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100 metres Butterfly, Men

Date29 – 31 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants56 from 45 countries

The day before this final Caeleb Dressel had won gold in the 100 freestyle. As the 2019 World Champion he was also favored in the short butterfly, where he had broken Michael Phelps’s world record in the event by swimming 49.50. At the US Olympic Trials Dressel recorded the third fastest time ever with 49.76 and came into Tokyo with 7 of the top 10 times in the event.

Hungary’s Kristóf Milak, who was considered better in the 200 fly, was the only swimmer close to Dressel on time but still had never broken 50 seconds. Another challenger was France’s Mehdy Metella but he had had shoulder injuries and would not make the final.

In the prelims Dressel equalled Joseph Schooling’s Olympic record from Rio, leading the way with 50.39. He then bettered that in the semi-finals with a time of 49.71 as Milak qualified second with 50.31. The final saw Dressel out the fastest, splitting 23.00 with Milak and ROC swimmer Andrey Minakov 0.65 seconds back at the turn. Dressel slowed slightly coming in but still broke his own world record with a time of 49.45 as Milak closed quickly to finish in a European record 49.68, making him the second fastest performer ever. Behind them Minakov could not hold on as Swiss swimmer Noe Ponti took bronze.

For Dressel this was his second individual gold at Tokyo. He would later win the 50 freestyle, and help the United States win the men’s 4 x 100 free relay and the mixed medley relay to leave Tokyo with five gold medals.

1Caeleb DresselUSA50.39 (1 h8)49.71 (1 h2)49.45 (1)Gold
2Kristóf MilákHUN50.62 (1 h7)50.31 (1 h1)49.68 (2)Silver
3Noè PontiSUI51.24 (2 h7)50.76 (2 h2)50.74 (3)Bronze
4Andrey MinakovROC51.00 (3 h8)51.11 (3 h1)50.88 (4)
5Jakub MajerskiPOL50.97 (2 h8)51.24 (3 h2)50.92 (=5)
6Matthew TempleAUS51.39 (3 h6)51.12 (4 h1)50.92 (=5)
7Luis MartínezGUA51.29 (2 h6)51.30 (4 h2)51.09 (7)
8Josif MiladinovBUL51.28 (1 h6)51.06 (2 h1)51.49 (8)
9Mehdy MetellaFRA51.53 (4 h7)51.32 (5 h1)
10Naoki MizunumaJPN51.57 (4 h6)51.46 (6 h1)
11Joshua LiendoCAN51.52 (3 h7)51.50 (5 h2)
12Nyls KorstanjeNED51.54 (1 h5)51.80 (6 h2)
13Sun JiajunCHN51.74 (3 h5)51.82 (7 h1)
14Szebasztián SzabóHUN51.67 (5 h7)51.89 (7 h2)
15Tom ShieldsUSA51.57 (4 h8)51.99 (8 h2)
16Youssef RamadanEGY51.67 (2 h5)52.27 (8 h1)
17Federico BurdissoITA51.82 (5 h6)
18Chad le ClosRSA51.89 (6 h6)
19Mikhail VekovishchevROC51.89 (5 h8)
20Takeshi KawamotoJPN51.93 (6 h7)
21Tomer FrankelISR51.99 (4 h5)
22Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL52.00 (7 h6)
23Marius KuschGER52.05 (7 h7)
24Santi GrassiARG52.07 (1 h4)
25Jacob PetersGBR52.07 (6 h8)
26Vinícius LanzaBRA52.08 (8 h7)
27Tomoe HvasNOR52.22 (1 h3)
28Louis CroenenBEL52.23 (2 h4)
29Antani IvanovBUL52.25 (3 h4)
30David MorganAUS52.31 (7 h8)
31Santo CondorelliITA52.32 (8 h6)
32Matthew SatesRSA52.34 (5 h5)
33Dylan CarterTTO52.36 (2 h3)
34Quah Zheng WenSGP52.39 (4 h4)
35Ümit Can GüreşTUR52.44 (3 h3)
36Eddie WangTPE52.44 (5 h4)
37Simon BucherAUT52.52 (4 h3)
38Shane RyanIRL52.52 (6 h4)
39Jan ŠeflCZE52.52 (6 h5)
40Nikola MiljenićCRO52.68 (5 h3)
41Kregor ZirkEST52.82 (6 h3)
42Yauhen TsurkinBLR52.90 (7 h5)
43Matheus GoncheBRA53.02 (7 h4)
44Joseph SchoolingSGP53.12 (8 h5)
45Abeiku JacksonGHA53.39 (1 h2)
46Sajan PrakashIND53.45 (2 h2)
47Mun Seung-WuKOR53.59 (3 h2)
48Abbas QaliKUW53.62 (4 h2)
49Steven AimableSEN53.64 (5 h2)
50Navaphat WongcharoenTHA54.36 (6 h2)
51Ben HockinPAR54.81 (=7 h2)
52Davidson VincentHAI54.81 (=7 h2)
53Daniel MartinROU55.09 (7 h3)
54Salvador GordoANG55.96 (1 h1)
55Yousif Bu ArishKSA56.29 (2 h1)
DQAbdulla EssaBRN– (DQ h1)
DNSGal Cohen GroumiISR– (DNS h4)
DNSJames GuyGBR– (DNS h8)
DNSIhor TroianovskyiUKR– (DNS h3)

