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Free Pistol, 50 metres, Men

Date12 August 2008
LocationBeijing Shejiguan, Beijing
Participants45 from 32 countries

Korea’s Jin Jong-O had won the silver medal in Athina, but the favorite was China’s Tan Zongliang, the 2006 World Champion. Tan led the qualifying with 565 with four shooters posting 563, including Jin, but Jin moved into the lead early in the final round and held on to win the gold medal. The silver was initally won by DPR Korea’s (North) Kim Jong-Su, who moved into second only on his last shot, posting a 10.5. Tan scored only a 7.9 on his first shot of the final, dropping him out of the lead and he seemed to have placed third for bronze, but Kim was later disqualified during the Olympics for doping with propranolol, a beta-blocker that slows the heart rate, moving Tan up to silver with Vladimir Isakov receiving the bronze. Kim also lost a bronze medal from the air pistol in Beijing.

1Jin Jong-OKOR660,4Gold
2Tan ZongliangCHN659,5Silver
3Vladimir IsakovRUS658,9Bronze
4Oleh OmelchukUKR658,9
5Pavol KoppSVK657,6
6Tanyu KiryakovBUL656,8
7Damir MikecSRB655,8
8Tomoyuki MatsudaJPN558
9Susumu KobayashiJPN558
10Kanstantsin LukaschykBLR558
11Yury DauhapolauBLR558
12Hans-Jörg MeyerGER557
13Daryl SzarenskiUSA555
14Norayr BakhtamyanARM555
15Lin ZhongzaiCHN555
16Rashid YunusmetovKAZ555
17Júlio AlmeidaBRA554
18Francesco BrunoITA554
19Ivan RybovalovUKR553
20Jason TurnerUSA553
21Kai JahnssonFIN553
22Yusuf DikeçTUR552
23Mikhail NestruyevRUS552
24Walter LapeyreFRA552
25Lee Dae-MyeongKOR551
26Ryu Myong-HongPRK551
27Vigilio FaitITA551
28Florian SchmidtGER549
29Jakkrit PanichpatikumTHA549
30Dilshod MukhtarovUZB549
31Samy Abdel RazekEGY549
32João CostaPOR549
33Franck DumoulinFRA548
34David MooreAUS546
35E. M. SenanayakeSRI545
36Martin TenkCZE544
37Nguyễn Mạnh TườngVIE543
38Wojciech KnapikPOL543
39Christoph SchmidSUI542
40Daniel RepacholiAUS540
41Samresh JungIND540
42Sergey BabikovTJK540
43Stênio YamamotoBRA538
44Nikola ŠaranovićMNE535
DQKim Jong-SuPRK[660,2]

Preliminary Round (12 August 2008 — 09:00)

50 metres. 60 shots in six series of 10. 600 possible.

1Tan ZongliangCHN565969493969096Q
2Oleh OmelchukUKR563949694939393Q
3Pavol KoppSVK563999289939892Q
4Vladimir IsakovRUS563959396949392Q
5Jin Jong-OKOR563919494979790Q
6Tanyu KiryakovBUL562909395949595Q
7Damir MikecSRB559929394959590Q
8Tomoyuki MatsudaJPN558929491949394
9Susumu KobayashiJPN558919594929393
10Kanstantsin LukaschykBLR558969592929291
11Yury DauhapolauBLR558939495959388
12Hans-Jörg MeyerGER557939188959694
13Daryl SzarenskiUSA555919488949296
14Norayr BakhtamyanARM555939192939393
15Lin ZhongzaiCHN555929294939292
16Rashid YunusmetovKAZ555919692909690
17Júlio AlmeidaBRA554969194938991
18Francesco BrunoITA554929595929288
19Ivan RybovalovUKR553899191969195
20Jason TurnerUSA553919392939094
21Kai JahnssonFIN553929493909292
22Yusuf DikeçTUR552949492939089
23Mikhail NestruyevRUS552988893909588
24Walter LapeyreFRA552949493968788
25Lee Dae-MyeongKOR551909090919694
26Ryu Myong-HongPRK551879392939294
27Vigilio FaitITA551929089919693
28Florian SchmidtGER549939191899194
29Jakkrit PanichpatikumTHA549919388939193
30Dilshod MukhtarovUZB549939290909391
31Samy Abdel RazekEGY549919297879191
32João CostaPOR549939591958887
33Franck DumoulinFRA548908996948891
34David MooreAUS546898592929593
35E. M. SenanayakeSRI545899388889493
36Martin TenkCZE544909190919389
37Nguyễn Mạnh TườngVIE543928989919389
38Wojciech KnapikPOL543958695918987
39Christoph SchmidSUI542948691919288
40Daniel RepacholiAUS540899389819494
41Samresh JungIND540889291869093
42Sergey BabikovTJK540908393929092
43Stênio YamamotoBRA538918986929189
44Nikola ŠaranovićMNE535898887909388
DQKim Jong-SuPRK[563][94][92][95][94][94][94]Q

Final Round (12 August 2008 — 12:00)

Top eight from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Jin Jong-OKOR660,456397,4
2Tan ZongliangCHN659,556594,5
3Vladimir IsakovRUS658,956395,99,1
4Oleh OmelchukUKR658,956395,96,5
5Pavol KoppSVK657,656394,6
6Tanyu KiryakovBUL656,856294,8
7Damir MikecSRB655,855996,8
DQKim Jong-SuPRK[660,2][563][97,2]