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Featherweight (≤58 kilograms), Men

Date7 – 13 August 1948
LocationWembley Arena, Wembley, London
Participants30 from 30 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

The featherweight division was blighted by more than a fair share of controversial judging decisions. The second round bout between the US’s Eddie Johnson and Basilio Alves of Uruguay was awarded to the American amid howls of protest from Alves’s supporters. For a quarter of an hour the crowd expressed their displeasure and the Uruguayan was carried around the hall on the shoulders of his countrymen. More protests followed in the last eight with the American and Canadian teams convinced that their men had been unjustly treated but things eventually came to a climax in the semi-finals. Argentina’s Francisco Nuñez was defeated by Dennis Shephard of South Africa, a decision that infuriated the Argentines in the hall. Like Alves, Núñez was carried by the supporters around the hall but this time the rumpus reached the table of the Jury of Appeal. Stewards rushed in to defuse the situation and the Argentine fans ended their protest after an appeal from one of their senior officials. Gold medallist Ernesto Formenti kept clear of any controversy and boxed with an accuracy others failed to approach. His left jab kept his opponent in the final, Dave Shephard, at bay. The South African fought with serious damage around his right eye, a legacy of fights over Johnson and Nuñez where he appeared lucky to get the verdict, but was no match for the Italian.

1Ernesto FormentiITAGold
2Dennis ShepherdRSASilver
3Aleksy AntkiewiczPOLBronze
4Francisco NúñezARG
=5Eduard KerschbaumerAUT
=5Eddie JohnsonUSA
=5Seo Byeong-RanKOR
=5Armand SavoieCAN
=9Felipe VerdúESP
=9Manuel VidelaCHI
=9Basilio ÁlvezURU
=9Mohamed AmmiFRA
=9Laurie BirksAUS
=9Pedro GarcíaPER
=9Kevin MartinIRL
=9Clotilde ColónPUR
=17Benoy BoseIND
=17Michel GhaouiLBN
=17Edgard DelannoitBEL
=17Bob GoslinNZL
=17Sydney GrevePAK
=17Peter BranderGBR
=17Matti TammelinFIN
=17Muhsin HamoudaEGY
=17Svend Aage SørensenDEN
=17Leon TraniPHI
=17Béla FarkasHUN
=17Moos LinnemannNED
=17Kaare GundersenNOR
=17Jamshid FaniIRI
DNSAhmed FarragEGY
DNSCharlie TuckerGBR
DNSConrado CastañonMEX
DNSDave ConnellIRL
DNSDoug EllwoodUSA
DNSIgnacio AsensioESP
DNSJacques DehayeFRA
DNSMaung Myo NyantMYA
DNSNello BarbadoroITA
DNSRaymond SouplyBEL
DNSGene RaymondIND

Round One (7 August 1948)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Eduard KerschbaumerAUT Bye
Match #2 Felipe VerdúESP Bye
Match #3 Francisco NúñezARG Benoy BoseIND Decision (– - –)
Match #4 Manuel VidelaCHI Michel GhaouiLBN Decision (– - –)
Match #5 Basilio ÁlvezURU Edgard DelannoitBEL Decision (– - –)
Match #6 Eddie JohnsonUSA Bob GoslinNZL Referee Stops Contest (Round 3)
Match #7 Dennis ShepherdRSA Sydney GrevePAK Decision (– - –)
Match #8 Mohamed AmmiFRA Peter BranderGBR Decision (– - –)
Match #9 Laurie BirksAUS Matti TammelinFIN Decision (– - –)
Match #10 Seo Byeong-RanKOR Muhsin HamoudaEGY Decision (– - –)
Match #11 Pedro GarcíaPER Svend Aage SørensenDEN Decision (– - –)
Match #12 Aleksy AntkiewiczPOL Leon TraniPHI Decision (– - –)
Match #13 Ernesto FormentiITA Béla FarkasHUN Decision (– - –)
Match #14 Kevin MartinIRL Moos LinnemannNED Decision (– - –)
Match #15 Clotilde ColónPUR Kaare GundersenNOR Knock Out (Round 1)
Match #16 Armand SavoieCAN Jamshid FaniIRI Disqualified (Round 3)

Round Two (10 August 1948)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Eduard KerschbaumerAUT Felipe VerdúESP Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Francisco NúñezARG Manuel VidelaCHI Decision (– - –)
Match #3 Eddie JohnsonUSA Basilio ÁlvezURU Decision (– - –)
Match #4 Dennis ShepherdRSA Mohamed AmmiFRA Decision (– - –)
Match #5 Seo Byeong-RanKOR Laurie BirksAUS Knock Out (Round 2)
Match #6 Aleksy AntkiewiczPOL Pedro GarcíaPER Decision (– - –)
Match #7 Ernesto FormentiITA Kevin MartinIRL Decision (– - –)
Match #8 Armand SavoieCAN Clotilde ColónPUR Decision (– - –)

Quarter-Finals (11 August 1948)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Francisco NúñezARG Eduard KerschbaumerAUT Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Dennis ShepherdRSA Eddie JohnsonUSA Decision (– - –)
Match #3 Aleksy AntkiewiczPOL Seo Byeong-RanKOR Decision (– - –)
Match #4 Ernesto FormentiITA Armand SavoieCAN Decision (– - –)

Semi-Finals (12 August 1948)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Dennis ShepherdRSA Francisco NúñezARG Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Ernesto FormentiITA Aleksy AntkiewiczPOL Decision (– - –)

Final Round (13 August 1948)

Match 1/2 Ernesto FormentiITA Dennis ShepherdRSA Decision (– - –)
Match 3/4 Aleksy AntkiewiczPOL Francisco NúñezARG Decision (– - –)