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Road Race, Individual, Men

Date9 – 9 August 2008 — 11:00
LocationGonglu Zixingche Saichang, Juyongguan
Participants143 from 55 countries
Format245 km. mass start race.

The road race was conducted over a 245.4 km. course, the longest in Olympic history, with seven laps back-and-forth between the Juyong and Badaling Passes, finishing on the Badaling Pass climb of 700 metres at 6% grade. The race was held in hot and humid conditions. Prior to the Beijing Olympics, many endurance athletes had complained about the air pollution in Beijing but, on the day of the road race, it was relatively clear for the Chinese capital city. The first major break occurred at 60 km., with 26 riders going away. They were in front for almost 125 km. The peleton caught them with 60 km. remaining in the race, but by then two riders, Aleksandr Kuchinsky (BLR) and Ruslan Pidhorniy (UKR), had broken away. They were reeled in after only a few kilometers in the lead.

On the last lap, repeated attacks left only 20 riders in the front group. From this group six riders got into a breakaway – Samuel Sánchez (ESP), Davide Rebellin (ITA), Fabian Cancellara (SUI), Aleksandr Kolobnev (RUS), Andy Schleck (LUX), and Michael Rogers (AUS). Sánchez and Rebellin were the most aggressive riders in the break, until Cancellara tried to go off the front, but he was quickly pulled back. Cancellara was not known as a sprinter, but was a great time trialist, and he often used this strength to get away before the sprint. The final sprint was close with all six finishing within a bike length, but Sánchez was the fastest off the top of the Badaling climb, and edged our Rebellin for the gold medal, with Cancellara taking bronze, or so it seemed.

In November 2009, however, Davide Rebellin, the original silver medalist, was disqualified when his sample from Beijing tested positive for CERA (continuous erythropoietin receptor activator), which stimulates erythropoietin (EPO) production and increases hemoglobin levels for better oxygen usage. Switzerland’s Fabian Cancellara, who won the individual time trial gold medal in Beijing, was moved up to the silver medal position and Russian Aleksandr Kolobnev was awarded the bronze medal.