Round One (29 July 2021 — 19:43)

14Caeleb DresselUSA50.39Q =OR
24Kristóf MilákHUN50.62Q
36Jakub MajerskiPOL50.97Q
45Andrey MinakovROC51.00Q
56Noè PontiSUI51.24Q
65Josif MiladinovBUL51.28Q
77Luis MartínezGUA51.29Q
84Matthew TempleAUS51.39Q
97Joshua LiendoCAN51.52Q
105Mehdy MetellaFRA51.53Q
111Nyls KorstanjeNED51.54Q
=123Naoki MizunumaJPN51.57Q
=122Tom ShieldsUSA51.57Q
=142Youssef RamadanEGY51.67Q
=142Szebasztián SzabóHUN51.67Q
166Sun JiajunCHN51.74Q
172Federico BurdissoITA51.82
=186Chad le ClosRSA51.89
=187Mikhail VekovishchevROC51.89
203Takeshi KawamotoJPN51.93
213Tomer FrankelISR51.99
228Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL52.00
231Marius KuschGER52.05
=246Santi GrassiARG52.07
=248Jacob PetersGBR52.07
268Vinícius LanzaBRA52.08
272Tomoe HvasNOR52.22
288Louis CroenenBEL52.23
297Antani IvanovBUL52.25
301David MorganAUS52.31
311Santo CondorelliITA52.32
327Matthew SatesRSA52.34
337Dylan CarterTTO52.36
344Quah Zheng WenSGP52.39
=353Ümit Can GüreşTUR52.44
=354Eddie WangTPE52.44
=375Simon BucherAUT52.52
=378Shane RyanIRL52.52
=375Jan ŠeflCZE52.52
406Nikola MiljenićCRO52.68
411Kregor ZirkEST52.82
424Yauhen TsurkinBLR52.90
431Matheus GoncheBRA53.02
448Joseph SchoolingSGP53.12
452Abeiku JacksonGHA53.39
465Sajan PrakashIND53.45
474Mun Seung-WuKOR53.59
483Abbas QaliKUW53.62
491Steven AimableSEN53.64
507Navaphat WongcharoenTHA54.36
=516Ben HockinPAR54.81
=518Davidson VincentHAI54.81
535Daniel MartinROU55.09
544Salvador GordoANG55.96
555Yousif Bu ArishKSA56.29
DQ3Abdulla EssaBRN
DNS2Gal Cohen GroumiISR
DNS3James GuyGBR
DNS3Ihor TroianovskyiUKR

Heat One (19:43)

14Salvador GordoANG55.960.57
25Yousif Bu ArishKSA56.290.63
DQ3Abdulla EssaBRN

Heat Two (19:46)

12Abeiku JacksonGHA53.390.67
25Sajan PrakashIND53.450.69
34Mun Seung-WuKOR53.590.62
43Abbas QaliKUW53.620.62
51Steven AimableSEN53.640.62
67Navaphat WongcharoenTHA54.360.55
=76Ben HockinPAR54.810.72
=78Davidson VincentHAI54.810.64

Heat Three (19:49)

