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Light-Middleweight (≤71 kilograms), Men

Date20 September – 2 October 1988
LocationJam-sil Hak-saeng Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul Sports Complex, Seoul
Participants36 from 36 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Before the events of the final there had already been some controversy concerning the progress of South Korea’s Park Si-Heon into the final. Park had already been lucky to avoid disqualification in his opening bout against Abdullah Ramadan of Sudan before he began a run of three close and controversial points decisions. In particular his quarter-final victory against Italy’s Vincenzo Nardiello drew criticism as most impartial observers believed the Italian was a deserving winner.

In contrast [Roy Jones, Jr.] had strolled past his opposition with a knockout and three decisive points decisions. His showboating style may have given offence for its’ supposed lack of respect for his opponents but none could deny his talent.

For the three rounds of the final, Jones appeared in complete control and most observers viewed the fight as a complete shutout for the American. The computer punch count recorded that Jones had landed nearly three times as many punches as Park (86-32). When the result was announced it was revealed that the Soviet and Hungarian judges had awarded the fight to Jones by four point margins but the other three had voted for the Korean. The decision was widely condemned as one of the worst in Olympic history and directly led to the introduction of electronic punch counters at the 1992 Olympic Games.

In 1997 the International Amateur Boxing Federation presented the IOC with information concerning allegations that some of the judges had received bribes at the 1988 Olympics. The IOC concluded that the charges were not proven. Unusually for a non-Olympic champion, Jones was awarded the Val Barker Trophy for best boxer of the Games.

Jones used the publicity gained in Seoul to start a lucrative career in the professional and emerged as one of the greatest boxers of the end of the 20th century. He won world titles at four different weights and became the first man for more than a century to win the world championship at middleweight, light-heavyweight and heavyweight.

1Park Si-HeonKORGold
2Roy Jones, Jr.USASilver
=3Richie WoodhallGBRBronze
=3Ray DowneyCANBronze
=5Rey RiveraPUR
=5Yevgeny ZaytsevURS
=5Vincenzo NardielloITA
=5Martin KitelSWE
=9Peter SilvaBRA
=9Apolinário de SilveiraANG
=9Michal FranekTCH
=9Sounaila SagnonBUR
=9Torsten SchmitzGDR
=9Quinn PaynterBER
=9Laurensio MercadoECU
=9Abrar Hussain SyedPAK
=17Charles MahlalelaSWZ
=17George AllisonGUY
=17Desmond WilliamsSLE
=17Mohamad OrungiKEN
=17M'tendere MakalambaMAW
=17Gary SmikleJAM
=17John Boscoe WaigoUGA
=17Abdullah RamadanSUD
=17Angel StoyanovBUL
=17Johnny de LimaDEN
=17Likou AliuSAM
=17Ncholu MonontsiLES
=17Wabanko BankoCOD
=17Norbert NierobaFRG
=17François MayoCMR
=32Emmanuel QuayeGHA
=32Jorge Óscar LópezARG
=32Garth FelixGRN
=32Noureddine MezianeALG
=32Moussa WiawindiCAF
DNSIsaac IapatuVAN

Round One (20 September 1988)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Charles MahlalelaSWZ Bye
Match #2 Peter SilvaBRA Bye
Match #3 Rey RiveraPUR Bye
Match #4 George AllisonGUY Bye
Match #5 Richie WoodhallGBR Bye
Match #6 Desmond WilliamsSLE Bye
Match #7 Mohamad OrungiKEN Bye
Match #8 Apolinário de SilveiraANG Bye
Match #9 Michal FranekTCH Bye
Match #10 Isaac IapatuVAN Bye
Match #11 M'tendere MakalambaMAW Bye
Match #12 Roy Jones, Jr.USA Bye
Match #13 Yevgeny ZaytsevURS Bye
Match #14 Gary SmikleJAM Bye
Match #15 John Boscoe WaigoUGA Bye
Match #16 Sounaila SagnonBUR Bye
Match #17 Abdullah RamadanSUD Bye
Match #18 Park Si-HeonKOR Bye
Match #19 Torsten SchmitzGDR Bye
Match #20 Angel StoyanovBUL Bye
Match #21 Johnny de LimaDEN Bye
Match #22 Quinn PaynterBER Bye
Match #23 Vincenzo NardielloITA Bye
Match #24 Likou AliuSAM Bye
Match #25 Ncholu MonontsiLES Bye
Match #26 Martin KitelSWE Bye
Match #27 Wabanko BankoCOD Bye
Match #28 Laurensio MercadoECU Emmanuel QuayeGHA Knock Out (Round 3, 1:49)
Match #29 Ray DowneyCAN Jorge Óscar LópezARG Decision (5 - 0)
Match #30 Norbert NierobaFRG Garth FelixGRN Knock Out (Round 1, 2:27)
Match #31 Abrar Hussain SyedPAK Noureddine MezianeALG Knock Out (Round 2, 1:47)
Match #32 François MayoCMR Moussa WiawindiCAF Referee Stops Contest (Head Blow) (Round 1, 1:56)

