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200 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date13 – 15 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants46 from 41 countries

By the sixth day of swimming at the 2008 Olympic Games much of what had happened could be boiled down to a simple equation, Michael Phelps + Olympic final = gold medal for Phelps. The 200 IM was the one race where the probability curve moved away from the certainty of another Phelps victory and into the realms of uncertainty. Both American Ryan Lochte and László Cseh, Jr. of Hungary had been in outstanding form in 2008 and, with Phelps swimming a huge schedule of races, both were expected to press hard for victory.

1Michael PhelpsUSA1:58.65 (1 h6)1:57.70 (1 h1)1:54.23 (1)Gold
2László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:58.29 (1 h4)1:58.19 (2 h1)1:56.52 (2)Silver
3Ryan LochteUSA1:58.15 (1 h5)1:57.69 (1 h2)1:56.53 (3)Bronze
4Thiago PereiraBRA1:58.41 (2 h5)1:58.06 (2 h2)1:58.14 (4)
5Ken TakakuwaJPN1:58.51 (2 h4)1:58.49 (3 h1)1:58.22 (5)
6James GoddardGBR1:59.74 (5 h6)1:58.63 (3 h2)1:59.24 (6)
7Keith BeaversCAN1:59.19 (4 h5)1:59.43 (5 h1)1:59.43 (7)
8Liam TancockGBR1:59.79 (4 h4)1:59.42 (4 h1)2:00.76 (8)
9Bradley AllyBAR1:58.57 (3 h4)1:59.53 (4 h2)
10Takuro FujiiJPN1:59.19 (2 h6)1:59.59 (5 h2)
11Darian TownsendRSA1:59.22 (3 h6)1:59.65 (6 h1)
12Alessio BoggiattoITA1:58.80 (3 h5)1:59.77 (6 h2)
13Gal NevoISR1:59.66 (1 h3)2:00.43 (7 h1)
14Leith BrodieAUS1:59.96 (5 h5)2:00.57 (7 h2)
15Vytautas JanušaitisLTU1:59.63 (4 h6)2:00.76 (8 h2)
16Dinko JukicAUT2:00.57 (5 h4)2:00.98 (8 h1)
17Tamás KerékjártóHUN2:00.60 (6 h5)
=18Brian JohnsCAN2:00.66 (=6 h6)
=18Diogo CarvalhoPOR2:00.66 (=6 h6)
20Mihail AleksandrovBUL2:00.70 (2 h3)
21Dean KentNZL2:01.12 (7 h5)
22Aleksandr TikhonovRUS2:01.21 (8 h6)
23Ioannis KokkodisGRE2:01.22 (3 h3)
24Jeremy KnowlesBAH2:01.35 (4 h3)
25Gard KvaleNOR2:01.52 (1 h2)
26Łukasz WójtPOL2:01.54 (6 h4)
27Miguel MolinaPHI2:01.61 (2 h2)
28Vadym LepskyiUKR2:01.73 (3 h2)
29Saša ImprićCRO2:01.83 (5 h3)
30Omar PinzónCOL2:02.28 (1 h1)
31Tomáš FučíkCZE2:02.85 (4 h2)
32Chris ChristensenDEN2:02.93 (2 h1)
33Brenton CabelloESP2:03.08 (7 h4)
34Qu JingyuCHN2:03.15 (6 h3)
35Martin LiivamägiEST2:03.56 (8 h4)
36Nick BovellTTO2:03.90 (5 h2)
37Dmitry GordiyenkoKAZ2:03.92 (7 h3)
38Andrejs DūdaLAT2:04.18 (3 h1)
39Robin van AggeleNED2:04.33 (8 h5)
40Markus DeiblerGER2:04.54 (8 h3)
41Mehdi HamamaALG2:04.91 (4 h1)
42Serkan AtasayTUR2:05.25 (6 h2)
43Leopoldo AndaraVEN2:05.71 (7 h2)
44Park Beom-HoKOR2:06.17 (5 h1)
45Yury ZakharovKGZ2:07.01 (6 h1)
46Danil BugakovUZB2:10.04 (7 h1)
DNSAndrew BreeIRL– (DNS h2)

