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30 kilometres, Men

Date30 January 1964 — 8:30
LocationLanglaufstadion, Seefeld
Participants69 from 23 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 245 m
Intermediate 1: 10.0 km
Intermediate 2: 20.0 km
Maximum Climb: 72 m
Total Climbing: 964 m

Eero Mäntyranta emerged as the new Finnish cross country star after Veikko Hakulinen decided in 1962 to try a new sport, biathlon, and qualified for the Finnish Olympic biathlon team 1964, aged 39. Mäntyranta was World Champion at 30 km in 1962, and one of the heavy favorites for the event in the Olympics two years later. The Swedish team was still lead by Sixten Jernberg, now close to 35 but still considered as one of the best long distance skiers. Janne Stefansson, silver medallist at the distance in the World Championships 1962, was also considered among the favorites, together with Italian Giulio De Florian, bronze medalist in 1962. De Florian however had to withdraw from the 30 km due to illness.

The Finn Kalevi Lauria, who had a reputation as a fast opener, took an early lead at the 10 km mark, starting as number 4. His intermediate time was beaten by the Norwegian Ole Ellefsæter by a few seconds, but shortly afterwards he had to drop out of the race due to trouble with his skies. Mäntyranta, starting next to last of the 70 competitors, bettered Laurila’s time by 14 seconds and the favorite was in the lead. At 20 km Mäntyranta had opened a gap of 1:05 to Laurila, still in second place, but closely followed by Soviet Union’s Igor Voronchikhin and Norway’s Harald Grønningen, only two and three seconds behind Laurila. Mäntyranta increased his lead over the last 10 km and won by a comfortable margin, 1:12 ahead of fast finishing Grønningen with Voronchikhin taking the bronze medal. The Swedes Stefansson and Jernberg advanced from 13th and 14th position after 10 km to fourth and fifth in the final standings, and Laurila dropped down to sixth. West-German Walter Demel, aged 30 and making his first out of four winter Olympic appearances, was best of the Middle European skiers, placing 10th.

169Eero MäntyrantaFIN1-30:50.7Gold
237Harald GrønningenNOR1-32:02.3Silver
328Igor VoronchikhinURS1-32:15.8Bronze
419Janne StefanssonSWE1-32:34.8
567Sixten JernbergSWE1-32:39.6
64Kalevi LaurilaFIN1-32:41.4
751Assar RönnlundSWE1-32:43.6
863Einar ØstbyNOR1-32:54.6
914Torsten SamuelssonSWE1-33:07.8
1058Walter DemelGER1-33:10.2
117Sverre StensheimNOR1-33:12.3
126Bayazit GizatullinURS1-33:33.4
1324Arto TiainenFIN1-33:37.7
1441Väinö HuhtalaFIN1-33:38.1
1545Marcello De DorigoITA1-33:53.4
1632Giuseppe SteinerITA1-33:59.8
1739Ivan UtrobinURS1-34:10.4
1811Franco StellaITA1-35:01.1
1961Gennady VaganovURS1-35:03.1
2016Victor ArbezFRA1-36:50.5
2147Roger PiresFRA1-37:45.5
2254Livio StufferITA1-38:11.0
2356Félix MathieuFRA1-38:24.5
2440Józef RysulaPOL1-38:29.1
2512Claude LegrandFRA1-38:40.5
2618Štefan HarvanTCH1-39:05.2
2734Konrad HischierSUI1-39:43.6
2838Hans AmmannSUI1-39:55.7
2943Heinz SeidelGER1-40:01.0
3046Mike ElliottUSA1-40:11.7
3168Andreas JancAUT1-40:23.3
3221Rudolf DannhauerGER1-40:35.7
3336Ladislav HrubýTCH1-41:04.8
345Alfons DornerGER1-41:09.5
3531Edward BudnyPOL1-41:31.9
3620Hansjörg FarbmacherAUT1-41:37.1
3748Stefan MitkovBUL1-42:13.2
3849Don MacLeodCAN1-42:17.7
399Georges DuboisSUI1-42:26.8
4070Tadeusz JankowskiPOL1-42:34.0
412Kazuo SatoJPN1-42:39.2
4259Dick TaylorUSA1-42:39.5
4366Alphonse BaumeSUI1-42:41.8
4465Cveto PavčičYUG1-42:44.0
4535Roman SeljakYUG1-42:44.4
4625Larry DamonUSA1-42:57.7
4750Hidezo TakahashiJPN1-43:11.0
4810Jim SheaUSA1-43:18.4
4929Borislav OchushkiBUL1-44:00.1
5027Janko KobentarYUG1-45:04.7
5123Tatsuo KitamuraJPN1-46:13.4
5260Martti RautioCAN1-46:18.6
531Svend CarlsenDEN1-46:35.9
5430Gheorghe BădescuROU1-46:54.5
5553Roderick TuckGBR1-47:52.6
5642Hermann MayrAUT1-48:53.3
5752Sodnomtserengiin NatsagdorjMGL1-49:07.1
5813Bizyaagiin DashgaiMGL1-49:24.7
5964Banzragchiin ZunduiMGL1-49:27.3
6017Bayanjavyn DamdinjavMGL1-51:25.2
618Þórhallur SveinssonISL1-51:34.4
6262Chogoro YahataJPN1-51:45.3
6355Yang Duk-SoonPRK1-53:58.4
6433Birgir GuðlaugssonISL1-54:00.3
6544Kim Ko-AmPRK1-55:11.0
6657Yang Yong-OkKOR2-28:54.7
DQ15Henryk MarekPOL
DQ26Ole EllefsæterNOR
DNF3Franz VetterAUT
DNS22Ri Kyoo-HwanPRK