1Samuel SánchezESP6-23:49Gold
2Fabian CancellaraSUI6-23:49same timeSilver
3Aleksandr KolobnevRUS6-23:49same timeBronze
4Andy SchleckLUX6-23:49same time
5Mick RogersAUS6-23:49same time
6Santiago BoteroCOL6-24:01at 0:12
7Mario AertsBEL6-24:01at 0:12
8Michael BarryCAN6-24:05at 0:16
9Robert GesinkNED6-24:07at 0:18
10Levi LeipheimerUSA6-24:09at 0:20
11Chris Anker SørensenDEN6-24:11at 0:22
12Alejandro ValverdeESP6-24:11at 0:22
13Jérôme PineauFRA6-24:11at 0:22
14Cadel EvansAUS6-24:11at 0:22
15Przemysław NiemiecPOL6-24:11at 0:22
16Christian Vande VeldeUSA6-24:19at 0:30
17Paolo BettiniITA6-24:24at 0:35
18Vladimir KarpetsRUS6-24:59at 1:10
19Murilo FischerBRA6-26:17at 2:28
20Fabian WegmannGER6-26:17at 2:28
21Erik HoffmannNAM6-26:17at 2:28
22Christian PfannbergerAUT6-26:17at 2:28
23Gustav LarssonSWE6-26:17at 2:28
24Nicki SørensenDEN6-26:17at 2:28
25Radoslav RoginaCRO6-26:17at 2:28
26John AugustynRSA6-26:17at 2:28
27Nuno RibeiroPOR6-26:17at 2:28
28Ignatas KonovalovasLTU6-26:17at 2:28
29Jackson RodríguezVEN6-26:17at 2:28
30Matt LloydAUS6-26:17at 2:28
31Kurt Asle ArvesenNOR6-26:17at 2:28
32Kanstantsin SiutsouBLR6-26:17at 2:28
33Rémi PauriolFRA6-26:17at 2:28
34Tadej ValjavecSLO6-26:17at 2:28
35Yaroslav PopovychUKR6-26:17at 2:28
36Simon GerransAUS6-26:17at 2:28
37Thomas LöfkvistSWE6-26:25at 2:36
38Thomas RohreggerAUT6-26:25at 2:36
39George HincapieUSA6-26:25at 2:36
40José Rodolfo SerpaCOL6-26:27at 2:38
41Johan VansummerenBEL6-26:27at 2:38
42Fränk SchleckLUX6-26:27at 2:38
43Andrey MizurovKAZ6-26:27at 2:38
44Roman KreuzigerCZE6-26:35at 2:46
45Kim KirchenLUX6-26:40at 2:51
46Moisés AldapeMEX6-28:08at 4:19
47Rein TaaramäeEST6-30:49at 7:00
48Carlos SastreESP6-31:06at 7:17
49Franco PellizottiITA6-31:06at 7:17
50Sergey LagutinUZB6-31:06at 7:17
51Hossein AskariIRI6-34:22at 10:33
52Ruslan PidhornyiUKR6-34:22at 10:33
53Julian DeanNZL6-34:26at 10:37
54Jacek MorajkoPOL6-34:26at 10:37
55Ryder HesjedalCAN6-34:26at 10:37
56Matija KvasinaCRO6-34:26at 10:37
57Marcus LjungqvistSWE6-34:26at 10:37
58Svein TuftCAN6-34:26at 10:37
59Denis MenshovRUS6-34:26at 10:37
60Jure GolčerSLO6-34:26at 10:37
61Ján ValachSVK6-34:26at 10:37
62Marzio BruseghinITA6-34:26at 10:37
63Nicolas RocheIRL6-34:26at 10:37
64Laurens ten DamNED6-34:26at 10:37
65Péter KusztorHUN6-35:44at 11:55
66Ivan StevićSRB6-35:44at 11:55
67Gatis SmukulisLAT6-36:48at 12:59
68Tanel KangertEST6-36:48at 12:59
69Gonzalo GarridoCHI6-36:48at 12:59
70Edvald Boasson HagenNOR6-36:48at 12:59
71André CardosoPOR6-39:42at 15:53
72Aliaksandr KuchynskiBLR6-39:42at 15:53
73Dainius KairelisLTU6-39:42at 15:53
74Petr BenčikCZE6-39:42at 15:53
75Alexandr PliuschinMDA6-39:42at 15:53
76Denys KostiukUKR6-39:42at 15:53
77Sergey IvanovRUS6-39:42at 15:53
78Ghader MizbaniIRI6-39:42at 15:53
79David GeorgeRSA6-39:42at 15:53
80Philip DeignanIRL6-39:42at 15:53
81Glen ChadwickNZL6-39:42at 15:53
82Aliaksandr UsauBLR6-49:59at 26:10
83Tomasz MarczyńskiPOL6-49:59at 26:10
84Nebojša JovanovićSRB6-49:59at 26:10
85Takashi MiyazawaJPN6-55:24at 31:35
86Rafaâ ChtiouiTUN7-03:04at 39:15
87Park Seong-BaekKOR7-03:04at 39:15
88Wu Kin SanHKG7-05:57at 42:08
89Luciano PagliariniBRA7-08:27at 44:38
ACDavide RebellinITA6-23:49same timeDQ (doping)1
ACAlberto ContadorESPDNF
ACSimon ŠpilakSLODNF
ACPierrick FédrigoFRADNF
ACCyril DesselFRADNF
ACPierre RollandFRADNF
ACRigoberto UránCOLDNF
ACStef ClementNEDDNF
ACBert GrabschGERDNF
ACVincenzo NibaliITADNF
ACLars Petter NordhaugNORDNF
ACVladimir MiholjevićCRODNF
ACChristophe BrandtBELDNF
ACStefan SchumacherGER[DNF]DQ (doping)2
ACBrian VandborgDENDNF
ACJurgen Van Den BroeckBELDNF
ACPatricio AlmonacidCHIDNF
ACEvgeni GerganovBULDNF
ACStuart O'GradyAUSDNF
ACMaksim IglinskyKAZDNF
ACGabriel RaschNORDNF
ACFumiyuki BeppuJPNDNF
ACHenry RaabeCRCDNF (lapped)
ACMehdi SohrabiIRIDNF (lapped)
ACMario ContrerasESADNF
ACAndriy HryvkoUKRDNF
ACVladimir YefimkinRUSDNF
ACJason McCartneyUSADNF
ACRoger HammondGBRDNF
ACKarsten KroonNEDDNF
ACÓscar FreireESPDNF
ACSteve CummingsGBRDNF
ACMaxime MonfortBELDNF
ACRoman BronišSVKDNF
ACHichem ChabaneALGDNF (lapped)
ACJuan José HaedoARGDNF
ACZhang LiangCHNDNF (lapped)
ACAhmed BelgasemLBADNF
ACGerald CiolekGERDNF
ACRaivis BelohvoščiksLATDNF
ACJonny BellisGBRDNF
ACHoracio GallardoBOLDNF
ACLászló BodrogiHUNDNF
ACDaniel PetrovBULDNF (lapped)
ACMatías MédiciARGDNF
ACNiki TerpstraNEDDNF
ACAlejandro BorrajoARGDNF (lapped)
ACRobert HunterRSADNF (lapped)
ACDavid ZabriskieUSADNF