Round Two (24 September 1988)

Winner of each match advanced to the third round.

Match #1 Peter SilvaBRA Charles MahlalelaSWZ Decision (5 - 0)
Match #2 Rey RiveraPUR George AllisonGUY Decision (5 - 0)
Match #3 Richie WoodhallGBR Desmond WilliamsSLE Decision (5 - 0)
Match #4 Apolinário de SilveiraANG Mohamad OrungiKEN Referee Stops Contest (Head Blow) (Round 2, 1:33)
Match #5 1 Michal FranekTCH 2François MayoCMR Referee Stops Contest (Head Blow) (Round 2, 1:46)
Match #6 Roy Jones, Jr.USA M'tendere MakalambaMAW Knock Out (Round 1, 1:44)
Match #7 Yevgeny ZaytsevURS Gary SmikleJAM Decision (5 - 0)
Match #8 Sounaila SagnonBUR John Boscoe WaigoUGA Referee Stops Contest (Head Blow) (Round 1, 1:51)
Match #9 Park Si-HeonKOR Abdullah RamadanSUD Referee Stops Contest (Outclassed) (Round 2, 2:15)
Match #10 Torsten SchmitzGDR Angel StoyanovBUL Decision (3 - 2)
Match #11 Quinn PaynterBER Johnny de LimaDEN Referee Stops Contest (Injured) (Round 3, 1:31)
Match #12 Vincenzo NardielloITA Likou AliuSAM Knock Out (Round 3, 1:37)
Match #13 Martin KitelSWE Ncholu MonontsiLES Decision (5 - 0)
Match #14 Laurensio MercadoECU Wabanko BankoCOD Decision (5 - 0)
Match #15 3 Ray DowneyCAN 4Norbert NierobaFRG Decision (3 - 2)
Match #16 5 Abrar Hussain SyedPAK Isaac IapatuVAN 6Walkover

Round Three (26 September 1988)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Rey RiveraPUR Peter SilvaBRA Knock Out (Round 1, 0:20)
Match #2 Richie WoodhallGBR Apolinário de SilveiraANG Decision (5 - 0)
Match #3 Roy Jones, Jr.USA Michal FranekTCH Decision (5 - 0)
Match #4 Yevgeny ZaytsevURS Sounaila SagnonBUR Referee Stops Contest (Round 2, 1:05)
Match #5 Park Si-HeonKOR Torsten SchmitzGDR Decision (5 - 0)
Match #6 Vincenzo NardielloITA Quinn PaynterBER Knock Out (Round 2, 2:08)
Match #7 Martin KitelSWE Laurensio MercadoECU Decision (3 - 2)
Match #8 Ray DowneyCAN Abrar Hussain SyedPAK Decision (5 - 0)

Quarter-Finals (28 September 1988)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Richie WoodhallGBR Rey RiveraPUR Decision (5 - 0)
Match #2 Roy Jones, Jr.USA Yevgeny ZaytsevURS Decision (5 - 0)
Match #3 Park Si-HeonKOR Vincenzo NardielloITA Decision (3 - 2)
Match #4 Ray DowneyCAN Martin KitelSWE Decision (5 - 0)

Semi-Finals (29 September 1988)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Roy Jones, Jr.USA Richie WoodhallGBR Decision (5 - 0)
Match #2 Park Si-HeonKOR Ray DowneyCAN Decision (5 - 0)

Final Round (2 October 1988)

Match 1/2 Park Si-HeonKOR Roy Jones, Jr.USA Decision (3 - 2)