)
54Fredrik NybergSWE2:36.051:16.83 (=3)1:19.22 (=9)
=69Aksel Lund SvindalNOR2:36.061:17.10 (6)1:18.96 (6)
=67Bode MillerUSA2:36.061:17.58 (12)1:18.48 (4)
810Rainer SchönfelderAUT2:36.641:17.49 (11)1:19.15 (7)
91Kalle PalanderFIN2:36.821:18.22 (16)1:18.60 (5)
106Thomas GrandiCAN2:36.881:17.23 (9)1:19.65 (16)
115Massimiliano BlardoneITA2:36.951:17.21 (8)1:19.74 (17)
1238Mitja ValenčičSLO2:37.391:18.10 (14)1:19.29 (11)
1312Erik SchlopyUSA2:37.561:18.34 (17)1:19.22 (=9)
1416Didier DéfagoSUI2:37.601:18.03 (13)1:19.57 (14)
1522Alberto SchieppatiITA2:37.831:18.21 (15)1:19.62 (15)
1635Ondřej BankCZE2:37.851:18.45 (18)1:19.40 (13)
1728Marc BerthodSUI2:38.251:19.05 (20)1:19.20 (8)
1821Lasse KjusNOR2:39.311:18.73 (19)1:20.58 (22)
1913Didier CucheSUI2:39.331:19.08 (21)1:20.25 (19)
2030Bjarne SolbakkenNOR2:39.611:19.15 (22)1:20.46 (21)
2124Raphaël BurtinFRA2:40.991:20.70 (26)1:20.29 (20)
2232Jukka RajalaFIN2:41.401:20.17 (24)1:21.23 (23)
2340Cristian Simari BirknerARG2:42.561:22.37 (27)1:20.19 (18)
2442Daisuke YoshiokaJPN2:45.031:23.78 (29)1:21.25 (24)
2557Natko Zrnčić-DimCRO2:45.591:22.57 (28)1:23.02 (25)
2660Mykola SkriabinUKR2:50.851:25.81 (31)1:25.04 (26)
2765Alex HeathRSA2:51.421:25.61 (30)1:25.81 (28)
2849Kim Hyeong-CheolKOR2:52.461:26.09 (32)1:26.37 (29)
2963Iason AbramashviliGEO2:54.861:27.59 (33)1:27.27 (30)
3069Nikolai HentschBRA2:55.561:27.78 (34)1:27.78 (32)
3170Thos FoleyIRL2:57.421:28.28 (35)1:29.14 (33)
3262Mikail RenzhinISR3:00.411:28.97 (36)1:31.44 (35)
3364Viktor RyabchenkoKAZ3:00.661:29.52 (37)1:31.14 (34)
3481Theodoros ChristodoulouCYP3:02.031:30.47 (38)1:31.56 (36)
3573Erjon TolaALB3:02.891:30.87 (39)1:32.02 (38)
3667Alidad Saveh ShemshakiIRI3:03.881:32.27 (40)1:31.61 (37)
3759Marko SchaffererBIH3:04.461:39.28 (44)1:25.18 (27)
3872Attila MarosiHUN3:05.121:32.30 (41)1:32.82 (39)
3977Mathieu RazanakolonaMAD3:06.431:39.10 (43)1:27.33 (31)
4066Li GuangxuCHN3:08.071:32.63 (42)1:35.44 (40)
4179Ivan BorisovKGZ3:37.101:59.49 (47)1:37.61 (41)
DNF14Stephan GörglAUT1:17.15 (7)– (DNF)
DNF26Jean-Philippe RoyCAN1:17.36 (10)– (DNF)
DNF52Martin VráblíkCZE1:20.41 (25)– (DNF)
DNF75Deyvid OprjaEST1:40.49 (45)– (DNF)
DNF31Kjetil JansrudNOR1:19.32 (23)– (DNS)
DNF74Hamit ŞareTUR1:52.13 (46)– (DNS)
DNF8Daron RahlvesUSA– (DNF)
DNF15Davide SimoncelliITA– (DNF)
DNF17Marco BüchelLIE– (DNF)
DNF18Ted LigetyUSA– (DNF)
DNF19Manfred MölggITA– (DNF)
DNF23Thomas FanaraFRA– (DNF)
DNF25Aleš GorzaSLO– (DNF)
DNF27Daniel AlbrechtSUI– (DNF)
DNF29Gauthier de TessièresFRA– (DNF)
DNF33Ryan SempleCAN– (DNF)
DNF34Felix NeureutherGER– (DNF)
DNF36Bernard VajdičSLO– (DNF)
DNF37Brad WallAUS– (DNF)
DNF39Petr ZáhrobskýCZE– (DNF)
DNF41Björgvin BjörgvinssonISL– (DNF)
DNF43Claudio SprecherLIE– (DNF)
DNF44Dmitry UlyanovRUS– (DNF)
DNF45Pavel ShestakovRUS– (DNF)
DNF46Konstantin SatsRUS– (DNF)
DNF47Kryštof KrýzlCZE– (DNF)
DNF48Gang Min-HyeokKOR– (DNF)
DNF50Akira SasakiJPN– (DNF)
DNF51Facundo AguirreARG– (DNF)
DNF53Duncan GrobCHI– (DNF)
DNF54Kim U-SeongKOR– (DNF)
DNF55Vasilios DimitriadisGRE– (DNF)
DNF56Ivan RatkićCRO– (DNF)
DNF58Kristján Uni ÓskarssonISL– (DNF)
DNF61Olivier JenotMON– (DNF)
DNF68Gjorgji MarkovskiMKD– (DNF)
DNF71Andrey DryginTJK– (DNF)
DNF76Leyti SeckSEN– (DNF)
DNF80Hira LalIND– (DNF)
DNF82Marino CardelliSMR– (DNF)
DQ78Vitalijus RumiancevasLTU[1:39.11] (DQ)