12Tomoe HvasNOR52.220.66
27Dylan CarterTTO52.360.65
33Ümit Can GüreşTUR52.440.58
45Simon BucherAUT52.520.59
56Nikola MiljenićCRO52.680.67
61Kregor ZirkEST52.820.60
75Daniel MartinROU55.090.69
DNS3Ihor TroianovskyiUKR

Heat Four (19:52)

16Santi GrassiARG52.070.61
28Louis CroenenBEL52.230.68
37Antani IvanovBUL52.250.64
44Quah Zheng WenSGP52.390.56
54Eddie WangTPE52.440.56
68Shane RyanIRL52.520.64
71Matheus GoncheBRA53.020.63
DNS2Gal Cohen GroumiISR

Heat Five (19:55)

11Nyls KorstanjeNED51.540.59Q
22Youssef RamadanEGY51.670.58Q
36Sun JiajunCHN51.740.63Q
43Tomer FrankelISR51.990.58
57Matthew SatesRSA52.340.63
65Jan ŠeflCZE52.520.66
74Yauhen TsurkinBLR52.900.59
88Joseph SchoolingSGP53.120.57

Heat Six (19:58)

15Josif MiladinovBUL51.280.63Q
27Luis MartínezGUA51.290.61Q
34Matthew TempleAUS51.390.62Q
43Naoki MizunumaJPN51.570.59Q
52Federico BurdissoITA51.820.68
66Chad le ClosRSA51.890.61
78Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL52.000.69
81Santo CondorelliITA52.320.61

Heat Seven (20:01)

14Kristóf MilákHUN50.620.64Q
26Noè PontiSUI51.240.68Q
37Joshua LiendoCAN51.520.59Q
45Mehdy MetellaFRA51.530.67Q
52Szebasztián SzabóHUN51.670.59Q
63Takeshi KawamotoJPN51.930.60
71Marius KuschGER52.050.61
88Vinícius LanzaBRA52.080.64

Heat Eight (20:04)

14Caeleb DresselUSA50.390.62Q =OR
26Jakub MajerskiPOL50.970.62Q
35Andrey MinakovROC51.000.62Q
42Tom ShieldsUSA51.570.69Q
57Mikhail VekovishchevROC51.890.64
68Jacob PetersGBR52.070.63
71David MorganAUS52.310.60
DNS3James GuyGBR

Semi-Finals (30 July 2021 — 10:30)

14Caeleb DresselUSA49.71Q OR
24Kristóf MilákHUN50.31Q
33Noè PontiSUI50.76Q
43Josif MiladinovBUL51.06Q
55Andrey MinakovROC51.11Q
66Matthew TempleAUS51.12Q
75Jakub MajerskiPOL51.24Q
86Luis MartínezGUA51.30Q
92Mehdy MetellaFRA51.32
107Naoki MizunumaJPN51.46
112Joshua LiendoCAN51.50
127Nyls KorstanjeNED51.80
138Sun JiajunCHN51.82
148Szebasztián SzabóHUN51.89
151Tom ShieldsUSA51.99
161Youssef RamadanEGY52.27

Heat One (10:30)

14Kristóf MilákHUN50.310.66Q
23Josif MiladinovBUL51.060.65Q
35Andrey MinakovROC51.110.63Q
46Matthew TempleAUS51.120.63Q
52Mehdy MetellaFRA51.320.65
67Naoki MizunumaJPN51.460.60
78Sun JiajunCHN51.820.64
81Youssef RamadanEGY52.270.61

Heat Two (10:35)

14Caeleb DresselUSA49.710.62Q OR
23Noè PontiSUI50.760.69Q
35Jakub MajerskiPOL51.240.64Q
46Luis MartínezGUA51.300.62Q
52Joshua LiendoCAN51.500.63
67Nyls KorstanjeNED51.800.61
78Szebasztián SzabóHUN51.890.58
81Tom ShieldsUSA51.990.71

Final (31 July 2021 — 10:30)

14Caeleb DresselUSA49.450.60WR
25Kristóf MilákHUN49.680.67
33Noè PontiSUI50.740.68
42Andrey MinakovROC50.880.61
=51Jakub MajerskiPOL50.920.65
=57Matthew TempleAUS50.920.61
78Luis MartínezGUA51.090.60
86Josif MiladinovBUL51.490.64