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200 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date12 – 14 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants52 from 38 countries

Between the two Olympic Games of 2004 and 2008 breaststroke swimming had turned into a personal duel between the man who had won both Olympic titles in Athens, Kosuke Kitajima of Japan, and America’s Brendan Hansen who had beaten Kitajima in all their recent major championship clashes. Hansen was not in the same form as previous years and was not included in the US team for this event leaving Brenton Rickard of Australia as the most likely threat to the Japanese champion although in truth there was no one capable of challenging Kitajima. The Japanese swimmer cruised with little effort in his heat but then beat the Olympic record in both the semi-final and final to retain his title and seal his place amongst the greats of breaststroke swimming. No man had ever before retained both Olympic breaststroke titles.

1Kosuke KitajimaJPN2:09.89 (4 h7)2:08.61 (1 h1)2:07.64 (1)Gold
2Brenton RickardAUS2:11.00 (5 h6)2:09.72 (2 h2)2:08.88 (2)Silver
3Hugues DuboscqFRA2:09.42 (3 h7)2:09.97 (4 h1)2:08.94 (3)Bronze
4Mike BrownCAN2:09.84 (1 h6)2:08.84 (1 h2)2:09.03 (4)
5Dániel GyurtaHUN2:08.68 (1 h7)2:09.73 (3 h2)2:09.22 (5)
6Scott SpannUSA2:10.61 (2 h5)2:09.08 (2 h1)2:09.76 (6)
7Loris FacciITA2:09.12 (2 h7)2:09.75 (4 h2)2:10.57 (7)
8Paolo BossiniITA2:08.98 (1 h5)2:09.95 (3 h1)2:11.48 (8)
9Neil VersfeldRSA2:10.50 (4 h6)2:10.06 (5 h2)
10Eric ShanteauUSA2:10.29 (2 h6)2:10.10 (6 h2)
11Andrew BreeIRL2:10.91 (1 h4)2:10.16 (5 h1)
12William DieringRSA2:10.39 (3 h6)2:10.21 (6 h1)
13Kris GilchristGBR2:11.13 (3 h5)2:10.27 (7 h2)
14Ihor BorysykUKR2:11.08 (6 h7)2:10.99 (7 h1)
15Vlad PolyakovKAZ2:10.83 (5 h7)2:11.87 (8 h2)
16Glenn SnydersNZL2:11.19 (2 h4)2:12.07 (8 h1)
=17Alexander Dale OenNOR2:11.30 (6 h6)
=17Yuta SuenagaJPN2:11.30 (7 h7)
19Thiago PereiraBRA2:11.40 (1 h3)
20Tom Be'eriISR2:11.44 (2 h3)
21Hunor MateAUT2:11.56 (3 h4)
22Valeriy DymoUKR2:11.65 (8 h7)
23Grigory FalkoRUS2:11.88 (4 h5)
24Mihail AleksandrovBUL2:11.94 (5 h5)
25Yevgeny RyzhkovKAZ2:12.44 (4 h4)
26Christian SprengerAUS2:12.56 (6 h5)
27Melki ÁlvarezESP2:12.59 (3 h3)
28Julien NicolardotFRA2:12.76 (5 h4)
29Mathieu BoisCAN2:12.87 (7 h5)
30Henrique BarbosaBRA2:12.99 (7 h6)
31Edvinas DautartasLTU2:13.11 (1 h1)
32Carlos AlmeidaPOR2:13.34 (1 h2)
33Chris ChristensenDEN2:13.92 (8 h6)
34Sergio GarcíaESP2:14.30 (6 h4)
35Maxim PodoprigoraAUT2:14.43 (7 h4)
36Sandeep SejwalIND2:15.24 (2 h1)
37James KirtonGBR2:15.25 (8 h4)
38Jakob SveinssonISL2:15.58 (2 h2)
39Jiří JedličkaCZE2:15.79 (4 h3)
40Laurent CarnolLUX2:15.87 (3 h2)
41Romanos AlyfantisGRE2:16.04 (5 h3)
42Sofiane DaidALG2:16.15 (6 h3)
43Sin Su-JongKOR2:16.21 (4 h2)
44Lai ZhongjianCHN2:16.28 (7 h3)
45Aleksey ZinovyevRUS2:16.40 (8 h5)
46Martti AljandEST2:16.52 (5 h2)
47Miguel MolinaPHI2:16.94 (6 h2)
48Robin van AggeleNED2:17.14 (8 h3)
49Wang Wei-WenTPE2:17.20 (7 h2)
50Leopoldo AndaraVEN2:17.77 (3 h1)
51Ömer ArslanoğluTUR2:17.93 (4 h1)
52Sergio FerreyraARG2:20.10 (5 h1)
DNSValentin PredaROU– (DNS h2)