Round One (13 August 2008)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (19:46)

17Omar PinzónCOL2:02.280.64
25Chris ChristensenDEN2:02.930.78
31Andrejs DūdaLAT2:04.180.70
42Mehdi HamamaALG2:04.910.89
54Park Beom-HoKOR2:06.170.71
63Yury ZakharovKGZ2:07.010.89
76Danil BugakovUZB2:10.040.80

Heat Two (19:50)

16Gard KvaleNOR2:01.520.77
23Miguel MolinaPHI2:01.610.73
34Vadym LepskyiUKR2:01.730.80
42Tomáš FučíkCZE2:02.850.76
55Nick BovellTTO2:03.900.73
68Serkan AtasayTUR2:05.250.72
71Leopoldo AndaraVEN2:05.710.82
DNS7Andrew BreeIRL

Heat Three (19:55)

11Gal NevoISR1:59.660.64Q
26Mihail AleksandrovBUL2:00.700.75
35Ioannis KokkodisGRE2:01.220.83
48Jeremy KnowlesBAH2:01.350.73
57Saša ImprićCRO2:01.830.69
64Qu JingyuCHN2:03.150.76
73Dmitry GordiyenkoKAZ2:03.920.78
82Markus DeiblerGER2:04.540.80

Heat Four (19:59)

14László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:58.290.76Q
26Ken TakakuwaJPN1:58.510.62Q
37Bradley AllyBAR1:58.570.70Q
45Liam TancockGBR1:59.790.82Q
53Dinko JukicAUT2:00.570.78Q
62Łukasz WójtPOL2:01.540.72
71Brenton CabelloESP2:03.080.79
88Martin LiivamägiEST2:03.560.72

Heat Five (20:03)

14Ryan LochteUSA1:58.150.77Q
25Thiago PereiraBRA1:58.410.73Q
37Alessio BoggiattoITA1:58.800.74Q
41Keith BeaversCAN1:59.190.72Q
56Leith BrodieAUS1:59.960.78Q
63Tamás KerékjártóHUN2:00.600.76
72Dean KentNZL2:01.120.71
88Robin van AggeleNED2:04.330.76

Heat Six (20:07)

14Michael PhelpsUSA1:58.650.75Q
22Takuro FujiiJPN1:59.190.72Q
31Darian TownsendRSA1:59.220.68Q
46Vytautas JanušaitisLTU1:59.630.77Q
55James GoddardGBR1:59.740.67Q
=63Brian JohnsCAN2:00.660.85
=67Diogo CarvalhoPOR2:00.660.70
88Aleksandr TikhonovRUS2:01.210.85

Semi-Finals (14 August 2008)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (11:09)

13Michael PhelpsUSA1:57.700.74Q
24László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:58.190.78Q
35Ken TakakuwaJPN1:58.490.60Q
41Liam TancockGBR1:59.420.83Q
56Keith BeaversCAN1:59.430.71Q
62Darian TownsendRSA1:59.650.68
77Gal NevoISR2:00.430.62
88Dinko JukicAUT2:00.980.77

Heat Two (11:16)

14Ryan LochteUSA1:57.690.73Q
25Thiago PereiraBRA1:58.060.73Q
31James GoddardGBR1:58.630.68Q
43Bradley AllyBAR1:59.530.71
52Takuro FujiiJPN1:59.590.72
66Alessio BoggiattoITA1:59.770.71
78Leith BrodieAUS2:00.570.74
87Vytautas JanušaitisLTU2:00.760.80

Final (15 August 2008 — 10:50)

15Michael PhelpsUSA1:54.230.70WR
26László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:56.520.80
34Ryan LochteUSA1:56.530.72
43Thiago PereiraBRA1:58.140.76
52Ken TakakuwaJPN1:58.220.61
67James GoddardGBR1:59.240.68
78Keith BeaversCAN1:59.430.70
81Liam TancockGBR2:00.760.88