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Sporting Pistol, 25 metres, Women

Date13 August 2008
LocationBeijing Shejiguan, Beijing
Participants41 from 28 countries
Olympic Record (109.0 maximum)103.2 / Mariya Grozdeva BUL / 18 August 2004
Olympic Record (600 maximum)590 / Tao Luna CHN / 22 September 2000
Olympic Record (700 maximum)684 / Marina Logvinenko EUN / 27 July 1992
Olympic Record (709.0 maximum)688.2 / Mariya Grozdeva BUL / 18 August 2004
Olympic Record (Precision, 300 maximum)590 / Tao Luna CHN / 22 September 2000
Olympic Record (Rapid, 300 maximum)297 / Munkhbayar Dorjsuren GER / 18 August 2004
297 / Chen Ying CHN / 18 August 2004
297 / İradə Aşumova AZE / 18 August 2004

Mariya Grozdeva (BUL) was trying to become the first person to win the same shooting event three times consecutively at the Olympics. She qualified only fifth, trailing the leader, Gündegmaa Otryadyn of Mongolia, who was trying to win Mongolia’s first ever gold medal at the Olympics. Otryadyn had been third at the 2006 World Championships. But in the final round, she suffered a pistol malfunction near the end which cost her dearly. China’s Chen Ying was steady throughout the final round enabling her to win the gold medal, as Otryadyn dropped back to silver. Grozdeva did not quite have her best and placed fifth. Coming into Beijing, Mongolia held the distinction as the nation with the most Olympic medals, but having never won a gold medal. Thus Otryadyn’s silver was a disappointment, but they would eventually lose that distinction, as Mongolian men won two gold medals, one in boxing and one in judo. Mongolia ceded the “honor” to The Philippines, winner of two silver and seven bronze medals thru 2008, but not yet a gold.

1Chen YingCHN793,4Gold
2Otryadyn GündegmaaMGL792,2Silver
3Munkhbayar DorjsurenGER789,2Bronze
4Fei FengjiCHN787,9
5Mariya GrozdevaBUL786,6
6Jo Yong-SukPRK783,4
7Tanyaporn PrucksakornTHA777,7
8Luisa MaidaESA774,0
9Sonia FranquetESP582
10Michiko FukushimaJPN581
11An Su-GyeongKOR581
12Tsogbadrakhyn MönkhzulMGL581
13Viktoryia ChaikaBLR581
14Lalita YauhleuskayaAUS581
15Brigitte RoyFRA580
16Nino SalukvadzeGEO580
17Lee Ho-RimKOR580
18Yuliya AlipovaRUS579
19Nataliya PaderinaRUS579
20Lenka MaruškováCZE578
21Jasna ŠekarićSRB578
22Stéphanie TirodeFRA577
23Stefanie ThurmannGER576
24Maura GenovesiITA576
25Libby CallahanUSA575
26Olena KostevychUKR575
27Sławomira SzpekPOL575
28Beki SnyderUSA575
29Sandra KollySUI574
30Mirosława SagunPOL574
31Zauresh BaybusinovaKAZ571
32Zsófia CsonkaHUN571
33Dina AspandiyarovaAUS571
34Michaela MusilováCZE571
35Lindita KodraALB570
36María del Pilar FernándezESP569
37Irena TanovaBUL569
38Zhanna ShapialievichBLR569
39Huang Yi-LingTPE563
40Carmen MaloECU559
41Avianna ChaoCAN558

Preliminary Round (13 August 2008 — 09:00)

25 metres. 60 shots in two series of 30 shots. 600 possible.

1Otryadyn GündegmaaMGL590291299EOR
2Munkhbayar DorjsurenGER587292295
3Chen YingCHN585291294
4Jo Yong-SukPRK584289295
5Mariya GrozdevaBUL583287296
6Fei FengjiCHN582292290
7Tanyaporn PrucksakornTHA582291291
8Luisa MaidaESA582292290
9Sonia FranquetESP582294288
10Michiko FukushimaJPN581288293
11An Su-GyeongKOR581288293
12Tsogbadrakhyn MönkhzulMGL581290291
13Viktoryia ChaikaBLR581292289
14Lalita YauhleuskayaAUS581290291
15Brigitte RoyFRA580289291
16Nino SalukvadzeGEO580292288
17Lee Ho-RimKOR580289291
18Yuliya AlipovaRUS579287292
19Nataliya PaderinaRUS579292287
20Lenka MaruškováCZE578286292
21Jasna ŠekarićSRB578285293
22Stéphanie TirodeFRA577291286
23Stefanie ThurmannGER576291285
24Maura GenovesiITA576286290
25Libby CallahanUSA575287288
26Olena KostevychUKR575288287
27Sławomira SzpekPOL575283292
28Beki SnyderUSA575287288
29Sandra KollySUI574289285
30Mirosława SagunPOL574288286
31Zauresh BaybusinovaKAZ571281290
32Zsófia CsonkaHUN571287284
33Dina AspandiyarovaAUS571290281
34Michaela MusilováCZE571288283
35Lindita KodraALB570283287
36María del Pilar FernándezESP569291278
37Irena TanovaBUL569280289
38Zhanna ShapialievichBLR569287282
39Huang Yi-LingTPE563281282
40Carmen MaloECU559281278
41Avianna ChaoCAN558277281

Final Round (13 August 2008 — 15:00)

Top eight from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Chen YingCHN793,4585208,4
2Otryadyn GündegmaaMGL792,2590202,2
3Munkhbayar DorjsurenGER789,2587202,2
4Fei FengjiCHN787,9582205,9
5Mariya GrozdevaBUL786,6583203,6
6Jo Yong-SukPRK783,4584199,4
7Tanyaporn PrucksakornTHA777,7582195,7
8Luisa MaidaESA774,0582192,0