Round One (12 August 2008)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (19:25)

14Edvinas DautartasLTU2:13.110.81
26Sandeep SejwalIND2:15.240.85
32Leopoldo AndaraVEN2:17.770.81
45Ömer ArslanoğluTUR2:17.930.77
53Sergio FerreyraARG2:20.100.66

Heat Two (19:29)

14Carlos AlmeidaPOR2:13.340.80
23Jakob SveinssonISL2:15.580.87
38Laurent CarnolLUX2:15.870.78
45Sin Su-JongKOR2:16.210.80
56Martti AljandEST2:16.520.70
62Miguel MolinaPHI2:16.940.71
71Wang Wei-WenTPE2:17.200.70
DNS7Valentin PredaROU

Heat Three (19:33)

13Thiago PereiraBRA2:11.400.88
25Tom Be'eriISR2:11.440.78
34Melki ÁlvarezESP2:12.590.89
42Jiří JedličkaCZE2:15.790.88
58Romanos AlyfantisGRE2:16.040.80
67Sofiane DaidALG2:16.150.77
76Lai ZhongjianCHN2:16.280.72
81Robin van AggeleNED2:17.140.79

Heat Four (19:37)

17Andrew BreeIRL2:10.910.79Q
26Glenn SnydersNZL2:11.190.77Q
31Hunor MateAUT2:11.560.75
45Yevgeny RyzhkovKAZ2:12.440.73
58Julien NicolardotFRA2:12.760.73
63Sergio GarcíaESP2:14.300.87
72Maxim PodoprigoraAUT2:14.430.76
84James KirtonGBR2:15.250.75

Heat Five (19:41)

12Paolo BossiniITA2:08.980.89QOR
25Scott SpannUSA2:10.610.69Q
33Kris GilchristGBR2:11.130.89Q
44Grigory FalkoRUS2:11.880.71
58Mihail AleksandrovBUL2:11.940.74
66Christian SprengerAUS2:12.560.68
71Mathieu BoisCAN2:12.870.71
87Aleksey ZinovyevRUS2:16.400.82

Heat Six (19:45)

16Mike BrownCAN2:09.840.74Q
23Eric ShanteauUSA2:10.290.76Q
32William DieringRSA2:10.390.65Q
47Neil VersfeldRSA2:10.500.66Q
54Brenton RickardAUS2:11.000.91Q
65Alexander Dale OenNOR2:11.300.74
71Henrique BarbosaBRA2:12.990.76
88Chris ChristensenDEN2:13.920.82

Heat Seven (19:49)

16Dániel GyurtaHUN2:08.680.80QOR
22Loris FacciITA2:09.120.85Q
35Hugues DuboscqFRA2:09.420.74Q
44Kosuke KitajimaJPN2:09.890.73Q
57Vlad PolyakovKAZ2:10.830.76Q
61Ihor BorysykUKR2:11.080.86Q
73Yuta SuenagaJPN2:11.300.80
88Valeriy DymoUKR2:11.650.77

Semi-Finals (13 August 2008)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (10:52)

13Kosuke KitajimaJPN2:08.610.77QOR
22Scott SpannUSA2:09.080.71Q
34Paolo BossiniITA2:09.950.92Q
45Hugues DuboscqFRA2:09.970.74Q
57Andrew BreeIRL2:10.160.79
66William DieringRSA2:10.210.66
71Ihor BorysykUKR2:10.990.85
88Glenn SnydersNZL2:12.070.79

Heat Two (10:58)

13Mike BrownCAN2:08.840.78Q
21Brenton RickardAUS2:09.720.86Q
34Dániel GyurtaHUN2:09.730.81Q
45Loris FacciITA2:09.750.85Q
52Neil VersfeldRSA2:10.060.69
66Eric ShanteauUSA2:10.100.74
78Kris GilchristGBR2:10.270.85
87Vlad PolyakovKAZ2:11.870.77

Final (14 August 2008 — 10:02)

14Kosuke KitajimaJPN2:07.640.69OR
26Brenton RickardAUS2:08.880.88
38Hugues DuboscqFRA2:08.940.78
45Mike BrownCAN2:09.030.77
52Dániel GyurtaHUN2:09.220.80
63Scott SpannUSA2:09.760.74
77Loris FacciITA2:10.570.84
81Paolo BossiniITA2:11.480.84